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  1. I have a tendency to just wing it. I start putting parts together and see how it goes. I love when they're so ungainly and heavy they just collapse and explode on the pad.
  2. Started my first Jool mission last night. Jeb is orbiting at 1,200 km waiting for me to get home from work. I have an almost full FL-T800 fuel tank sitting on top of an LV-N engine. I'm confidant of a safe return to Kerbin. Jeb, however, has seen me work and doesn't share my enthusiasm.
  3. Duna. Jeb didn't make it home. Again.
  4. Jeez. Now I feel dumb. In my own defense, Jeb is orbiting Jool right now, so I'm not a complete moron.
  5. I see in some of the pictures on the forums that some parts have been turned upside-down in construction. How do you do that? First post, btw.
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