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  1. Well several updates just came out (Manuver Node Controler and K2-D2). In a few days, an update to KSP2 comes out. We will see what all this brings to us. The fact that people like cfloutier, schlosrat, and others are paying attention and updating mods for us is encouraging. KSP2 has a way to go. Right now, a few mods such as K2-D2 make playing worthwhile.
  2. And you put out another update (0.12.2). Thank you!
  3. I tested (granted, I didn't uninstall mods, just wasn't using them at the time) and it does indeed appear to be an issue with extending landing gear during time warp. Not a K2-D2 issue. And I understand the "who knows what gear would activate" statement (other than I usually check and edit the action groups). I really wanted someone else to confirm that it was happening to them also and not just an issue I created somehow. (Finally managed to land and return from the Mun to complete that Science mission. Ship kept falling over. I had to make it wider to be stable.)
  4. That is a much better description of the issue. Yes, it could be timewarp and not K2-D2. (Easy enough to test that.) Landing gear indicator light is on. Checking the parts, gear is retracted. Attempting to extend it will not work once in this state. Not until you do something. That something could be cause the craft to reload. Maybe an option to extend gear (while not in warp) would be good for Landing. Or I really need to learn to extend the gear prior to starting the landing.
  5. I have noticed an issue when attempting to land on the Mun. When I start landing by hitting Break in K2-D2, I am not able to extend my landing gear. This continues to be an issue until I do something like return to the Space Center after stopping landing in K2-D2. (Not a good thing to do in the middle of decent for the most part.) This has happened several times. Granted, I can just make sure I have extended them prior to starting K2-D2 (assuming I remember) to avoid the issue.
  6. I am currently using CKAN on my Steam install right now. But, as KSP2 matures, I will stop doing that. When playing KSP 1, I would copy the Steam install to another folder and play from there. The big reason for this is to control when things actually update as KSP updates will break mods until they support the new version. Made updating to new versions much easier with all my favorite mods.
  7. I purchased KSP2 via Steam. Most of my game library is in Steam. To tell you the truth I could care less about the play timer in Steam. I have looked at it at times but not a big deal. I also don't normally start KSP2 from CKAN. I run CKAN to update and select mods. But then I start KSP2 from a desktop shortcut (running Windows 11). I don't think I would spend much if anytime on coding CKAN to integrate with Steam just to keep the Play Timer up to date. I would think there are better things to spend time on. Yep, just another opinion so that the coders and others are aware. Your opinion may very and I can respect that. Definitely not something worth argueing over. My opinion is that this isn't an issue worth spending time on. Granted, documenting that starting KSP via CKAN does not update the Play Timer is probably a good idea and note that if that is a concern, just start KSP via Steam instead of starting it from CKAN.
  8. KSP2 is still pre-release isn't it? So, everything is in testing and still being developed. Specially when major updates come out.
  9. Yeah, I can't get Landing to work. Just doesn't do anything. Lift and Nodes work. Trying to remember how to manually land on the Mun...
  10. 1.34.2 fixed my .Net issues (actually, I think a Windows update fixed it and I hadn't noticed). But with Win 11 using .Net 4.8 is very much prefered. Thanks for the update!
  11. When you get back. Enjoy your holidays. Yeah, probably in Node Manager. Seems that things that use Node Manager are having issues adding new nodes including Maneuver Node Controller as reported by munix in the topic for Maneuver Node Controller.
  12. I have had issues making a node if I have the game paused. Just doesn't work then. Maybe that is normal? Sure don't think it has anythign to do with Flight Plan.
  13. I haven't seen any issues. That isn't saying much as I haven't done a lot of testing. But I have used this mod to edit a few nodes. Guess I should go look at the bug reports.
  14. Last night I was unable to get Flight Plan to create a node to circulize after using K2-D2 to Lift off to 75km. This is with KSP2 For Science. Gave me some error about invalid node from K2-D2. I had to create the node manually and then could run it through K2-D2. I really liked using Flight Plan, please update it to work with the new version of KSP2 For Science.
  15. Oh, that explanes those lock ups / crashes. I won't do that till you get that fixed. And no need to look for another bug report...
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