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  1. I had this issue too, Im so glad someone made a video about this though
  2. Ive been thinking of this for a while glad someone brought it up I have a few. Explosive Launch - Have a rocket explode upon launch To the Skies - Get into space Metal Birds - Take off with your first plane Going around Kerbin in 8 hours - Get into a orbit above Kerbin One Small Fall for a Kerbal, One Bug Leap for Kerbalkind - Land on the Mun Back in One Piece - Land an SSTO in one piece Feiry Return - Land on Kerbin from space Minty Heaven - Visit Minmus and back Miner - deploy a mining drill Mad Sientist - make fuel from ore Green Energy - use solar panels to recharge 10,000 units of electricity Red Sand - Land on Duna Hike Ike - land on ike with a rover and drive 10 km Master Communicator - Have 10 satellites obit kerbin with connectivity all green Litterer - Have 100 pieces of space debris over Kerbin It Connects! - Dock two ships together Flaming Kerbal - have a kerbal exposed to a lot of heat (kelvin parameters idk) We've come Sister - Visit the planet sister of Eve Madness - Leave Eve and return to Kerbin The Glorified Astroid - Visit Gilly A Deep Hole - go to the bottom of the Mohole The Ace of the Skies - With Jebidiah Kerman fly under the R&D bridge Safe than Sorry - Quicksave for the first time Time Traveler - Load a Quicksave To the Abyss - Leave the Kerbol System Orbital Confusion - Orbit Rask and Ruck successfully once BIGGER BOOSTERS - Use a interstellar engine God of Boosters - Use a torch engine Wanderflugzeug - Visit every planet in the Kerbol system with an SSTO The Grand Tour - Visit every planet in the Kerbol system The Grand Tour Continued - visit every planet known to Kerbol kind How Long Has That Been On? - Set and complete a maneuver that takes over 3 years TOO FAST - Reach 1 Million m/s Uh Oh - Get stranded on a exoplanet
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