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  1. kal drive+trying to land ur thing saftly but prograde instead of retrograde
  2. jeb cant get signal from kutube favorite star?
  3. corvus and vela are mobs in mindustry alpha centauri beetlejuice
  4. memory goes corrupted you run out of eva tools
  5. space!space!space! from core hanging on mech jeb pod
  6. EMERGENCY MEETING!WHO's the imposter jeb:hehheheheheheeehehehe(val voted) val:hey jeb sus(jeb voted) bill:dont bother me,im on laythe and operating isru on ssto! bob:me too,im resetting science kits and operating deployed science No one was ejected.(Tie)
  7. a the enigneer reassembled the craft and made it so some engine thats providing thrust is providing thrust of -1000000000(a swivel,a dawn,and an o-10) a:fire the engineer and restore the craft b:enjoy kal underdriven fuel
  8. calling it due to a bunch of ppl calling it for nothing is not very nice so i call it to punish them except me(lol)
  9. comples number exponentation?why not?
  10. imcute

    Random facts

    scrodinger's cat was a paradox he used for reason of cat killing
  11. that was not fact core though hahha this is true but the following is false: he used this paradox as an excuse to kill cats marie curie invented radiation,making radiation,and dieing of radiation. the square root of cloth is string
  12. 1.I have done a jool 5 mission under 0.365 tons but the challenge owners classifyed it as cheating but i did not hyperedit or alt+f12 2.I have not flown a craft to moho 3.I hate a planet
  13. oops accidentally bombarded the fks with 32 bda nukes https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1M94y117kZ?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0
  14. mehc jeb!meh jeb!meeeeeeeech jeb!
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