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  1. I just updated some of the files so it may work now, it was working for me in game so I don't fully know what the issue could be
  2. Yeye, Tis using the ones in there until I can work on my own ones since I don't fully know how to yet but it does have Parallax 2 scatters :DD
  3. Maybe not, Tis just wanted it to be as close as possible to the original idea :0
  4. I'm back again with a new mod! This mod only adds one planet but it is the closest planet to the Sun in the system, Xubol!! I have based Xubol off of this, https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Unimplemented_Content#Xubol Here is the facts of Xubol!! Radius: 200 kilometers Rotation period: 2.5 hours Eccentricity: 0.425 Semimajor Axis: 2,240,000 kilometers Inclination: 3.46 Surface gravity: 0.2 g Rotation period: 2.5 hours Atmospheric Pressure: 0.00493 atm I would be a bit careful on the planet since you can overheat on there!! Even if the atmosphere is thin it can still get very hot there!! But that is what it adds, I hope you enjoy it and please be safe everyone!! :DD It has compatibility with: Scatterer Planet Shine Distant Object Enhancement Parallax SpaceDock Link!! https://spacedock.info/mod/3475/The Revival of The Forgotten World, Xubol! Needs Kopernicus! :0 License: MIT
  5. I updated it too so it shouldn't have those 2 same name folders
  6. Was there any error? When you download there should be 2 folders, it should be the folder inside of the extracted one :0
  7. Yep! Just put it in the GameData folder and it should work fine! :DD
  8. I'm back again with a new mod! This one updates the lonely Eeloo!! It adds and changes some things so let me show you!! It adds 2 new Moons to Eeloo! The bigger one is Navel and the smaller one is named Netis!! Navel Netis Netis is farther out but is smaller so it may be a bit harder to get to but I believe in you!! Navel is closer to Eeloo which seems to have slowed Eeloo's rotation down which means they always face each other! So you may want to land in the right spot to see Navel in the sky! But while looking up you can get a good look at the new atmosphere for Eeloo!! It is rather thin but still noticeable! (It does have scatterer support as well! :DD) But that is what it adds, Also with a slightly changed texture map for Eeloo!! I hope you enjoy it and please be safe everyone!! :DD It has compatibility with: Scatterer EVE Planet Shine Distant Object Enhancement Parallax SpaceDock Link!! https://spacedock.info/mod/3468/Revamped Eeloo! New Moons and Atmosphere Needs Kopernicus! :0 License: MIT
  9. So for my first mod release I have made a mod that makes the Mun have life! This does add some new things for it! Gave the Mun a breathable atmosphere New Biome Map Gave the Mun an ocean There is Scatterer and EVE support for it too!! I really hope you guys will enjoy it!! If there is any issues then I will try my best to fix them! Be safe! SpaceDock Link!! https://spacedock.info/mod/3467/Habitable Mun Needs Kopernicus! :0 License: GPLV3
  10. So I need help I've been trying to create a ocean world but when I make it and go to the tracking station only the ground is black the ocean appears but I can see the shape of the ground but its black and when I go to the surface there is color but when it fades its black heres the config:
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