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  1. Thanks ! I don't think this is because of a bug, but I'm going to search for problems that can occur when installing Principia with other mods. I meant "Principia," not "KSP." So is there any version of Principia that uses less performance, for example, one that doesn't simulate the movements of planets and moons ? Alternatively, is there another mod similar to Principia ? I have KSP Community Fixes and KSPBurst installed. They improve performance but don't seem to help in this case.
  2. I have tried to install Principia on my KSP installation these past days, but every single time I start the game it crashes. I have a lot of mods installed, but none of them should be problematic (or, at worst, the Outer Planets Mod could cause some issues, but this shouldn't the case). This is almost certainly, at 99 percent, because of my PC's low configuration, but it could also be due to other issues like bugs or problematic mods. If this is indeed because of my PC, I would like to know if there is a lighter and simpler version of principia with fewer functionalities that would require less performance. If you are wondering, I have KSP 1.12.5 in 64-bit
  3. Today, after many weeks of trying, I was able to make a stable and functional space shuttle recreation that can reach orbit with a nice payload. The solid boosters push the shuttle to around 900 m/s, then separate at about 20 000 m. The core stage reaches a quasi-orbital trajectory before separating for more realism, with about 2500 m/s of Delta-v remaining. The shuttle completes the orbital insertion and has about 500 m/s of Delta-v to spare with its monopropellant engines, using linear RCS thrusters for attitude control, and then lands on the runway. to me, this is one of the hardest missions of KSP, especially controlling both stages during ascent and landing the shuttle on KSC's runway. The first time I did it, it took me so many iterations that I started to name them. This is version 2.5.1.
  4. I discovered a new mod today HUD replacer by @UltraJohn, and one of its texture packs, Ztheme by @zapsnh that make KSP's UI much better, bringing it to the level of KSP2, if not better ! Go download them (available on CKAN) : If you are wondering, as far as I can see, it doesn't significantly affect the game's performance.
  5. After completing missions to Eve, Laythe, Eeloo, and Tylo in past weeks, I thought it was a good time to attempt a return from Slate from the Outer Planets Mod :
  6. a mini shuttle capable of delivering a couple of satellites to orbit : and my first minmus return SSTO : Very sad about KSP2 , I hope the forums last as long as possible. LONG LIFE KSP 1 !
  7. It's very sad... The KSP2 saga may have killed the original franchise.
  8. I was mostly joking about being a medium KSP player just because I did an Eve return mission. It's really just about sending a low-Kerbin-orbit capable ship with a little extra margin to the surface of Eve and launching again. It's not much harder than a Laythe return mission, to be honest...
  9. Hi everyone! After 6 months of gameplay, I am officially a medium KSP player (Yes, I know, I'm quite modest ). My first ever Eve return mission : And a somewhat realistic recreation of the Perseverance rover (if you don't scrutinize the details too closely) at Duna's north pole, without graphic mods. Yep, even the stock textures can look nice with good lighting, positioning, and orientation...
  10. @ShadowZone do you think this is the very last update for KSP2 ? Please do a video about this update.
  11. After some digging, I found one of the very first versions of KSP ! here's the link : https://kerbal-space-program.software.informer.com/download/ Who remembers of that ?! The parachute is basically the only part that didn't change over the years.
  12. Yes, it could be possible that these assemptions are to maximaze safety, but we don't quite now. Maybe starship can survive with a little number of tiles missing, with internal damages and the need for refurbishement. But it could be possible that SpaceX itself don't know if the ship can survive to that without actual testing in real life, so who nows ? It's also possible that these safety margins for crewed flight to mars will be implemented later down the line, whith block 2 or 3. We will talk more about this subject Tomorrow, when we will have (HOPFULLY) an example to look to
  13. I have a question: I believe in SpaceX's capability to push the technological and technical limits of spaceflight, but how can they ensure that not a SINGLE heat tile out of the 35,000 on the body of the Starship or so is going to fall off ? I mean they are very fragile and they can be damaged by something like small space debris, fragments of ice, or simply the air flow during launch. And if the ship isn't resilient to the loss of a single tile in most places, it would reveal to be very hard to make the rocket reusable and capable of launching humans to LEO with that in mind. Any suggestions about the solutions that SpaceX will use ? Excuse me. I didn't realize that these were recent posts, and I thought that the thread was quite old.
  14. SpaceX is ready to launch starship no earlier than tomorrow. here is the place to discuss about it's planned trajectory and goals, it's newest hardwar and software developpement compared to last time, and hopefully, the results of it's fourth flight.
  15. I just launched my most horrible rocket EVER :)

    (due to issues with thrust distribution while launching a giant monolithic station to the Mun)


  16. I just launched my first ever tylo return mission !

    I was an absolute TORTURE ! I built a massively overkilled rocket with 80 engines in its first stage, that caused my PC to crash 2 times and i suffered from 2 to 3 fps. I also had a weird bug when all my scientific bases disapperared from their container.


  17. Thanks for your very detailed explanations about whether or not KSPCF and other mods are affecting performance. But... um... I'm not a geek or a developper ! I just want to ask if there are any mods that, in some way, improve performance or fix the game
  18. Thanks for these (very detailed) explanations !
  19. When I tried KSPCF on my machine for the first time, I noticed some improvements in the loading time and the number of FPS during flights on planets and moons with atmospheres. So, I would agree that this mod enhances performance. I mean, how can a mod that fixes bugs and optimizes the game, while applying patches, make the performance worse ? Maybe this can happen in some particular cases, but in most cases, it's absolutely worth it to install it ! I agree with @Gotmachine
  20. Yeah, the difference is pretty clear !
  21. A tekto return mission that didn't go as plan (with modded parts)
  22. Post all your creations (whether they failed or succeeded) there !
  23. Exactly, I want to believe that someone is going to continue working on KSP2, even if this is too optimistic for some people
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