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  1. 10/10, I haven't been here in a hot minute but still remember you
  2. @Dakota Where's the dating sim on this roadmap?
  3. I too wonder why it's not on GFN now. It was removed abruptly I remember. I didn't ever use it, but I know some people did and they weren't happy about its removal.
  4. They spend the weeks before Christmas preparing a large craft to fly to the south pole. Everyone says that he lives at the North pole, but Kerbals know it's just a conspiracy theory. 2 days before Christmas, they fly out and head to the north pole. And they find him there! Conspiracy theory proven to be a fact! But little do they know that they have their compasses backwards, and they actually just proved the conspiracy theory false. Don't tell Jeb, he'll throw a fit...
  5. 5/10, have seen you on YouTube before, never on the forums though
  6. I hope it will at least have better connection speeds than steam link
  7. Thanks to Microsoft's new "Windows App," this is now possible. You can stream your desktop to your iPhone or iPad with low latency connection, and therefore play KSP on mobile!
  8. The music fits too perfectly here
  9. Ok, I now realize that those 2 fall in the same category, so just all the former dlc parts then
  10. 0/10, never seen you before somehow
  11. I’ve got two that I can think of rn, all the former DLC parts from KSP1, and robotics.
  12. That is an incredible idea, a place to share all your designs and missions. Not even something like KerbalX, like something that is built into the game, and they can scroll through other peoples creations. Also, when in flight, a screenshot button could be added so that players have quick and easy access to taking a screenshot, and it can then be uploaded to this “KSP Instagram.” (I’m choosing to call it Kerbalgram )
  13. Burnout is very normal, don’t feel pressured to get back to KSP really soon. When I got burned out with the game, I took a few months, and then when I went to play again, I couldn’t stop playing!
  14. I’ve never played on console, but this is also something that needs to happen for the sake of the community. There were people who only played on console, and it’s only fair that they are treated like everyone else.
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