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  1. Cheating who? It's a single player game.
  2. And so can you. Stop telling people they're playing the game wrong and not having fun the right way. Don't like mods? Don't use them. Want limits? Impose them on yourself. The operative phrase in your post is: "makes zero sense to me." The point is whatever I want to make it and I don't need you to tell me what it is. Utter hogwash.
  3. Why? And this has nothing to do with any particular mod, just mods in general. If someone wants to magic his station to orbit with hyperedit and give himself a bazillion kerbal dollars with some other mod, what difference does it make?
  4. Obvious troll is obvious. You're welcome.
  5. Empirical evidence from every post about MechJeb would suggest otherwise, obvious trolls excluded.
  6. Soooo, what are the consequences for you (meaning anyone who thinks you shouldn't) if someone else uses mods? What possible difference could it make to Squad or anyone else if someone uses a mod in career mode?
  7. For me it gives me a reason to send a probe other than "because". Moar science plz!
  8. Still have a screenie! Thought I deleted them.
  9. ISA Mapsat is a really fun plugin for that.
  10. ASAS not turning my stations into wobbly rubber chickens is enough for me. That and less RCS use in holding attitude for orbiters.
  11. A Mk I capsule on top of a whatever tank is the biggest in that diameter, with the little engine. Then proceeded to stage the capsule off the stack without hitting F5 first.
  12. Start with a station core and go from there.
  13. 50 times at least. Ok maybe that's exaggerating. 25, then.
  14. It will be nice to send up a Mk2 with only one kerbal in it though without having to have two go on "EVA" while on the pad.
  15. I'm never happy with my Kerbin orbital station anyway. Although, now I think I have the core how I want it. Figures.
  16. LOL, and I'm sure that Roscosmos cheats too, and their automated launches always go off without a hitch. How's that RCS Build Aid mod?
  17. Lazor Docking Cam is way too much fun, IMHO. I love it. And the pics through the camera seems realistic as heck.
  18. Here we go again. Another thread lock over MechJeb. To the MechJeb haters: If you don't like MechJeb, fine. We get it. But stop telling people they're having fun wrong. To the OP: MechJeb is a great tool and you can use the pieces of it that you want. You don't have to let it do anything for you. It's great for information among other things. Make up your own mind about it. The idea that you shouldn't touch it because someone on a forum said you shouldn't is silly.
  19. Once I figured out the relative velocity markers on the nav ball, it was actually pretty easy. And once I figured out that once you get close and at near zero relative velocity, your orbits are the same, then it got easy. If you get both in a circular orbit and on the same plane and then set the orbital altitude to 1 km apart, eventually you can't help but get to within 1km. Also, well balanced RCS is key. Try this thread. Docking wobbly stuff is a giant pain. I still only use MechJeb to quickly orient my craft and for the great information it can give you. I don't auto-dock it or anything. Docking is too much fun. Try the Lazor Docking Cam mod. It really added to the fun of docking for me.
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