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  1. Honestly I'm quite confused on how the new easter eggs connect with each other They're just so vague and strange (Mainly Tylo, Minmus, and Duna) I don't think we're gonna get too far until more content is added in the future
  2. Scanned over all of the celestial bodies to find any new easter eggs I found some
  3. Been trying out the game with my Geforce RTX 2060 and I have to run it on all low settings, even then it still lags.
  4. I love the increased quality of textures on the celestial bodies (Eeloo is WAY better than it was in KSP1) and it makes things feel more natural and "spacey"
  5. I'm surprised mods have already been made, is it due to some having access to the game before the general public?
  6. The music is pretty good honestly, I like how it flows with each other so smoothly! Still, I have nostalgia for KSP1's music so I'll say that I prefer it over KSP2 but it isn't too bad honestly
  7. I wonder if what we have right now in terms of early access is a barebones structure of the game since so many features and content promised is not in the early access. Perhaps the stuff we've seen in trailers is from a dev version with everything in it?
  8. Tried to IVA and no matter what it wouldn't work. I assume since the game has just barely released that IVA won't be coming anytime soon?
  9. Checked every celestial body, the only actual easter eggs from the first game are the mun arches and the Mohole (if you consider that an easter egg). Couldn't find anything on any other bodies, not even the ones from the original game. I assume they'll add more stuff later on once other promised content gets added and stuff I looked at some videos and spent hours scanning practically every surface and found some new things (won't say so I don't spoil) If you're curious, they were on Duna, Tylo, Minmus, Eve, Vall, Dres, and Bop
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