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  1. Hello everybody. To be honest i made it 1 month ago but needed a time to relax from ksp. I started to play in KSP since beta, it`s been so long that i havent any screenshots and chanched my computer. I watched videos with Philippe Falange about further game development plans. Sounds great - i thought. Okay let`s play in what we have. First science research - cool, humor of science research message - amazing. First sub-orbital - nice, i watched how my module burns in high atmosphere on x1 and i liked that, then first orbital - done, muna - done, minmus - done, was ugly graphic but i didnt see that before in any games (crazy fantastic with static planet in 500km range not cool), I just liked to fly on 15km attitute on Muna orbit. My first goal was - to build orbital station on Muna . But x86, raw beta, weak computer then. Few structural beams means tons of lags. I built 4 different modules without any struct beam and started to launch on Kerbin orbit. First docking - BBANG, what happened? load last save, docking again - it starts wobling then again BBANG. Okay aerodynamic almost doesnt matter so lets launch full station. Hooray, i have primitive orbital station, but on Kerbin and only 400m/s delta left, not enough for Muna. I launched fuel, and yeah, i needed to dock it, again) Docking - BBANG, any port - same result. 3 days i tried to solve this problem but even docking on ground was a problem. Annoying Bug1 . Okay, it was enough for me at that time. I understood that this is only raw beta, unfinished game, many bugs exists, its okay, ill wait release. Release, and x64. I launched my station again and docking without any problem . Nice, i thought first goal done. My mate already done Duna and asked me "why u still on Kerbin area?" My second goal was - to land on Duna . But before that i needed to test all my landing vessels on muna. Big landing ship waited a fuel on Muna orbital station after successfully landing tests. But a bit little problem. Need a space truck to deliver this ship on Duna and back, and many fuel, but I didnt want to make many docking again (still affraid to get a bug again). I decided instead of 6+ fuel tanks, to get some ore on muna. SSTO with drill successfully landed, but chassis was to high . I tried to fold the chassis and - Wheeyyuu, the vessel jumped on 200m attitude and did 10+ flips. Load last save , trying again - 700m. Annoying bug2. Okay this is my third goal on next game update - to get ore from Muna, plan B fuel tanks. I launched 2 big fuel tanks and docked it on my space ship on muna, 1 fuel tank left. And, my space station with space ship is gone. only garbage on orbit left. i found pre-pre-pre last save and load it. Again bug1, after docking 2nd fuel tank station starts slow wobling but more and more and explodes. Was enough for me again, and i felt myself a little scamed. Game already was release but still raw with same bugs, imagine that u buy pan, it smeels ant taste cool but inside raw dough. Few updates ago and +2 DLC. Probes needs a signal for remote control - Nice. Finally - no wobling station. Yeah first goal finally done. i forgot about duna and flew on laythe. My mistake - i though this far from sun planet is cold and full of ice. As result - my ship stuck in water . For next launching i wanted to have gas station on minmus and remember my 2nd goal. I saw a videos of Virgin galactic experiments to reach orbit with small module on plane. This idea seems cool and i wanted to do the same. I made a simple SSTO and did launch. Almost. A chassis starts jump and explodes. I rebuild my SSTO and again tremor, jumping, bbang. New annoying bug3. Okay this is my 4th goal - to launch a probe with SSTO. Was enough for me again, and i felt myself a little scamed again but i hoped that next updates with big game company "takewtwo" will be a suitable for a comfortable game. I was wrong Interesting part I didnt play in ksp a long time and forgot about game at all. Remember about ksp only after Martian(2015) and Interstellar films. Yeah it old films but i didnt see them). Pre-last game updates, 2022 crazy year, while i alive (yet) have a bit time and significant less work. I lost my saves and almost all data on computer again (thx to our asshand delivery company for that). I installed KSP and started career again. For all goals i needed almost a full science tree researched and good infrastructure in space. I wanted • to land on duna • to launch a probe with plane • to catch an asteroid. • to get ore from muna or minmus. If succeed - to make a gas station on orbit Lets do this easy as possible. From the begin did launch on 6 different closest biomes for science, water, coast, mountain, foothills, plains, desert. Then suborbit, orbit and next biomes, tundra, icecapes. Terrier engine taken and i built 1st simple landing vessel for muna. After 2 biomes on muna and one on minmus i did notice that launching from kerbin every time the same landing module is not smart. Batteries, fuel tanks, landing modules, all this stuffs could be as a reusable modules and stay in space. It could stay on muna orbit, or kerbin, and i can launch only realy payload. Imagine that to travel from London to Fuji at first u fly on plane to Tokyo, then this plane undocks a train for travel from Tokyo to Gotemba, then this train undocks a car etc. Sounds wierd but do th same in ksp). For science module i havent enough science and i just ride around control center on rover and finally researched science module. If somebody doesnt know - each building on flying center is a biome. So i built an orbital station on Minmus and Kerbin from different replaceable and reusable modules. On kebin it was 1 - Fuel tanks. 2 - support Drone. 3 - module with batteries. 4- Living module and 5 - module with landing capsule (one docking port unattached with capsule ), i did notice in last and prelast updates pretty often parts likes to unattach themselves. On Minmus and Muna 1 - Fuel tanks. 2 - support drone 3 - batteries, solar panels and repeaters 4 - Science module and 5 - Living module. 6- landing module On screenshot batteries and fuel tanks already replaced to another, added refinery , ore space truck and space truck ver.3 on refueling. But before refinery module, was enough one full big Rocomax fuel tank on each station. And also i got a contract with Nuclear engine. As for me is a best engine in game for vacuum, and i just use it in my own plans). The game process looks like that: SSTO with kerbonauts and tourists left them on station and then spaceship deliver on minmus station. On minmus - small landing module get all avaliable science on biome twice (one fore science module, another for returning on kerbin), then spaceship deliver crew on kerbin station, and SSTO slowly comes back. While i did that - all station science module already had 150+science each. And i explored all 550 tier science tree very fast and easy. Capsules was for quests to resque kerbonauts. Support drone pushes capsule on trajectory with 53 km periapsis and then turns back on station. For gas station on minmus i had to explore a best spot (i thought its matter) I built this rover, and after detaching on minmus i got a kraken, checked on kerbin - same. Wow what a not surprise. Another bug with parts of raw DLC. Applauds. Bug5. Just lauched without DLC parts on docks and all worked fine. And miner also without docks on DLC parts, just droped it from top of landed vessel. After swithicg between rovers i did notice another bug (already not surprised again), stressed wheels stucks in ground and then BBANG. Min time between switching was 3sec, if faster - BBANG. Bug6 So. i done one goal - made a gas station on minmus. But i still havent enough credits for another goals and building upgrades. Lets save more credits and do more contracts. Contract with rapiers . Time to do one more goal and i easily launched few probes. A wheels still has little tremor but its not annoying and possible to play with that. Launching with SSTO is a maximum cheap, jet engines needs too small fuel and can reach 1000m/s-1200 on 19-21km attitude, then you need only little rocket stage to reach trajectory with 80-100km apoapsis and then again liquid fuel on nuclear engine. Landing also accurate, 97-100% for geturning parts. And i built that for 9t max payload. Then that for15t max, with another engine combination - 18tmax. On that screenshot - probe for first duna exploration and same contract, 1st plane deliver probe and one tank part, second plane - another fuel tank parts. I done almost all what i wanted and got a lot of fun. Probes for asteroid scanning around Kerbin, Duna, Dres, parts for Dune mission, Probe for asteroid catching - done. And this probe was lauched via SSTO (which almost plane, but game mechanics doesnt let to launch stage from plane from the atmosphere without mods, and i didnt worry) , another goal done . Then experimental and for refueling on orbit - 72t payload. I started to launch parts for my last goal - to land on duna. And i wanted to do it all at once. But i need a wider size of cargo compartment and.... last one with stuctural tubes (parts from DLC) doenst fly at all. I added more engines, did try without any payload and still 330(400 in dive) m/s max. You know why ? Sure annoying bug4 "facepalm". Parts from DLC still have this bug. All parts has own drag and doesnt matter how steamline your vessel. Bug7. I spent almost one day on weekend not for playing, just for solving problem, just for omiting this annoying Bug and no, nothing, only Stackoverflow Crash. facepalm. no coments.... Then, found a videos with aerodynamic glitches and yeah, with glitches it finally works, but it wasnt interesting . Aerodynamic in game - absolute crutch, what a lazy developers, why so bad. I was shocked. Okay lets lauch another way, as spacex does, but in game its so inefficient. Rocket engines needs a much more fuel than jet engines, more fuel - more weight, more weight - more engines. And for same payload with reusable 1st stage which should lands near the control center its a fat and big rocket. But game machanics without mods doesnt let to scripting for automatic landing 1st stage so..... just use near 50 parashutes) I launched a better drill on minmus, which combined with 2 symmetrical parts. But after save/load one part did that, and didnt work. Bug8. Another bug in another raw DLC. Im sorry is it still raw beta or release. 1.12.4 Last big mission But i wanted finally to reach Duna, and to do all (orbital station, rover, repeaters, probes, even small gas station on ike). For that left only few parts, its a big landing ship with rover and spacetruck. The station was combined on kerbin OrbStation and ready to fly on Minmus station for refueling. Its seems better to fly empty, without any fuel except main spacetruck, than doing 5+ contracts and launching 8+ big fuel tanks. During refueling on minmus station i planned that science lab for Duna takes some science data from minmus and will give me science during all travel to Duna. First Duna exploration probe was at the point of the second maneuver point to approach Duna and had bad signal. Was made a decision about launching strong repeater on sun oprbit between Kerbin and Eve. In this case on 3rd manuever point it was on half way between Duna probe and Kerbin. But again Bug9. After launching radial mount did that. Offset back and launch again - huh, it was easiest bug in comparing to all another. I detached finished spacecraft for Duna mission. And needed a name. In martian landing module was Ares - okay my will Apes, mother spaceship was Hermes - Okay my will... Herpes. But then i decided its too rude and named it as AmonRa and Amentet) simple and without disease. Update 1.12.5. Last update. message meant" hello players take two new features and see ya in ksp 2". And first of all i tried to use this new features. Change angle of docked port, nice it works, but 2 degrees not enough, what if change on another docked port, 8 degree and BBANG, secont docked port unattached from vessel. Interesting bug, load and just change only one. Did warp, and i see old angle, okay, change again, warp. ohh i see, warp disabled changed angle. Amazing, new feature with new bug which make it useless. Nice attitude. And with new update - another new interesting bugs)) in this way they fixed a bug6 i guess. Fixing by crutchs. Look what happend with wheels and piston after warp. Not only with that rover. Bug10 While my Duna mission AmonRa waited on minmus high orbit a fuel for spacetruck, probes andrepeaters only i did notice that something changed after update. Warp 10000, OreSpaceTruck landed (his legs curved also) but ore was only for one tank, warp again. oooh i see, rates of drill falls down 10 times. But in drill setting window it shows still okay. Maybe i play in raw ksp2 on pre pre alpha but no, its last update released game. Maybe aprill joke, but no its winter. I just changed config file of mining drill to having a rates what i had before. Duna misssion AmonRa was almost ready All mission contains this parts: 1- Landing ship with rover and small plane with flying scheme as Lockheed XFV-1 VTOL and barrel plane. 2- Living module with two pilots, one scientist and one engineer (mistake, two engi would better). 3-Science module with four scientists, 4-Module with heat shields 10m (useless for duna) 5- battery and solar panel module. then parts for Ike and another infrastucture. 6- module with two ore scanner probes, one for Ike , one for Duna. 7- repeaters, two for Duna and one for Ike. 8-fuel tank. 9- Rover for Ike. 10 - Light landing module almost same as for muna. 11- OreSpaceTruck for Ike. 12- Drill for Ike. 13- Refinery and another battery with solar panels. 14 - Main mission SpaceTruck Right before starting from minmus orbit - the Duna probe was on last maneuver point near Duna. Ike helped to slow down and on low Duna orbit with 30km periapsis, probe did all avaliable science tests, droped all empty fuel tanks and small probe for testing behavior in Duna atmosphere, then with the Ike help again leaved Duna sphere of gravity. Droped probe showed that parashutes - almost useless, gravity weak. And there i understood that heat shield also useless. They has sence only on Eve, Jool and Laythe atmosphere. Airbreaks - now i think its just garbage or additional speed control for SSTO on kerbin for accurate landing. AmonRa was fully loaded by fuel and even ore. Science module was busy on 100% of minmus data. Enjoy your travel kerbin scientists. But Duna was a little behind Kerbin . Near 5 years warp seems longer than long maneuver (Wrong). Ship was a bit unbalanced by weight and 400+ parts docked by different modules creates huge lags but only 15% of loading CPU and GPU, i thought that a far camera view loads low LOD but no Seems only one LOD exists (Nice optimisation guys, still raw as beta or pre alpha). Maneuvers was hard and landing module helped to accelerate straight and i reached Duna. Now i needed to slow down and.... i bit tired of ksp, so i little changed my plans. Landing ship should get all left fuel from the main, and for that i had to save fuel as much as possible. Thanks to ike he is too close and he is awesome fit to gravity maneuver. 1st maneuver with Ike - AmonRa slowed down to high high orbit around Duna and 50 degrees to equator. 2nd maneuver with Ike - after Ike gravity AmonRa should be on High orbit but periapsis between Ike and Duna and closer to equatorial orbit. In this rapprochement with Ike Polar Ike probe and Polar Duna probe was undocked. 50m/s difference but Ike throwes Duna polar probe right on polar orbit, and Ike polar probe just slowed more. 3rd and last menuver with Ike - in this rapprochement with Ike all Ike parts should be undocked and AmonRa Duna orbit 200km in periapsis. BUT. Too long i didnt see any bugs ) hello again. Bug11 One port didnt want to undock. idk why and tried all. Reinstall KSP reinstal KSP with Steam and with full cleaning computer from left files, without any mods. nothing works. I think this poop happend after the last update, when some parts suddenly turned and blocked. Nice final update. Further more interesting. because this ..... happened i had to redock half of Ike and Duna stations modules in differend sequences. Almost in finish, after 30 min an Ike gravitational sphere ended and PHEEEW, in that point all station flies away on 3000+ m/s. But why. Okay load last save. And again in changing gravity sphere point one of nearest vessels gain +1-3thousands to speed. Hello annoying Bug12. Load pre-pre last save and do this all before Ike. Finally done. 3hrs spent on fighting with bugs, not for a game, not for fun. All repeaters and probes successfully launched. Gas station on Ike works. Amentet (ex Apes) fully fueled and ready do land on duna. Just for fun take one heat shield. Science lab almost empty and wait first data from Ike, then from Duna. Landing on Duna. FInish line Nice sky in high atmosphere, (no, without parallax no). Clear landing, and i forget that surface in KSP its just slippery polygons. And ship slow slides down. Warp - BBANG. Okay load last save land it again close to bottom and without warp this time. 5 min sliding and then polyon with less angle. . I ate, watched a film. and finally, the ship found lowest polygons point. Releasing a small plane and again. Hello Bug13. Why, what happened in travel after update to 1.12.5 and year of warp. Why normal blades (in hangar) becomes like a poop. I'm tired, my patience has come to an end. Alt+F12. and put this normal plane near. Hooray - done. Im affraid that poor atmosphere not enough for lifting plane and it seems on kerbin on 8k+ attitude. But no. it flew and glided better than on kerbin. Good. Next - release a rover. But was a butt Piston pushed rover down but rover bulked in an invisible wall. Why? because aerodynamic created on crutches. Fairing contidion - unattached. Rover starts jumping on trash from fairing. And more that 5 times crashed ship and himself. After successfully load and detaching i saw this. What a poop. Why this released game has so many annoying bugs, why i spend so many times on fighting with bugs as a tester. What a disqusting attitude towards the players, why i play in that,- i thought. Lets finnish the last goal and forget about ksp and taketwo forever. Alt+F12 and put normal rover near again. Duna landing - Successfully done. Rover and plane testing - done. Science - done. Flag - done . Goodbuy KSP, taketwo, and ex-starfury game. Thx for expirience
  2. Upper and bottom side will always in same conditions. But okay maybe not 90degree, 70-89 okay
  3. in my chlidhood i saw interface of win96, early nintendo mario, sega. Its a pixels, pixels. Many large pixels and u trying all tame to compose this pixels in usefull information. If its just art style - its okay. But not the text, eyes get tired of reading
  4. i wanted that all promisses in KSP1 - are there. Not in dlc. But another far plans maybe dlc. Currently in ksp1 we have few kept promise - 64 bit and hq textures . I tell u honestly - KSP1 is a not big game, and hasnt many layers of code. Developing on any engine reduces having to write a lot of code. Flying in space - same as in first released update. All DLC looks like a simple mods with parts. And nothing more. I like sandbox game. But KSP has a slowest extension even after take2 hunted developers of star fury games and has the most bugs of all released games ever. Just look on another sandbox games in beta(early access) and after release. Huge difference. I like Idea of KSP and i want to see more interesting feature in this game. Not only fighting with bugs
  5. this game about rockets ) physic of rovers are crap. I hope in KSP 2 we will have better expirience with rovers
  6. We play in future with current and near future technologies. BUT, i think its not easy because first u need to find enough of water, Not only resycling pee, and i hope we will not have just primitive ugly base on each planet. Like living in jail. I expected on planets which has differend angle of rotation and different points for living them. I would like to make a colony on small terminator area on planet with almost 90 degree angle of rotation))
  7. Additional late science tech researching avaliable only for reaching planets and collecting data. For Eva or Jool, improved heat shieds, and airbrake after atmosphere research data. For Duna - habitation modules and potato after mystical goo analys and delivering ground on Kerbin. For Laythe - water landing gears, and parts for water ships and submarines after landing on water and making pressure, temperature analys Different surface features. Duna - sand, sometimes rocks, On Vall - icy slippy surface. The wheel and landing gears should have different behavior on them. Currently - all surfaces is slippy ice. Exploring water world. Laythe - water but not any parts for swim on or under water. Automatisation of builded infrasturcture. I wanted that orbital refinery station, miner on surface landed probe, or space truck landing probe, orbital station and interplanetary bus does all what i did before. As recorded autopilot. LOD for vessel parts. 2+ km is a good, but i dont see anithyng. I expected maybe after release in 2016 we will have LOD for far parts with low approach speed. Normal SAS and Warp for planes and rovers. Fixing old aerodynamic glithes and bugs. Limit for part offset in vessel creation API for mods, especially for UI. UI in KSP1 was poor, but in ksp2 is disqusting. I hope that colony its not a joke or dlc, but a main part of the game as we heard in tons videos from dev studio. I hope that interstellar too in core games. But i expected as a DLC different options, decals for customising and coloring vessels,
  8. By this plane I did launch 5 parts for 2nd orbital base , 2 orbital probes, and 1 relay. Without stupid SAS, only with trimmers before 22 000 m altitude. But today after last crash, the all parts inside plane creates drag . I think this is my last launch. Good bye KSP1. Hope KSP 2 will be a real game, not a bag of bugs
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