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  1. The wiki on the github? Thanks, will take a look.
  2. No worries. Is there an updated wiki or anything somewhere else with current info?
  3. Aha, thanks. I had assumed the info in the OP was still true.
  4. I though the orange suits (Val, Jeb, etc) were immune to quitting? Just had Jeb and Val convert to tourists while on a return from minmus due to homesickness and then burn up in atmosphere because they couldn't make the correction burn to return safely. Seems like homesickness should be overridden if the craft's on a suborbital trajectory TO HOME. hehehe...
  5. Great to hear. This is one of my staple mods and I'm glad to see you're working on it.
  6. I just spin my ship really fast before separation and the boosters fly away woosh
  7. Excellent! I haven't gotten to play with the latest version yet due to time pressure but look forward to using it in my next career play
  8. RE: hab space / timer, is it be possible to provide a recreation module or minimum population which would allow crew to R&R? I'm envisioning a space station in kerbin orbit with a recreational module and 20-30 kerbonauts doing science and such. Docking a reusable spacecraft to allow the crew some shore leave and rest before the next mission.
  9. I understand the reason for it and don't really expect it to change, just venting my frustration.
  10. USI LS is a more stock-alike life support mod, without the complexity of TAC LS. Neither are 'better' or 'worse', just different preference for what people want to do. They effectively do the same thing which is to limit mission duration depending on how much extra weight you can carry, and allow clever use of resource modules to extend said duration.
  11. As I recall, no omni antenna which comes with RT2 has a range that would reach from that altitude. You'll need to include a dish and point it at a ground station or use a relay in lower orbit. Now why it says 'out of power' when you do have power, I don't know.
  12. Some of my recent missions have had very tight delta-v budgets. Maths are your friend.
  13. But if you assume it's 1 per day then you'll come up short, because they eat 1.08 per day! Madness!
  14. I know, it just seems wrong somehow when it's so close to 1, but not quite.
  15. Sure! I'll take screenshots as I build and make an album you can pick and choose from.
  16. It's just mildly annoying from a planning perspective. I've been planning out my missions in kdays and have assigned each kday a weight based on the supplies weight so I can figure out what I need to lift and what supply missions will be needed to resupply them
  17. I have a quick question... Why didn't you make my life easier by making 1 supplies = 1 kerbal-day worth? Why is 100 units only 92 kdays? Why?!
  18. Sounds like a good idea. What happens when you run out of short-term consumables? What happens when you run out of long-term? Are we going to have a floating 'health' value for each kerbal which is a combination of basic needs (short term supplies like air/water), creature comforts (food, living space, long term supplies, emotional health) and fitness (exercise)?
  19. Whoops, I need to pay more attention.
  20. Great mod! I'm building a proving ground at kerbin north pole to test out some base designs.
  21. Mind teasing your ideas a bit? Something like an opt-in to split supplies into air/food/water?
  22. I like it! Does the scan progress take some power over time as well?
  23. We can't see images on your computer. Upload it to some service like imgur.com first
  24. I tried but it's quite buggy so far
  25. I thought orange suit kerbals were immune? One of mine just refused to work and became a tourist. Now I have no way to help him because the craft he's on has no docking port. I'll have to wait until I get the grab claw I guess.
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