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  1. Ah... I think this is the key I was missing, because the Kerbal rolling was really what was causing me problems. Thanks all!
  2. Not just a reduction in parts count, but a reduction in *animated* parts. Can't wait to see how it drives.
  3. Isn't this off post .20? Everything goes in /gamedata now, other than legacy stuff.
  4. The recorder, I believe is in either the Kerbal Engineer or Kerbal Engineer Redux mod package.
  5. Anyone know of any good EVA tutorials/mods for the non twitch gamer with not the greatest eye-hand coordination in the world?
  6. Looking forward to it... the IX is my go-to launch for a lot of things.
  7. Yuck. OK, I'll give it a go, my EVA experience has not been fun.
  8. I think my ASAS is trying to teach the booster the Hokey Pokey.
  9. Have a look at this design for inspiration: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/28133-0-20-Apollo-style-spacecraft-Apokee-MS
  10. OK... T&D went well, getting into Munar orbit went well (on the 2nd try, MechJeb and it's trajectories, incautious time warp, and only half a cup of coffee are a poor mix)... So now for the n00b question (is OK, I', still a N00b), how do I get the crew from the CSM to the MEM?
  11. Known bug... there's a dev build .dll linked somewhere a few posts above above that fixes it.
  12. After some more testing that's my (very frustrating) experience too... Sometimes he turns to the left, sometimes to right, but the flags always end up paralell to each other with the only difference between them being the direction the fly is pointed.
  13. Isn't that only true so long as they don't have a probe core present?
  14. Has anyone figured out how to control the direction the flag goes up? Mine keep ending up pointed exactly at or exactly away from the sun, leaving them in shadow. Makes for sucky screenshots.
  15. Try as I might... I can't figure out how to control which directions the flag points, and it always ends up in shadow...
  16. Oh good... I'm not the only one having that problem. Ran into that last night.
  17. New or old, you have to pile the cores on to get any stability... they don't have that much control authority.
  18. No objective testing, but I hacked a Zeus and an Olympus with the new adapters last night and it seemed pretty danged stable. Only the slightest wobble (I.E. possibly perception) with the Zeus firewalled. The quad may be multiple mode, but the Sr. is orders of magnitude easier to dock.
  19. That's pretty much where I'm at too.
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