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  1. Unfortunately, there is not much i can do to fix this issue, but as long as long as you utilize these buttons, everything else will work as intended. I appreciate your support!
  2. This is simply a KSC bug. All you have to do is press the buttons on the left corner to play.
  3. https://github.com/smushanoob1/Eos/releases/tag/v0.9 Big update has released! Next update will bring optimization. Oh, and by the way, a story is brewing for this planet pack, that you will be able experience ingame... More info in discord server.
  4. Eos Dev Updates - Alter Kerbin's Pink Breakouts Following inspirations from other mods, i've utilized the EVE time settings to make Alter Kerbin, every once and a while, have pink clouds form out of seeds being shot into the air. Images attached below represent that!
  5. Release V0.8.6.1 "Weather Update" · smushanoob1/Eos (github.com) Attached is still the latest update, but a new folder has been added. It is relevant to those who do not have EVE volumetrics and wish to experience the clouds. Follow the instructions in the new zip to install.
  6. Little Big Planets "Everything's just a hop, skip, and a jump away" What is Little Big Planets? Little Big Planets is a collaborative project, seeking to replace the stock system, with a 10x smaller system, effectively at 100x smaller than real scale, creating a new an unique experience similar to that of the ancient Toy Kerbin mod. This pack is being made by a handful of developers with great experience in KSP modding, and hopes to establish a fun and high quality experience. Can I join the development team? Yes, you can! All you need is to know how to make a planet, a planet texture, and to make it work! We'll consider it based on your skill level, but the project is open to new and beginner modders getting their bearings. How do I get in touch and view active development updates? We have a development discord here! Is it out? No, but Alpha testing is open to people willing to find bugs in the mod, you can join the discord to find more details. Credits @smushanoob@Sushut @Womby @Mrpasta44 @Souptime@Derpistheword@ballisticfox0 @PicoSpace @Clonos@RevanX_LSR
  7. Release V0.6.8 "Weather Update" · smushanoob1/Ahum-2 (github.com) Kcalbeloh support!
  8. The sky turns red when it rains on Blunkel. The cause of this is discoverable.
  9. Thank you! (merging into a post, reply cuts off here) The body shown before was Tecton, Blunkel has not been forgotten about either!
  10. You can delete configs in Alterkerbin/Core/PlanetFiles, effectively disabling planets. Be aware this may cause issues.
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