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  1. You guys wouldn't mind having dlc confliction in multiplayer or that KSP 2 will retail for twice the price as KSP 1 does and still has dlc?
  2. Good god no! No stars behind pay walls. what would that even look like? If I set a course for a star I haven't bought would I get a pop up for the store menu or does my craft drift endlessly past a star that isn't there. That would be much worse in multiplayer.
  3. Its likely that not every star in the skybox is a physical destination but I think we will see new star systems added to the game overtime.
  4. Its a good guess, naming twin stars DedDeb sounds very Kerbal and with ringed gas giants and SuperKerbins in this system its looking like a promising destination and I would guess that this is going to be Kerbol's closet stellar neighbor with how much we've been shown this.
  5. I'm surprised that nothing was mentioned about power generation in the vast spaces between stars. Since solar panels can't absorb light in these distances I imagine nuclear generators would supply power.
  6. At the risk of sounding dumb but how do you connect the rover wheels to the base? Its connection point is on the the top and I cant place the wheels on the side of the base. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Than these jokes must be more difficult for you
  8. Thx for this tip Fix #1 got my file working again! Thanks to taking the time to answer this old thread its still useful years later!
  9. What mod is that capsule from I've been looking every where for it? Disregard this I found out right after that its from this author
  10. If this is a common complaint its not mind, I always been able to find new things to do for each planet, thats not the same for everyone and the Kerbol planets didnt need some texture revamps. Dont get me wrong I don't reject the all changes being made I really like the new terrains of the KSP 2's planets just Minmus put me off because its drastically different from the original. I love the new experiences they're gonna offer, having Dres being a resources rich planetary body was exactly what I was hoping for and I'm glad Dres is finally getting some much needed attention. I would have preferred that the visuals of the Kerbol system remain untouched and just had the intersellar planets offer new surfaces. Like I said my complains are inane and as long as they play the same as in the challenges they offer it doesn't matter what they look like. KSP 1 did teach us a lot about rocket science, I didn't realize how much I know it until I tried explaining it to someone else and they didn't know what are to me the very basic fundamentals. I'm glad the devs are putting a lot work in tutorials that are simple explanations. Thats something the original devs struggled to do mostly because they tried doing that far to late in the game's lifetime. I commend KSP 2 for introducing those tutorials at the very beginning and having more focus on planets is a great step up from the first game.
  11. After I posted this I saw some footages of KSP 2's Duna and it does have a lot more creators than the original so Its likely I'm wrong about Vall, she can possible be more bumpy in the KSP 2. Titian's oceans are frozen on the surface and are made of up of salt and ammonia. Laythe's oceans are pretty similar to Kerbin weather that's because of greenhouse gases is really up in the air. Eve's oceans could be very well be mercury or anything really. My point being that they don't have to be based in reality.
  12. I can't help but to feel disappointed with the changes made to Minmus from a icy moon to a rock and glassy one. I understand the idea of making the Kerbol system more realistic in a new game engine but they have claimed in the past that they will leave planets the same as there were in KSP 1. It makes me wonder how they would change other planets for realism such as Laythe for having liquid oceans despite being so far to the sun as well as Eve having oceans while being so close to the sun. To me it didn't matter that the planets weren't realistic because they all have unique challenges. So I guess as long as the Kerbol planets play the same in KSP 2 it shouldn't matter what they look like. I'm complaining about inane things I'm sure Its just off putting seeing changes to the planets that have been the same for almost a decade and are now in HD.
  13. @The Aziz I doubt that any of these screencaps are planetary bodies in the Kerbal system. The pics that appears similar Duna has too many craters while Duna is mostly made up of canyons , the second pic I would believe it to be Kerbin either from one of its poles or mountain tops, and I have been to Vall where most of its surface is level and glossy like glass there are hardly any mountain ranges that resemble the screencaps. I believe that all of the screenshots are teases of new exoplanets or at least are meant to be demos of terrains in the new engine.
  14. I love the blueprints that are posted on the blog and I use them as starting ideas for my own designs. Which I'm confused about the blueprints for the Jool X Rocket and the Nova Rocket, what are the decouples shells for the KR-2L engines? I've looked up and down the parts and can't figure out what it is.
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