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  1. this is the best we can ever hope for
  2. i can hear my gpu screaming at that.
  3. you realize that you can use your finger nail to pull out the little cart. you broke your nail tho (next person gets to say what sim cards)
  4. that rhymes does squad ask you guys stuff or do you just keep the forms civil
  5. Oh boi I get to use the pigeon it's a vtol very similar to the Pogo
  6. build a solar system of space stations and stuff add some green house mods and have a roll play or something. and if you want you could mod some asteroids in.
  7. this would actually be cool
  8. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee space
  9. 5121: a room with a mirror and trash cans, when you try to interact with the mirror, your reflection jumps out, yells "I'm free!" and jumps in a trashcan which then disappears. Some how there are still the same number of trash cans in this room. Confused, you decide to leave.
  10. 5119: an "empty floor", when you try to walk in you bump in to a painting.
  11. @kerbiloid This actualy sounds fun Perhaps we should have a poll every month to see if a fake mod Should be made real?
  12. sadly as you are a landmass you are unable to eat I want a potato
  13. whats that button? randomly stages a part every once and a while
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