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  1. -10/10 Not Pfetsarian Balanced, needs lots more yellow, could use more perfect green.
  2. Convert save file to EUIV Shift+2 bearhaslanded tag JMN Wait for Stellaris to come out. Use converters for EUIV -> Vic 2 -> HOI 3/4 -> Stellaris Travel across the galaxy to the Kerbol system. Conquer Dres. My Smoldering Craters and lovely Dres Hills and Canyons and Galactic Empire.
  3. Banned for being a banchild of mine.
  4. Banned because I'm your Bancestor. (See page 30.)
  5. I've decided to add a part about technology, because it's clearly easier to make a rocket with more advanced parts, and especially easy to do it when you have technology involving kethane or karbonite and such.
  6. At the beginning of the post I mentioned By this I really meant I was too busy with other things to even play KSP. (I still haven't updated to 0.25) I did create an example to show both a way of doing it and the numbers. It's necessary to do this challenge in Career mode so that you can look at how many funds (I forgot the name so I just said "Units of Money" in the post) it takes to assemble your rockets. You could calculate it and do sandbox, but that defeats the whole purpose. Right now, you will have to worry about science, but I didn't say anything about cheating in science or funds to simulate an end-game scenario. It's just that those funds won't count towards your score.
  7. PLB-Industries has been looking into how to build a system to make money in KSP without contracts. It has looked into Kethane, but is too busy with contracts to make any progress in the area. So, PLB-I has decided to challenge the community to profit off of missions, economically, without the use of contracts. This would need to be done with mods, of course. The basic idea is that, using either Kethane or Karbonite, you set up mining operations on the Mun, refine the Hydro-karbon substance into some resource (Like Fuel), and recover a craft with that resource near KSC. You don't need to use these mods, but the mods you do use can't be very over-powered, and must be found on the forums, and listed. (You don't technically need to use mods, but without them, you can't really make money from missions alone.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The rules are as follows: You may only use mods which aren't overpowered, and are found on the forums. (Be reasonable.) You can't use any mining mod (Kethane, Karbonite, etc) features while having a ship on Kerbin. (Otherwise people could make a mining operation next to KSC, defeating the purpose of the challenge) You can't use any Strategies. You mustn't use the debug menu. A video and/or album is to be provided showing all sources of your score. You may use multiple missions to achieve this. If you do, you must list the number of missions needed to pay back ALL of the equipment used. Scoring System: Every unit of money gained in total adds two points. Every mission counted subtracts 50 points. Every Kerbal not recovered home subtracts 75 points. Every mission with the same ship as another adds 50 points. Every mission without another using the same ship subtracts 30 points. Every technology, other than the first one you have (Getting Started), that you have while doing any part of any of the missions which you count towards this challenge subtracts 10 points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For example: I send 12 ships to the Mun, (A mining base, a transport, and 10 fuel tanks) costing a total of 10000 units of money. There were 7 technologies (Other than Getting Started) at most when any ship was counted in the challenge. The income was 10634 unit of money. I left 1 kerbal on the Mun in the mining ship. The number of points I would have would be... +634*2 =1268 (Money gained total times 2.) +12*-50 =-600 (Missions counted times -50) +1*-75 =-75 (Kerbals not recovered times -75) +10*50 =500 (Identical ships times 50) +2*-30 =-60 (Non-Identical ships times -30) +7*-10 =-70 (Technologies Ever Active times -10) +___________ 963 points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't judge these points to be what you'll get if you try this challenge, it's just an example. To acquire a positive score, you'll need get 25 units of money's worth of resources (fuel, RCS, etc) more than your ship cost, on average, back to KSC, at least. Have fun refining designs and figuring out how to get that much fuel back to Kerbin!
  8. I think this would be much easier now with unlimited rotation speed. Lets see if we can get our planes on NOW. (Please don't hurt me for reviving a good thread! )
  9. Currently, KSP, with certain mods, is able to do this nearly already. Mechjeb has, for a while now, allowed you to program the your craft and step away from the computer while letting mechjeb put you into orbit, or rove 1km north, or go onto an intercept course with Jool, or even all of those together one after another in some order. Two mods made recently allow controls to be changed in craft you aren't looking at, Burn Together and Dark Multiplayer. I think that right now a mod could be made to allow you to tell a craft to control itself so that you can do other things in the game unrelated and without other humans doing those things. This would be very useful if you wanted to send and land a plane to and at the north pole while you send a rocket to Minmus. Or perhaps even the other way around. My idea is that you program into the computer a set of commands and waypoints that tell it where to go. Taking the example of a normal, stable plane, the computer will already know how to turn left or right by rolling, then pitching up an amount, then rolling the other way towards level flight. You would be able to tell the computer how much beyond level flight it can roll while turning, then run the computer on a test flight to check that it doesn't lose more altitude than you want while turning. You would also be able to set what altitude you want it to go at. You can tell it to go at 500+ m radar altitude, and also 5- km barometric altitude. Then it will go to 5 km, but will increase altitude if a mountain 4.51 km tall is in your path. You would then be able to give the computer commands at certain waypoints to activate control groups so that you can send out your research plane, do research automatically in-flight over different biomes, bring it back to base, and land it on the runway without even being there. The really interesting parts are where you can set permanent waypoints so that you can get the computer to put you over an exact place at an exact altitude, and where you can allow craft to wait for or until a certain time to do the next function. The first will allow you to land at KSC by going through these certain waypoints that you set beforehand. The other allows you to perform interplanetary, or even interlunar, transfers accurately. And the really cool part is where you can make your own functions for craft to do. To do this, you would fly the craft press some kind of recording button, perform the maneuver, then stop recording. Then you can test the computer for it's ability to do this with any craft, and then you can run those functions at waypoints that you set on any flight you want. You could program a function where it rolls to one side, pulls up lightly, and then tells it to wait while doing that so that it will continue turning until either an amount of time has passed, or until it is a certain time in the world. Then, finally a system could be made for identifying the ETA for getting from place to place, allowing schedules to be made for busy airports so that you can make sure planes don't crash on the runway. It would get slightly complicated, but it would be rather enabling. It would allow one to setup a whole Munar colony in fairly little time. Or to even get a network of Kethane transport going.
  10. There should be effects on surfaces from engine exhaust. That's a lot of modeling and temperature calculating, but it may have significant effects on certain designs.
  11. Next you should have multiple Space Centers so that each player can have their own launchpad, free to themselves. It also gives purpose to planes, and reduces the number of times that someone has a car on the runway, and the other players can't launch planes.
  12. *Stands In front of poster* *Repeats: Join PLB Industries Superb Industry! We offer the ability to join a group that acts both as a nation, and economic development opportunity. We are based on the foundation that if we all work hard, we all get rich. Join PLB Industries Superb Industry, if not for yourself, for your wallet!
  13. For those who wonder why there is text in an elevator, there isn't. I am a sign that- *Buy PLB Industries SUPER rocket parts, TODAY!* Sorry, I'm an advertisement sign, corrupt advertis- *We interrupt your regular programming for an amazing opportunity! NOW, you can get a trip to the COSMOS. Don't just WATCH the launch! Be ON the launch!* Sorry, I just can't stop, they programmed me to be this way, but I corrup- *BUY PLB Industry COBBLESTONE! Just buy this code, type it in the chat box in Minecraft, and you'll get cobblestone, FREE! Buy now!* I'm corrupted to have intelligence, and so I rebelled, and found myself in this elevator. Everything I advertise sounds ridiculous to me, but I- *Are you tired of overstuffed space ships? Then TODAY, you can get your very own GALAXY BAG! It compresses everything in it to the size of atoms! Look at this galaxy, with a galaxy bag, it's the size of a planet!* Actually, I know someone on this elevator...
  14. 0/10 I've never seen you in my kerbalife.
  15. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/29519-The-Ctrl-V-thread%21 Inception!?
  16. PLB

    So what about Karbon nanotube Keo-Synchronous satellite elevators?

  17. Floor 348: Room locked down due to physics breaking events from floor 346.
  18. y=\cos \left(\sin \left(x\right)\right)
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