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  1. I can smell my potato of a PC burning... but it's Mun or Bust so screw it!
  2. Oddly enough doing a Mun landing didn't have an impact for me (probably because I was following Scott Manley's tutorial frame by frame so it felt kinda cheaty :P). But my favorite first have to be my first Duna and back. I was still new to the game, didn't know aerobraking or asparagus staging existed. After days of designing and some 15 minutes of flying, I held my breathe while my ship was tumbling down to Duna's atmosphere and there it was standing vertically. Fast forwarding back to Kerbin and I managed to deorbit and return with (I think) less than 50-60 m/s dV left. Celebrated for days.
  3. Hi, not sure if it's my game or the mod, but there are a few "glitches" that I have experienced. For example, reaching 3000m suddenly makes the camera switch to fly-by for a brief moment even though I wasn't pressing anything, secondly, the camera appears to glitch and shake very violently when I timewarp (physical timewarp doesn't do this). My game is modded with Hullcam but I don't know if it's related. I downloaded the mod through CKAN and have updated to the latest version.
  4. Thanks for the kind words, everyone I look forward to contributing to the community
  5. Hi, my (English) name is Tony and I'm from Vietnam. Ever since the earliest of my childhood I've been fascinated with space exploration. My biggest dream is to go to the United States and work at a aerospace company (preferably NASA or SpaceX). I discovered this amazing game two years ago and had lots of memorable moments. Still working on how to get past Duna though. I've replied and made some posts here and there so far but I'm wondering what are some must-visit places in the forum? There are so many and it's kinda overwhelming for someone not used to big foreign forums like me
  6. Probably because I suck at the game, but I failed every single rover mission to Duna I tried. I can't never stick the landing right...
  7. Don't know how I managed to not see a single eclipse since I first played. I've always wanted to see one but never actually caught it, was too busy sweating while controlling my ship I guess.
  8. Hi, I'm a Vietnamese KSP player/fan/rocket exploder who is translating the game to Vietnamese since the game is relatively unknown in my country. I've been browsing some threads in the forum about localization but almost (if not, all) of them are from KSP version 1.3. It is now 1.11.1 so I am wondering if anything has changed at all in the process. Are the fonts and the way to change them still the same? Do I have to watch out for anything? Are there any new tools I should use? I've translated roughly 20% of the game and I really want to test it for issues. Every help is appreciated! Thank you!
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