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  1. I asked a refund. I will never get.
  2. Today, I've launched the Zap (Paz in reverse spanish) Station. The hardest part was to not exceed 850K on some parts in the fairings. The rocket: the station Inspired from one-day-it-will-exist-IRL Gateway Station
  3. One thing missing in KSP1 was a real crew management feature blended with milestones, tech tree and crafting..
  4. Wild guess: It is a pre-historic stuff. People needs ritual sacrifices to appease gods their feelings in times of despair.
  5. The seller. Fraud and swindle unless there is an exception for car's dealers. This kind of legal "stunt" you describe is to be made by trained professionnals. Please don't try at home.
  6. Better be a scape-goat than a sacrificial lamb.
  7. @ShadowZone Many thanks. That was informative.
  8. It is more or less like any office war.
  9. Started to test my new ssto "Adventure mkI". The aim is to bring 2 passengers to my future LKO station Still needs some modifications in order to be a nice crew shuttle between a space station and the KSC, like a lot more monoprop and some additionnal RCS thrusters. And lights. We always need more lights.. And solar panels because the battery isn't really great and more lights will deplete the battery faster. And air brakes too because re-entry and landing are somehow very artistics. Ok, it isn't finished. But it flies and it has an inline docking port!
  10. I tried to do a weird biplan. Design proved to be very unstable at low speed preventing any landing. The plane entered in a very interesting, if not unusual, flight pattern and crashed in to the sea. Landing was successful and the plane was upgraded into a submarine by the removal of wings and airbreathing jet engine. Hopefully Jebediah empty head helped him to reach the surface.
  11. Or eventually the project is perfectly on track, apart from some covid -related issues like delays, but T2 cut some slack aniway so PD has to found more cost-efficient solutions and reduce the overhead costs The project will not end and in a few weeks we'll all be reassured. Nobody outside the managerial rings can know how the decision was made and the reasons behind. And the future of the game. I understand the lack of communication is frustrating but I know by experience a bad sentence can hurt a lot more than a carefully observed silence. So wait and see.
  12. Designed the "Flee" A small 3 pax vessel. Ideal for ship to ship crew changes or surface/orbit crew changes on low gravity bodies. Please fasten your seat belt. No snack provided during flight.
  13. Thank you very much. To be honnest the plane is not entirely from me. I made it but I saw a similar plane before in KSP1 long time ago, not exactly the same though. it looks like more or less something I saw. More than less tbh.. Especially the engines position is copied from this original design I try to remember. That's a good design for high altitude flight. It is derived from the SR-72 drone. I think it comes originally from a design made by raptor9 but I can't confirm it as his thread has been cleared. But I'm pretty much sure he crafted something similar originally.
  14. Did an adventure. Read here.
  15. Operation Second Breakfast, A short KSP screenshot novel I-Covert operation The dimly lit mess hall of the Kerbal Space Center was nearly empty, save for Major Jebediah Kerman, who sat hunched over a cluttered table in the far corner. Maps, digital pads, and open dossiers lay scattered before him, illuminated by the weak morning light filtering through the blinds. He was deeply engrossed in a satellite image when Captain Valentina Kerman entered, her footsteps silent on the cold linoleum floor. She approached, her shadow falling across the papers. "Looks like you’re planning a rather bold flight, Jeb," Valentina observed, her voice low and steady. Jebediah looked up, a hint of a mischievous grin playing at the corners of his mouth. "Val, I need to chase the horizon. Today's mission: a second sunrise for a second breakfast." Valentina raised an eyebrow, a smile tugging at her lips. "I’m your pilot then. Agreed?" "Agreed," Jeb nodded, pushing the maps aside. "That keeps my hands free for important matters—like my breakfast." Together, they finalized their plan, their whispers blending with the hum of the fluorescent lights overhead. II-The heist Major Jebediah and Captain Valentina, dressed in flight suit, approached the high-security hangar that housed the Osprey MK I. The night was still, broken only by the distant call of a night bird. Using a cloned security badge, they bypassed the biometric locks at the facility’s entrance, slipping inside without a sound. The hangar was a fortress, designed to protect some of the most advanced aircraft of Kerbin. The Osprey MK I sat under halogen lights, its sleek, supersonic frame casting long shadows on the polished floor. They climbed into the cockpit, a tight space crammed with state-of-the-art avionics. Valentina keyed in the start sequence, and the engines roared to life, the sound muffled by the hangar’s soundproof walls. They taxied the aircraft out of the hangar, the massive doors sliding open silently, revealing daylight. The thrill of the heist pulsed through them as they lined up on the runway. III-High stakes takeoff Valentina strapped herself into the pilot’s seat, her hands steady on the controls. The runway stretched out before them like a road to the stars. She glanced at Jeb, who nodded back, his face set with determination. She pushed the throttle, and the Osprey leaped forward, its engines screaming. The g-forces pressed them into their seats as they hurtled down the runway. Valentina pulled back on the stick, and the aircraft’s nose lifted gracefully into the air. They were airborne, climbing rapidly, leaving the world behind. The cockpit was bathed by sunlight, each gauge and display meticulously monitored as Valentina set their course eastward. IV-Ascension tactics With the coastline disappearing behind them, Valentina initiated the climb to 12,000 meters. The Osprey responded beautifully, its engines designed for both speed and altitude. At 12,000 meters, she leveled off briefly, adjusting their trajectory for minimal radar signature. Valentina was ecstatic. She felt like she was a part of the plane. Then, pushing the aircraft to its limits, she climbed again, reaching 18,000 meters where the air was thin and the curve of the planet visible against the pale blue sky. The aircraft, now at speeds approaching Mach 3, sliced through the atmosphere, beginning to glow from the friction. V-Into the Black They pierced the night, the sky around them turning an inky black as they outran the spinning Earth below. The Osprey, like a comet, blazed a trail through the upper reaches of the atmosphere, its surface glowing from the heat. Inside the cockpit, the temperature remained controlled, the only sounds the hum of the aircraft systems and their controlled breathing. Valentina watched the horizon intently, her eyes scanning for the first hint of sunlight. VI-Dawn Chaser As the first rays of the sun touched the peaks below, Jeb unwrapped his carefully prepared second breakfast. The cockpit was awash in a soft, orange glow—the reward for their daring night flight. Below them, rugged mountains gave way to the expansive ocean, the world seemingly unrolling beneath them. "Perfect timing," Jeb muttered between bites, his eyes fixed on the breathtaking view as the Osprey sped across the sky. VII-Fuel Critical Alerts began to sound within the cockpit as their fuel reserves dwindled to critical levels. Valentina’s training took over; her responses were calm, her actions deliberate. She began preparations for an emergency water landing, knowing that their chances were slim with the fuel running out. The Osprey was now at the mercy of gravity, slowly losing altitude over the vast, unforgiving ocean. She deployed the drogue chutes at 5,000 meters, stabilizing their rapid descent. VIII-Emergency water landing With a masterful touch, Valentina managed to hydroplane the Osprey onto the ocean’s surface. The aircraft skimmed across the water, its empty fuel tanks unexpectedly aiding in its buoyancy. Inside the cockpit, the mission computer lit up with the message: "Successful Landing." "Not the typical runway, but it’ll do for breakfast," Jeb joked, relief evident in his voice. "Next time, we pick a landing strip before we depart, maybe?" Valentina retorted, already thinking ahead to their next adventure. IX-Epilogue: Stranded Kerbals Adrift on the open sea, Jebediah leaned back against the fuselage, his meal finished. Valentina scanned the horizon, her mind racing through potential rescue scenarios. "For our next sortie, we’ll need a craft with better amenities. And fuel," Valentina mused, her voice tinged with humor. "Agreed. But you're still the pilot, Val," Jeb replied, his confidence in her skills unshaken. Their laughter echoed over the waves, a sound of victory against the odds, as they awaited rescue under the vast, endless sky.
  16. Personnally I prefer tech trees rather than milestones but KSP ones (1 and 2) are very old school and uninteresting, it is only science points grinding and clicking. But milestones can be a good tool too and by overall Milestones and tech tree are not mutually exclusive. What I would have liked in KSP2 is a system blending a tech tree with milestones, crew management and agencies in order to create a space program. A space program in KSP would be awesome. Choosing the missions should be part of strategy, a meaningfull set of choices between techs, part unlock, kerbal assignment to tasks and use of agencies. I like when all choices are meaning ful in a game.
  17. I would point more at sellers like Steam.
  18. Definitely. KSP is also is bit less daunting imho but the Kerbals simply add life and attachment to tiny characters. Juno has really good approach on a lot of things, but there is no emotion as there is no character,
  19. For me it is simply they create a new studio. I guess the fiscal closure in july 1st in WA is not completely coincidental to the june closure.
  20. I guess the project will go on for a little bit with a skeleton crew in private division. I mean real skeleton devs. Undead devs. From there they will try to keep the project afloat, but that ship has sailed. That ghost ship has sailed. All skeletons end in a closet October 31st, 2025, for Halloween. A band of modders will gather and swear to finish the game. They form the community of the Kerbal Space Ring. They update the game unofficially. Correcting bugs and adding features. Players take notice. Take 2 takes notice too and ask Lazarus Studios to resurrect the project using the modders' work.. Miracle happens. Lazarus Studios managed to rebuild the game, part after part. The game is called KSP2 Redemption and feature a story arc about corporate black holes. Game is a success. Multiplayer becomes popular, soon Kerbal: Online allow 30 players to play and build craft all together. Huge success too. Such a success it becomes a TV reality show "Survivor: Kerbal" where 10 experts in aeronautics must build a rocket, a plane, a rover , a boat or whatever strange craft to escape an island using parts found in a junkyard while doing some physical games granting them rewards, like a wrench, some duct tape or a hammer.
  21. It means the project is still alive. Until further notice. That's all. For the branch name, it can be anything. At least it isn't "Titanic" which would have been worrying.
  22. Reported Version: v0.2.1 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 11 | CPU: ryzen 7 5800X | GPU: Amd Radeon RX 7800XT | RAM: 32 procedural parts are generally loaded incorrectly after a revert to launch on my machine. But after 2 additionnal reverts they are loaded correctly. Always 2 additonnal reverts. Amazing innit? How to reproduce bug: Make a craft in the VAB with wings. Click launch Takeoff revert to launch Admire a piece of modern art After 2 additonnal reverts, the plane should be back to normal. Included Attachments: Beagle.json .ipsImage { width: 900px !important; }
  23. I've sent Jeb swimming a bit as I started an exploration campaign. So Jeb explores.
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