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  1. Granted. Look here: List of planet types - Wikipedia I wish for a life-long supply of chili dogs.
  2. Granted! We are now back in time to the big bang. I wish for a way to skip through every single boring bit of life.
  3. Granted! You now have a mole made out of a mole of avocados. I wish for a way to be able to travel quickly in KSP without using mods or bugs.
  4. Granted. Your house is now filled with coffee. I wish to be able to think of wishes instantly.
  5. Granted: You have the ability to drink hot chocolate. I wish for Thanksgiving to have more fun than just eating.
  6. Granted, but before you could light them, you get arrested for having nuclear fireworks. I wish for an inert bomb.
  7. Granted. It is less dense, but we will never know what "it" is. I wish for an inert bottle of root beer.
  8. what's your wish I wish for an apple with grapes inside of it
  9. Granted! The terminator now plays KSP. I wish for KSP to have a god gamemode.
  10. Granted, but a Teletubby without arms and a head comes out of the vent and kills you (i'm sorry i just had to make this joke) i wish for ksp on the gameboy
  11. Granted. Only Duna, Dres, Jool, and Eeloo exist, because it's a mod about planets that are farther away than Kerbin. I wish for the letter a. just the letter a.
  12. Granted. Unfortunately, the other planets are now nations. I wish for healthy cookies
  13. Granted. Orion now drives bigger cars. I wish every day was everyone's birthday.
  14. could've sworn I read it, didn't see anything about wishing for wishes. Guess I missed that. Granted, except you have to use it only in the hallways and not in the classroom. I wish that money was never a thing in society
  15. Granted! Unfortunately, it broke the laws of physics and now everyone's dead. I wish for 10 wishes
  16. Granted! You now have grammarly forced into your browser. I want OPM to be stock in KSP2.
  17. Yes, they are from XMAS. Speaking of that mod, I saw that you were going to revive that mod, but it's been a pretty long time since. Maybe it's time for that?
  18. FINALLY IT'S BACK! Also, I can't find any releases for "Kerbal materials Corp" for some reason.
  19. "This thread is quite old" so a few months is quite old to the forums
  20. At this point, Kerbalizer is just lost media. But where there is lost media, there is always lost media hunters. So we still have hope.
  21. basically screenshots of kraken attacks with a caption of "can't even have/do (feature in ksp) in ohio"
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