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  1. I think it is only possible in the spaceplanet hanger. But I'm not sure
  2. Rest in Peace, Neil Armstrong. As long as there are history books, you will be in them as one of humanities greatest.
  3. I'm most excited for the Mars-like planet because it will be the first one I go to, and it reminds me most of a real planet. Otherwise, I would go with the gas giant and moons.
  4. Do you mean 80,000 meters? If so, turn towards the horizon and burn.
  5. With 1.7x Kerbin gravity, I would assume the planet would be around that much bigger than Kerbin. Also, I think the atmospheric height would increase, but I'm not sure on that.
  6. Try the 0.17 discussion thread. Look about 40 pages back.
  7. Endeavour

    Riddles :D

    He uses an umbrella to reach the button. So Vexx's turn again?
  8. Has anything been said about the transition to EVA from the cockpit view? Will you be able to watch him climb out of the capsule in first person, or will it just jump to EVA like 0.16?
  9. I would agree the engines seem less efficient in 0.16 than they were in 0.15, but I guess rebalancing was bound to happen. I like it.
  10. For the new parts, try to find a balance between too big and too small. If your rocket is too big, it will probably wobble like crazy and destroy itself. If it is too small, it won't get you anywhere. If you have wobble problems, turn off the ASAS and try flying manually.
  11. The pitch, roll, and yaw indicators will turn blue if you are in precision control mode. It means that the RCS will be less powerful, and you wont turn and quickly.
  12. After watching the intro video, this seems nothing like minecraft. I'm mostly interested in the physics because of how weird they were in minecraft.
  13. Excluding the KSP specific parts, this is a great resource: http://www.braeunig.us/space/index.htm
  14. I prefer to use gimballed engines because winglets lose their usefulness very early on. But if it is a very large rocket, I use fewer gimballed engines and some winglets to keep the ASAS from overcompensating.
  15. Set it to point either normal or anti-normal, and bring up the orbital info tab. Burn until the inclination is 90 degrees. Its quick and easy.
  16. I notice a huge difference in RCS thrust when I have precision mode on.
  17. I remember watching this for the first time last year, and wondering how on Earth they did that scene.
  18. There is a thread called orbital mechanics 101 in the How-to section. Watch the first video
  19. Does this work for any name, or just Bill, Bob, and Jeb?
  20. I believe Kerbol escape velocity can be done with 13 of the small SRBs and some radial decouplers. Very easy. If you're looking for the most distance, then it is just whoever want to wait the longest.
  21. This is in the development thread. But most of the sneak peaks have been in the 0.17 Discussion thread in General Discussion. Nova has put a few there.
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