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  1. Bill has been rescued! Did a brief Mun flyby on his way back. Capsule took a very long tumble down a hill after landing, the sound of banging metal heard all the way, but he's home safe! Please don't stowaway on glitched craft again, Bill.
  2. I finally got my crew capsule to orbit after overcoming the many bugs afflicting my rocket. But now it seems Jeb and his ship are missing. I left him in a stable orbit to wait for a transfer window, but his periapsis was pretty low, and I've heard some people have been reporting orbit fluctuations... So now I have to decide whether I want to reload to the last save I knew he was alive.
  3. At one point my fuel gauge read as zero even though I had plenty of liquid hydrogen left, but as soon as I started to burn it returned to normal. Did you try burning to see if the bug was just visual?
  4. Bill's rescue continues, on a return trajectory now. Meanwhile, Jeb is off on an adventure!
  5. Rescue mission currently underway! Meanwhile... Let's just call this a successful Launch Escape System test. Don't understand why my rocket starts tilting the moment it leaves the launch pad, but I suspect it's related to fairings and aerodynamics. My first attempt was with a normal fairing used for an interstage, but when that version failed I tried surrounding the whole pod with tube fairings instead, and it still fails. A normal, closed fairing isn't an option if I want a LES. More testing required, I can't tell if I'm at fault or KSP2 is, but I do suspect there's something wonky with fairings especially since you can't snap normal fairings against parts to create interstage fairings anymore.
  6. Successfully landed a plane for the first time ever! Missed the runway, but that's unimportant. Look how proud Gerbree Kerman is! Also discovered Bill had somehow snuck aboard a craft that had previously glitched into a Kerbin escape trajectory. I swear he wasn't there when I launched! I have video proof! It's not my fault! Rescue mission soon... hopefully...
  7. I've had a quite a few cases where I find myself wanting to stick something inside the open space of a truss or a tube, but the lack of nodes to attach to limits my options. I've also found myself wanting to create interstages without sealing off the top with an engine plate, and tubes would be perfect for this. I believe both trusses and tubes would both greatly benefit from having interior nodes available, much like cargo bays and saddle trusses. There's plenty of open space within these parts, just begging to be filled.
  8. RTGs in KSP2 have a limited lifespan, and the nuclear reactor part currently in the game consumes a limited supply of uranium while active. Solar panels seem to be the only unlimited power source now, so I can't imagine a bimodal NTR mode having unlimited electrical output. Personally I imagine having a shared uranium supply between your engines and power supply could make for some interesting gameplay for those who want to utilize it, without significantly affecting people who just want to use nuclear engines for more standard purposes. You're absolutely right though, the toggle could just be a mistake. I'm just speculating from the fact that it seems to only be present for the nuclear engines, and from my own desire to mess with things like this on more complex craft. Completely optional resource balance gameplay, such as the LOX-augmented NERV-US engine we're getting later, appeals to me.
  9. I noticed that the two nuclear engines currently in the game both have a "toggle generator" option: None of the other engines have this option. I tested it out on the launchpad, and currently it seems to only toggle the alternator on and off. Plenty of other engines in the game have alternators though, and none of them have this toggle. I'm wondering if the devs plan to have the nuclear engines act as Bimodal NTR sometime in the future. This essentially allows the reactor of a nuclear engine to produce electrical power while the engine is not in use. I feel like this would make a lot of sense to implement, given that we now have nuclear reactors in the game, and it matches up with only the nuclear engines having this generator toggle. This makes me wonder another thing though: will nuclear engines consume uranium? The nuclear reactor part currently in the game consumes uranium while in use, storing 1 ton of it internally. If nuclear engines could act as electrical generators while not in use, it would make sense for them to also consume uranium, otherwise you would have a reactor with infinite lifespan. I can imagine nuclear engines consuming a small amount of uranium while in use and while the generator is active, having their own internal uranium storage by default much like the reactor. As for why this would not already be implemented, we currently have no uranium storage parts in the game, so this would set a hard limit on how long nuclear engines can be used for and their maximum delta-v. This would not be fun for people trying to stretch the limits of how far they can take their craft. As such, I imagine this would not be implemented until we have dedicated uranium storage parts. This would increase difficulty in calculating LH2/uranium balance, but I imagine the built-in uranium storage would be more than enough for most standard use cases. Additional uranium storage would only be necessary for craft with extremely high delta-v and craft that keep the generator active for long periods of time, such as a BNTR/EP craft that uses the reactor to switch between nuclear propulsion and ion propulsion.
  10. I've gotten this message a few times opening the craft I've been working on. Obviously a bug since this is sandbox and resources aren't even implemented yet, but it gives some indication of what to expect. Personally, my guess would be that early resources (metal, methane, etc.) will either be unlimited at Kerbin's VAB or you will start with a limited amount and earn basic resources through contracts, just like funds in KSP1. Later resources, like more advanced fuels, would then have to be collected on other planets using through colonies and supply routes.
  11. Yesterday I tried to fly a rocket: I tried again: Got some beautiful shots: Then my craft started flying away from the camera: I also tried flying a plane: This game barely runs on my laptop and it's hard to tell why my rocket keeps losing control when I'm playing around 5fps, but I'm having a lot of fun!
  12. The main thread is here, but easy to miss for anyone who mostly just checks the KSP2 category (like me): But yeah I agree completely, absolutely spectacular trailer. That last shot with the fleet of interstellar ships... it gets to me in a specific way that little else can. Just chills, every time. Regarding parts, there's a lot to see here, but I spy a 7.5m(?!) command module! Haven't seen this one in a long while.
  13. Okay, so this trailer rules. Perfect representation of what Kerbal is all about. Obviously this isn't quite the game we're getting right now, but man does it make me excited for what's to come.
  14. With Kerbal Space Program 2 releasing in Early Access tomorrow, I thought I'd show off some highlights from my most recent save. I originally picked up KSP years ago and managed to make it to the Mun and Minmus on my old laptop that could barely run the game, then stopped playing for a long while. Last year I picked it up again on my far more capable desktop and started a brand new career mode playthrough. Unsure if this is the correct category to post this in (refer to my username), please let me know if it would be better fit somewhere else. That's it! Had a lot of fun here and only scratched the surface of what's possible in this game. Right now KSP2 is exactly 12 hours away, and I'm looking forward to exploring even further! If it runs on my computer that is. I may be stuck in the same situation I was many years ago with a laptop that can barely run the game, but I'm excited nonetheless!
  15. People will not calm down. They will, in fact, calm up.
  16. I'm excited about many of the new parts available in Early Access. Acceleration under warp too, that alone is a huge change. More generally I've only ever been as far as Duna in KSP1, so I'm excited to finally go visit every celestial body, especially to hear all the new music.
  17. A lot of part details seem to be missing here, including EC generation/usage. Unfortunate as I was really hoping to get a sense of that in advance, especially after learning that RTGs have a lifespan now and that the nuclear reactor uses uranium (note that it stores 1 ton, but we have no separate uranium storage parts yet). Maybe there's a separate tab for this info somewhere? Seems pretty important to see in the VAB.
  18. Interesting, this picture seems to be from a cinematic. Intro cinematic maybe?
  19. Thanks! I have a few plans for what I want to do using the known new parts, but failing that I'll probably just stick a capsule on a bunch of hydrogen tanks with a nuclear engine and forget the return trip, For All Mankind style. Rescue mission? That's something for future me to worry about.
  20. Typically true yes, but from what I've read the mobile 1050ti tends to be pretty close to the desktop version. I don't think it's a question of how far I can get as much as it is how pleasant the experience is. My current plan is to try to rush a Duna mission within the 2 hour refund window to get a good overall sense of performance, but I've only been to Duna once in KSP1 so we'll see how that goes.
  21. Well that gives me a tiny bit of hope for the 1050ti laptop I'm stuck with for a while. My laptop still has only 8gb ram though, and I suspect that'll be the bigger issue.
  22. I think they just added it for clarification because people were wondering if RTX was required, there were a lot of people unsure if the 10 series would be supported at all or which 10 series cards would be supported. I don't think it implies anything about raytracing at all, if there was raytracing support we would have heard about it long before now.
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