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  1. I play stock, but randomly delete 20-30 part files before I startup the game. This is the only real way to play KSP. Pure stock installs are for players that want rocket science handed to them on a silver platter.
  2. To space (LKO)! We didn't bother to read the instructions on the engines. Didn't seem to cause too much trouble.
  3. Because the Grigorys have always wanted to land on the mün. There just too sheepish to ask you themselves. They'll love it. And you'll love yourself for having taken them.
  4. I love KSP. And I think that all of its developers, testers, modders, streamers, and forum moderators (both current and former) are wonderful people that we should thank every time we type a message either complimenting, criticizing, or affirming the current state of this unique, educational, and very re-playable game. And 1.0.2 is great. Thanks to everyone that developed and inspired this update. DEAL WITH THE LOVE!
  5. I fondly remember when every update was received as if it were a gift on Christmas morning. Sometimes the Patcher wouldn't work and you would see posts like, "Hey, the Patcher's not working for OSX, any idea what's wrong?" However, that was about as heated as things got. When did all of this "Squad, you're doing it wrong" stuff start.
  6. Thanks for putting this out there. These config changes are great. Exactly the reentry heat behavior I've been trying to get.
  7. I am wanting to know the same thing. I need those shield-less pods to blow-up again. I have fiddled with a few of the debug settings, but cannot seem to find change anything in thermal or drag that will produce the desired result.
  8. Increasing throttle 50%... Removing solar panels...
  9. Mods only drink water and tell you about it right before an update is released!
  10. That thing is so going to crash. Better fly 'er in manually.
  11. Mauermajn1, I use The Unarchiver for decompressing various archives that don't open with the OSX default utility. I'm certain that there are many other tools out there as well.
  12. Howdy, and welcome to the forums! One way I can think of off hand to get those Kerbs down is EVA some of the crew prior to launch and rendezvous with the stranded Kerbonauts, repeat as necessary. OK, funnest? put some extra ladders on the re-entry vehicle, and have the rescued Kerbs hang on and take a ride. ...and don't listen to any naysayers that insist that they won't be able to hold on.
  13. Very interested! ...and welcome to the forums!
  14. Howdy, Crusader! Welcome to the forums!
  15. Howdy right back! And welcome to the forums.
  16. Howdy, the Wil Ranger! The orbital mechanic tool is located here under Addon Making/Addon Releases and Project Showcase/Tools and Applications (a wonder it doesn't get crushed under there). *Edit: As for the others, just browse the Addons section. The more popular ones should be quick to find even if the search bar is being wonky.
  17. Howdy! and glad to have you with us. Yeah, timing is key, but it really isn't too daunting. A tried and true method is to get yourself into a stable orbirt around Kerbin, then burn when the Mün is about 10˚ above the horizon. You should have it down after a couple of tries and be crashing into the Mün in no time!
  18. Squad's position is outlined by the OP. Also, the stickied threads in the Add-On Making Subforum are good references.
  19. Congrats! and welcome to the community!
  20. I don't believe that Squad or KSP has anything to gain by discouraging people from joining this community because of their play style or skill. Let's stay friendly, friends.
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