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  1. @TMasterson5@codyi2@verniervonkerman the issue is all the BHI config files are missing the MODULE tag above the module definitions. For example, in the above: should be:
  2. There appears to be a bug with the "Zero" button. If you attach a wing at a diagonal angle to the Z axis (i.e. 45 deg) and hit zero, it doesn't properly set the part to zero rotation and each time you hit zero it will switch to a new rotation. Seems to happen for both Local and Absolute.
  3. Two questions: 1. Is it possible to increase the view distance of trees/grass? It can be jarring when they just suddenly end. 2. It seems like when a gun in BDArmory is fired at the ground or an explosion happens, it creates a weird lighting effect in the shape of a rectangle, any ideas why this is happening? I've only seen this behavior with Parallax installed.
  4. Yes, the Github Wiki explains how. There have been some changes, but everything in the wiki is mostly accurate. For changes, check out the changelog and let us know if you have more specific questions.
  5. 2.0 release is seriously impressive, although I'm noticing the Pyramids area seems to be pretty green? Any chance that can be fixed to be more desert-y?
  6. If you are interested in checking out some videos using BDA+, check out the following creator and this video which shows off all the improvements in AI (terrain avoidance, better aiming, better evasion, and more) and missile combat (improved missiles, re-worked flares, and more)!
  7. I made a PR for this branch of PWings to add the ability to remove lift from wings: https://github.com/B9-Procedural-Wings/B9-PWings-Modified/pull/16 Just wanted to flag it in case you had not seen.
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