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  1. Calling 911 because this has been going for 4 years now. Wow! Here’s to more stupid 911 calls!
  2. Looks like when you recover a vessel, the crew doesn't come with it and gets replaced. This doesn't discriminate against anyone it seems, so be careful who you send on short term missions.
  3. Rocket straight to orbit, first try! Also, what is the key for screenshots?
  4. What about the sun? If heating is disabled, can someone land on it?
  5. I just realized… If thermal systems are disabled, can I land on the sun?
  6. I’m excited to finally explore beyond the Kerbol system with the new futuristic parts alongside my friends.
  7. Calling 911 to report theft…of other forum games.
  8. Calling 911 to tell them we won’t stop calling them for stupid reasons.
  9. In case of emergency, start a thread in a space game’s forum games section titled “In case of emergency…” for input on what to do in case of the emergency.
  10. Calling 911 because I have not been here for a while.
  11. In case of emergency, change the name back and revive the thread.
  12. Calling 911 because someone called 911 because a thread I made is stealing this one’s thunder.
  13. In case of EMERGENCY MEETING, change thread name to In case of EMERGENCY MEETING
  14. Existence is injuring me. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to get up in the morning. OI I SEE THE LETTER BEFORE B IN SPICE SHIP
  15. In case of emergency, keep glass safe at all costs, even if Fraston appears!
  16. Dumb things to do in an emergency, I’ll start. In case of emergency, fix glass.
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