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  1. I am happy to present my latest recreation: the Phoenix rocket from the movie Titan A.E. This rocket is able to go to LKO single stage. Here are some pictures of my launch: It has got a small docking port at the nose and it has 2 Hitchhiker modules to carry 8 passengers. Here is the link to the craft file: https://kspbuilds.com/build/52a541e6-b438-4c57-a5e4-6ca53f I launched it in the current version of the game, without mods, no structural integrity increased and unbreakable joints deactivated. Try it out yourself and enjoy it. I had lots of fun building it and I am happy how well it performed druing the launch to LKO.
  2. Hi Siska, I checked my build and parameters are as follows: Mothership and launch stage parts: 539 pieces total mass 1862,79 t I play KSP 2 in the current patch version, no mods installed and structural rigidity unchanged. No settings like unbreakable joints activated. After the latest patch came out I launched this ship into Orbit again and it worked fine. Nothing broke, no part fell off.
  3. The biggest thing I ever launched into space was my Kerbal mothership. This was launched fully fueled and in one piece into orbit. The total weight, without launch stage, is 505 tons. The mothership has got almost 10000 delta v, so it can travel far into space without refueling. All the different docking ports allow me to ad different landers and modules to send my Kerbals on different missions.
  4. It is a puffer dragon. ...and it is the baby of the challenge dragon, did you notice the colors?
  5. Fun challenge. I did all four goals with one cute dragon: Primary: Build a dragon Stretch: Build a dragon that can breath fire Jeb: Build a dragon and launch it into orbit Val: Build a dragon with all the previous goals and fly it to another body in the Kerbol system.
  6. It is the tardis!! Space travelling is so easy, everyone should do it this way.
  7. Today I decided to start something big. I built my first Kerbal mothership and I made it to launch it to Kerbin orbit. This is a 505 tons monstrosity launched to orbit in one piece, launching stage not counted into this weight. Now I have my shiny new mothership ready for further missions in 200km orbit. Refueled it has almost 10000 dv for the nitrogen engines for its own travelling. It carries additional methalox and monopropellant for refueling other crafts. There are docking ports sized small, medium, large and xl. So this offers many different options for adding further modules or more fuel tanks, depending on the mission that I am going to run. The habitation ring offers everything my Kerbals need, to enjoy the time and relax during their future travels to the stars. Here are the pictures of the mothership in orbit: I am now starting to make additional modules and landing crafts in the VAB and afterwards I will send my Kerbals out to explore the stars.
  8. Today I was going for the weekly challenge #5. I deployed my lander on Duna, right at the north pole: My Crew made it to Duna with a separate craft and here they are in the atmosphere ready to deploy the vehicle from the loading bay: Special mission require special vehicles. Here are Jebediah and Valentina landed safely with their Tumbler: This is where they landed, you can see both landing sites here: ... and here they go: The target gets into sight, only 49,7 km left to go .... I do not recommend anyone to do this challenge with landing sites that far from each other. It took me hours to drive to the north pole, so I suggest everyone to land closer to each other. On the other hand I enjoyed the north pole area. You need to plan your route well and you have to watch the terrain. Sometimes there are small holes that can screw you up, if you run into them too fast. This was taking long time, but it was a fun experience, same as Watney did in the movie. ... Now comes the sad part of the mission, when I arrived close to the landing side my lander glitched through the planet surface and started falling. I tried several autosaves, but none of them worked. I ended having the lander craft fall through the planet surface every time. Here on the last picture you see the remains of it falling deeper under my tumbler. This issue I experienced many times and I do not know if there is anything that one could currently do to avoid this. This happened to me on Mun and Minmus, when I landed stuff there and returned to the location with other crew and crafts. The craft from previous landing fell through the surfaces and were gone. So what do you think? Do I have to call this challenge a complete failure? I would have made it back to Kerbin with my lander craft, if it would not have fallen through the planet.
  9. I like recreating stuff and today I wanted to make a nice looking and functional VTOL craft. I was inspired by Airwolf and here it is: This is Valentina picking up her new toy from the VAB: Lift off: Afterburner flight: It is not the best performing in jet flight, but the purpose was to make it VTOL like Airwolf. I can control it pretty well, so I am happy with it. Feel free to try it yourself and do not forget to play the Airwolf theme always while flying it. link to craft zip-file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cbUPCTjV1uYXf_YrDakdjFNFJGJARFYe/view?usp=sharing action buttons: 1 = toggle VTOL engine on/off 2 = cycle mode VTOL engine (cruise/afterburner) 3 = toggle jet engine on/off 4 = cycle mode jet engine (cruise/afterburner) 5 = toggle cockpit ladder
  10. This is awesome and it does not need train tracks. Add more boosters and run it with the spirit of Doc Brown: "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."
  11. Here are two others pictures that you might want to see. Jebediah and Valentina doing inspection and maintanance before flight. Unfortunately it can not launch to orbit this way, but the looks of the ship sitting on the runway is so cool.
  12. Here is Version 2 of the Kerbalium Falcon, hydrogen engines only now and i made it to the Mun. Damn it is a struggle to land a craft this size, I definitely need a landing craft added. Btw the Kraken took my ship two times during the landing.
  13. Thanks Mate. The central disc is the XL Fairing.
  14. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and to KSP. I did not play KSP1, I started KSP2 right at the early access release day. I am learning about the game and mechanics every day and I have to admit I love the game already. I am looking forward to all the future content that will be added to the game. Until then I spend a lot of time in the VAB. Here is my latest creation, that made a successful launch into Kerbin orbit. I play the game unmodded and structural rigidity unchanged. Inspired by a very famous spacecraft I created the Kerbalium Falcon. Currently it is run by the following engine types: 4x Rhinos installed to the bottom side to allow hover and landing on the landing gear (after hours of adjusting center of mass this works on Kerbal runway, main vessel only, rocket launch stage not installed) 4x Swerv as vaccum drive 8x Mammoth-II in the rocket launch stage Here are images of the launch and the orbital flight, enjoy: I am really happy to be able to bring this to orbit. Unfortunately this consumed almost all of the delta-v, so I was not able to go any further than the orbit. I have learned a lot from this and I will improve the design to be able to explore with it. Planned goals to achieve: - Kessel run in 12 parsecs - change design to run hydrogen engines only, keep rocket launch to bring it to orbit. I think I will not be able to bring this heavy desgin to SSTO capability. - add docking port and landing craft to the front for future planetary exploration I hope you enjoyed this as much as I do. To all the people out there calling this a broken game: You limit yourself only because of your wrong attitude!
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