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  1. My laptop is like half the minimum specs so not expecting to get above like 5 fps on this currently but still looking forward to playing this!
  2. I am excited for interstellar travel, the Kerbol System is already super fun to explore but it would be so much more fun to explore different star systems as well.
  3. Messi has finally done it Argentina has won this world cup
  4. Can't believe it took me two days to notice this. Can't wait!
  5. This sometimes can occur during warping, sorry but I do not know how to fix such problems.
  6. To travel the long distances in GU, you'll need to have mods that supply parts to travel Interstellar distances (such as KSPIE) and preferably BetterTimeWarpContinued to shorten the time required to travel to one of the other stars.
  7. Thanks a lot, I really enjoy GU but wanted to use it alongside mods like FFT and this will help so much.
  8. Woahhhhhhh. Those are amazing! Are those 3D renders of the planets? (Excuse my very poor knowledge)
  9. The systems do orbit around the galactic core but they move so slowly that unless you timewarp millions of years that they won't noticeably move.
  10. If you're using loads of mods on top of GU (that is if you are using the entire mod) then the game usually tends to crash as it takes an awful amount of RAM. I would recommend removing some non-essential mods or only using some of the star systems instead of all of them.
  11. This is useful, I usually get about 25fps whilst playing. I guess if I change some of the EVE configs then I'll earn fps as I usually don't like removing planets for performance.
  12. That continent sorta reminds me of Australia . Totally wasn't expecting a Kerbin revamp. Keep up the good work!
  13. Coincidentally, I was trying to download the Alpha Centauri System again and it wasn't working but now I know why! Thank you for your hard work on this mod and I hope you come back soon or some time in the future
  14. Yes, this mod adds in star systems and planets, it doesn't change the stock system. However, there are optional stock visuals you can add to the system as well if you install EVE and Scatterer.
  15. I sincerely hope so, IVA adds a lot more immersion in the game for me and although I don't use it often it would be amazing to see it fully implemented in KSP2.
  16. I wish I discovered KSP earlier. I started playing about a year ago. Even though I haven't spent much time with it, it's still one of my top games.
  17. Same thing started happening to me when I added Epsilon Eridani and tried to cheat to orbit around any of the planets or moons.
  18. Take one of the _system folders and put it in the GU folder. Then in that _system file put all the files like _sirius and it should work. Thats what I did anyways.
  19. Is this the official release of 1.1? Or is this still a test? Also congratulations on the release
  20. Just to clarify, does the test version need to be on a fresh install? Also I might try this over the weekend if I have the time. Thanks.
  21. The burns will take pretty long unless you have persistent thrust and I've only tried them with infinite fuel cheats on, but they should be capable of reaching the Nova Kirbani A in about a decade or two.
  22. I use a notebook with a Nvidia Mobile MX350 GPU, 16GB of RAM and Intel i7 core and it only takes about 20 seconds max for a 150 part rocket to load. Check for any mod incompatabilities because some mods can slow down performance if incompatible.
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