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  1. I did some sketching with a before (In game): And after (My sketch): It's not very well done but it gives an idea : 1A and 2A replaced by a digit + vessel icon to know it's where you are going Same with 1B and 2B replaced by a digit + target icon Different colors for interception path: Orange -> Yellow -> Red Same for their icon, blue icon for every step is a bit confusing. Especially when they are next to each other (like the two PE on Kerbin in the picture) Added a PE icon on the mun, I don't know if it's just a bug but I didn't have it (The only downside to this is that this is a duplicate from the other yellow PE but I prefer to see this in the Mun SOI) Put on top of the planet the Maneuver node because it's the most important thing, I don't want the planet to hide it.
  2. @BechMeisterThanks but I am no beginner and know how intercept works but even doing it multiple time in ksp1, in the first few hours of playing ksp2, it was confusing. Here how it worked in ksp1, simple yet perfectly understandable: For keeping visual consistency with the rest of the UI, I think they should do something like that (quick sketch I did): And why do something different for intercepting a craft? I don't see the use case, it should be the same as intercepting a celestial body.
  3. The 1A, 1B and 2A, 2B is confusing. It's even more confusing with the intercept I:1, I:2 and I:1, I:2 (but with an icon). While I now understand how this work and what correspond to what. It was not intuitive at first. For a game that focuses on new players, I think the naming is complicated for no particular reason. I think KSP 1 solution was good enough (with simple arrows). Here I don't know why there is 1A and 2B, like why the unnecessary digit? There is already the color. It's a small nitpick but I think we should change it because new players might find it confusing (already saw a few).
  4. By playing around a bit more with it, I changed my mind, the new one is a lot easier to use than the previous one. I still find the last one better looking than what we have now but as The Aziz says: While it's better it's not perfect as the center is still tricky to grab sometimes (especially when you scrolled far away from the node)
  5. The red line appears only when you have not enough fuel to do the burn, if it is shown in other situation I think it's a bug and you might report it: While I prefer this new burn timer box, it needs some improvement. For example, I think that they need to put something like T - 10m 25s instead of T-00:00:10:25 which is confusing to read and to know how much time is left.
  6. I don't know if I'm the odd one here, but I think the old maneuver node was better. While the new one seems to be more usable (and even that is debatable), it's less aesthetically pleasing, seems unfinished and resemble a dev tool (also it's too aliased): The old one was, in my opinion, better at least from an artistic view. The only downside that I can see is that icons (prograde, retrograde...) were too small (and maybe the arrow needed to be a bit smaller, but not as small as the new one):
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