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  1. Currently my ship is in a crash course towards Bop. When I burn radial out to increase my apoapsis, the game freezes and then crashes when my AP reaches exactly 10005m. Any Ideas? (I am playing the last version of KSP, 1.9.1) Mod list: Distant Object Enhancement; Kerbal Engineer; Maneuver Node Evolved; Science Alert; Tracking Station Evolved; Kerbal Alarm Clock; Transfer Window Planner; Warp Everywhere.
  2. Have you tried doing the satellite first, saving it as a sub-assembly, then build the main rocket and attatching the satellite to it?. If you have no idea of what a sub-assembly is or how to make one, you can easily find a tutorial in youtube I hope this helps you
  3. That ship doesnt have enough dV to get back to an stable orbit on Duna, you will need to plan a rescue mission
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