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  1. i wasnt expecting major mods to be compatible with ksp 2 yet, that was fast
  2. I am trying to get tufx to work however the menu keeps saying i have no profiles avaliable no matter which instance i use or whiether the profile .cfg is in the game data folder or the tufx folder. Does anyone know how to fix this? I would love to play with tufx profiles after seeing carnassas video and he even reccomended me the profile he uses however it doesnt seem to be working for me for some reason. for reference heres my game data folder for the instance im currently using to test it out: Click through blocker Harmony Textures Unlimited Toolbar Controller Astronomers Visual Pack Craft Manager CTTP Distant Object Dmagic Orbital Science Enviromental Visual Enhancements FShanger Extender Interkosmos Kopernicus Kraken Science Ksp Ranks KXAPI Modular Flight integrator MPE NavyFish Neried OPM OPM Parallax Parallax 2 Parallax Stock Textures Planet Shine Restock Scatterer Scaterer Atmospheric Cache Sigma Solar science Squad Squad extension STM Ribbons Stock Waterfall Effects Trajectories TUFX USRankRibbons USRIBBONS Waterfall final frontier cfg ksp mod file localizer dll module manager 4.2.2 TUFXdefault cfg WBI playmode cfg
  3. Airplane plus opm minor planet expansion gameslinx planet pack galaxies unbound bargain rockets BDB civillian population cold war areospace comfortable landing commnet antennaes extension cyro engines dangerous Dmagic docking cam far future tech hab tech 2 heat control interkosmos ker 7 kerbal atomics kerbal reusability expansion feline utility rover space shuttle engines knes kraken science krnd making alternate history missing history mk 2 expansion mk 3 expansion moderately plane related munar industries near future tech lithobrake expansion technologies opt orbital survey plus orion pheonix industries planetary bases restock plus smart parts solar science space dust stockalike station parts redux station science sxt system heat tantares tarsier space tech trajectories kerbal alarm clock universal storage wildblue industries
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