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  1. How do I turn off boiloff? I've gone into the difficulty settings and turned off simulated heat, boiloff, and reduced the percentage down to 0% but it does nothing - boiloff continues. Radiators don't seem to help either and the insulated tank only lasts so long. EDIT - turning it off in SYSTEM HEAT settings is what fixed it.
  2. Okay fixed it. 1. The Sub Category config file for BDB in 000_FilterExtensions_Configs was missing. Was able to copy that over from the Bluedog_DB > Compatability > Filter Extensions folder. 2. The names in the category list in each of these config files below need all need to match. That is, if you're not using the Real Names config patch, then they need to be the Kerbalized names (Sina, Kane, etc.). My issue was that the lists in each of these configs were different variations of the list itself and the names: GameData > Bluedog_DB > Combatability > Filter Extensions > Mod_Bluedog Design Bureau AND SubCategories_BDB Game Data > 000_FilterExtensions_Configs > SubCategories_BDB (This was completely missing for me. I had to copy and paste from the Bluedog folder.) Game Date > 000_FilterExtensions_Configs > Default > Mod_Bluedog Design Bureau 3. This is the correct list of subcategories with Kerbalized names. Copy and paste this into each instance it shows up in the above config files: SUBCATEGORIES { list = 0,Pods list = 1,Fuel Tanks list = 2,Engines list = 3,Command and Control list = 4,Structural list = 5,Coupling list = 6,Payload list = 7,Aerodynamics list = 8,Ground list = 9,Thermal list = 10,Electrical list = 11,Communications list = 12,Science list = 13,Utility list = 14,Viklun/Etoh/Chryslus list = 15,Prometheus/Konan list = 16,Bossart/Muo list = 17,Fenris/Daleth list = 18,Sarnus list = 19,Belle list = 20,Inon/Vejur list = 21,Hermes/Leo list = 22,Kane list = 23,Sina list = 24,Probes list = 25,Hokulani list = 26,Solid Stages/SRBs // list = 27,unsorted list = 99,Undefined } }
  3. Thanks for your help here. I can't figure out how to put a picture on here, it will only let me insert an image from a URL. Firstly, your extensions look completely different from mine. I'm using CKAN. I don't have any folder called "Bluedog-Design-Bureau" or "BD_Extras (No Warranty)." Within GameData, I have Bluedog_DB, 000_FilterExtensions, 000_FilterExtensions_Configs, and CommunityCategoryKit. I assume the issue lies within one of those. Second, I'm not necessarily trying to get the real names, but in the VAB and SPH in the parts lists, there is a category specifically for BDB parts. Within that category, there used to be subcategories for each of the specific designs (Sarnus, Skylab, Etoh, etc.) in addition to the normal ones (pods, thermal, electric, etc.). The design-specific ones are no longer showing up. I have Pods, Fuel Tanks, Engines, everything all the way to probes and SRBs. But it completely skips the specific ones. Is what you're describing above the fix I'm looking for?
  4. I'm having an issue with the subcategories. It looks like all of the vehicle-specific subcategories have disappeared. (Sarnus/Etoh/etc.) It worked earlier this week and now they aren't showing up.
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