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  1. I made my Wilhelmina 875 somewhat lighter and also made the transit fuel tank easier to assemble. It's Wilhelmina 500, I suppose. Now that it's a lot simpler to dock together, only the surfaces of Eve and Jool can elude my clutches.
  2. Oho, looks to be great changes happening relatively soon!
  3. Really nice to see that the bugs are getting K.E.R.B.ed
  4. Just an Ike mission for today. I overengineered the vehicle a little bit, and ended up with 1600 more delta v than necessary, even after multiple biome visits on Ike. Not a lot of science on Ike though. At this point, I am starting to feel confident on crew returns, so I might take the same vessel to Duna as well. Probably will also send a fuel tank right after them though, just in case.
  5. I sent two stations to their resting place, Wilhelmina 1100 to Eeloo and Wilhelmina 875 to Moho. Both are out of hydrogen fuel, and are carrying methalox for the reusable science lander they possess… Eeloo science was nothing short of delicious, but not enough for the tech tree. Here you can see 875 dropping an expended transit fuel tank mid-burn to Moho. Next operation was Moho, but the reusable science lander exploded mid ascent- I had to use the RCS blocks as back up thrusters to make sure the kerbals make it back to the station. Unfortunately, they didn't (for some reason…?) bring their samples and reports to the station for review. Expansion for both stations is due. Tomorrow, Wilhelmina 875 will receive a new, Moho-ready lander with higher TWR and less blow-uppy design. Wilhelmina 1100 will receive a standard XKRAB3 rover.
  6. The Oberth effect and its consequences have been a triumph for the Kerbal race.
  7. I just eyeballed my Jool insertion and got myself a Tylo gravity brake for the capture, and another Tylo gravity brake to get down to Laythe's orbit. Landed on Laythe… It took me over 50 different quick save/quick load instances to escape the planet. On one hand, I like the idea of hazardous terrain, like mud or tar pits, in a "Kerbinlike" such as Laythe. On the other hand, this is clearly not intended, so I'd rather they make it a biome you have to fly over or get huge rovers onto, where aircraft wheels just sink. In this bug, there exists gameplay opportunities.
  8. I imagine a bigger bell would be more efficient than nine smaller bells in both dry mass and ISP though, KSP follows this curve for the most part too, deep space engines all have huge bells
  9. Truss parts are pretty epical for orbital construction. Gives you that wide berth you need, provide extended surface area, balances mass around, and makes connections way less of a hassle, with great weight savings.
  10. I have been playing the game for hours and hours since For Science! released. I don't think I'll be bored any time soon, even with the tech tree almost completed. The planets all deserve visit, they are crafted gorgeously even if gameplay on them is sparse and consists of reach-land-stare-leave. The game is prettier, but the reach/land/leave part has not changed at all since the first game, apart from better user experience and cooler stock graphics. The stare part of the game is brilliant, though. Now all we need is more activities on planets! And I adore U-Dunk-It's design for that. Biome specific science will be amazing, especially if a mod like Bon Voyage is made vanilla so that rovers have a purpose.
  11. Is there an easier way to dock two large vessels like this? I align the ports, and get within 5 cm of the target docking port with mine, but alas, no connection. Docking Alignment Display is a great help, but I can't get the ports to actually accept one another, and yes, they are facing eachother. The fuel tanks and tug is about 500 tonnes, the station is about 500 tonnes, so it's as graceful and as lethargic as it gets. And please, Intercept Games, give us bigger, badder RCS thrusters. Using 256 Vernier thrusters here, I will go insane from low FPS.
  12. Came back from a 22000 science Jool tour! It took 8 launches, one being the mothership, one being the reentry vehicle, three being fuel tanks, one being a specialized Tylo lander, one being a specialized Laythe lander, and one being the SWERV engine module. My favourite part was the Laythe descent. The atmosphere is just gorgeous. That's Icarus-L, my first SSTO on KSP2. It's called Icarus, because it burns the wings off during the ascent phase to squeeze out that little bit more Delta V. Does it still count as an SSTO if it loses parts...?
  13. I used Tylo for a Jool capture, Flew by Laythe to take this pretty picture, And detached the Gassini segment from Orbiter, plunging it deep into Jool, For Science! The surface is really cool, by the way.
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