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  1. Finally, everything that got delayed years ago is arriving.... Avatar 2, KSP 2, XFL, and more. Who is HYPED!?!?!?!
  2. I was looking at KSP specs, I have everything exept a graphics card. Trying to find an alternative until the game releases on console.
  3. Question (wasn't sure where to ask). Will my Chromebook (core i5 10th gen) be able to handle ksp 2? I know minimum specs aren't out yet, but just curious what others think.
  4. From my understanding, the console release will take place after the early access period. However, that can take a long time. Will console players have to wait years, I hope not. I know most players are on PC, but not everyone has one. Updates are possible on console, so I don't understand why they are waiting so long.
  5. I am speachless, Years of waiting, hype, dissapointment and silence all seem worth it.
  6. Have you ever heard the tragedy of the Console Player?
  7. Is that Kerbal . . . emoting? It's actually pretty cool!
  8. Friday passed by... nothing. I have said this a few times, the game never should have been announced so early. The Hype Train has suffered because of this.
  9. Personally, I'd rather start collecting resources on the Mun or Minmus, but you make some good points.
  10. We should get some clarification later today on a release window, which should be nice. (PLEASE DON'T DELAY!)
  11. If this game is delayed, it's disappointing, but it won't be the most shocking thing. Hopefully this call can clear the air on whats going on.
  12. For all we know, in a few days marketing could begin and this game could come out. (Im not saying this will actually happen) Your right! I think people forget that if this game comes out this year, we are less than 200 days away from release (and probably much less than that).
  13. Either way, we should get some clarity in a few days from the investor meeting.
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