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  1. Hello, i play KSP RSS RP1 with the express install from a fresh KSP files 1.12.3. I have an issue with the atmosphere and i don't find any post about it so i try here, maybe Scaterrer is responsible. When i flight between 90 KM to 140 KM, i can't see the ground. It disappear in a blue fog. As if the atmosphere is very thick. I try some settings from scatterer config panel in game but i never succeeded. above 140Km (in space) terrain details are visible. Thank you
  2. Hello, I have an issue with RSS / Scatterer or Kopernicus maybe : During the flight, between approximatly 100 km and 150 km, land disappears and become invisible, just big blue fog and i can not make distinction between sea and terrain. Above 150 km terrain is visible. Someone have any idea ? Thank you
  3. Hi, Somebody have this issue : no stars, no milky way, nothing during a flyght in space ? Even when i pass behind the earth. Thank you
  4. Hi ! Thank you for your work ! I just install KSRSS 0.5 with Sigma Dimension, but in the Space Center, i have an issue with the size of trees. Is it possible that i took a wrong release of Sigma ? My gamedata folder :
  5. Hi, I have some question. 1) I have an issue with the sunray. The sun is here, but without visual effect when i look it. Any ideas ? 2) is it possible to play KSRSS with KSP 1.8x ? Thank you
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