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  1. Well,maybe we should call 911 as soon as possible(be sure
  2. I wanted to stay at 1.8.1 ,but 1.10 looks so interesting... .jpg
  3. Kerbal space program 2 -NO Kerbal Star Wars program 2 -YES(Be sure
  4. I agree with you.Orange Jool looks lovely!(New DLC: Orange Jool $9.99
  5. Интернационал。It is the name of the song
  6. Welcome! You can get useful information in KSP wiki,and about mods,RSS/RO are very interesting don't use mechjeb too early,it maybe make the game “boring”,all things you need to do is tap some buttons,but if you like seeing beautiful sights,mechjeb can be very useful ,and it can reduce repetition work . Sometimes you want to know launch window, here is a useful site on github:http://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/ Wish I can help you.Happy launch! (Ps:My Einglish is poor,wish you can understand what I typed)
  7. 中国玩家?老哥你就这么把电子邮件地址挂出来有点冒失啊喂 [Added Translation] Chinese players? Brother, you just hang out your email address.
  8. Well,I don't think ... Maybe you can make a barbecue on the CPU of the mobile phone when you are playing mobile version of Kerbal Space Program
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