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  1. I approve of this product and/or service.
  2. @Gaius

    Would like to adopt, but need your express permission to use the name. @Gaiusits a wonderful addon and it deserves a new life! @Gaius please come back to the forums one last time! :D


    GPLv3 - GitHub - CurseForge - CKAN- SpaceDock

    Forum Thread II Original Forum Thread

    more than happy to hand this off...

    On 9/6/2020 at 2:40 PM, hab136 said: I'd be more than happy to hand it off to the next person.


    Thank you kindly in advance!

  3. I have asked @Gaius to adopt Goodspeed Aerospace.

    Goodspeed Aerospace

    CC BY-SA 4.0 - CurseForge


    also @OrbitalDebris and @Galatea

    news when there is news!

  4. It's being worked on. Expect an official announcement soon.
  5. Oh, ha! Nope, you don't need it -- the Unity libraries it compiles against are actually in the KSP_win directory (under KSP_Data\Managed). See, it's been so long since I monkeyed with this that I don't even remember what I did. I have oldheimers. I do need Unity installed for working on my parts mod, so my confusion is at least excusable. Who knows, maybe someday I'll have time to update that one...
  6. Awesome! This is my favorite mod, I can't play without it, thanks for updating it! Seriously, thanks. I'm in the middle of a move and don't even have Unity installed on my current desktop to do compiles against. I have updated the first post of the original thread to now point to this thread. Good luck and have fun!
  7. Ah, that would be Kommitz' most excellent work.
  8. Nope, those are the only trusses I've had. Perhaps Rareden was using this old mod? Unfortunately, that mod appears to be dead. I might take up the task of making replacements if I can find the time. I too really did love that mod.
  9. Well, a Jumbo-64 is a cylinder with a radius of 1.25m and a height of 7.5m, so an internal volume of 36.816 m3. An FB-O tank at size 4 is a sphere with a 5m radius, so an internal volume of 523.599 m3. So, yes, a size 4 FB-O tank is 14.222 times larger, and spherical tanks generally more efficiently use their internal volume than cylindrical tanks, which actually round their ends a bit on the inside for structural strength, hence the spherical tank actually gets a bit more than 14.222 times the usable internal volume.
  10. You shouldn't compare RTG output to larger power generation systems. You'd never put 26 tons of RTGs on something when a single 1 ton nuclear reactor would generate more power for a fraction of the weight. You use an RTG where you only need a trickle of power and don't want to devote half a ton or more of your spacecraft to the power system. For heavier power generators, compare to something like a SAFE-400 reactor, which weighs half a ton and generates 100kW of electricity (for game purposes, say 100 E/s). In terms of weight/power efficiency, it's literally a couple orders of magnitude better than a PB-NUK-style RTG, but that's reality for you. The advantage of something like a PB-NUK is that it doesn't weigh half a ton, so you use that when you don't need multiple kilowatts of power. That's where the balance lies. Trying to balance larger power generation systems against a wimpy RTG in terms of power per unit of mass is madness.
  11. Thanks for hosting that! I've updated the first post to point to the temporary mirror, but I'll work out a more permanent solution soon (hopefully before 0.24 hits)...
  12. I just wanted to say: Wow! Outstanding job taking my little hack and turning it into something great! I was originally going to quibble (I tend to be on the GPL side of the "license wars"), but at this point I think it's fair to say it's more your mod than mine. Feel free to re-license it as you prefer with my blessing.
  13. Ah, thanks for doing this. I've updated the first post to point to the new download. Sometime before 0.24 gets released, I'll hopefully have time to get an update up on CurseForge myself for a more official release... To the best of my knowledge, the capacity per unit volume of my spherical and pill tanks are within 10% of the stock tanks (except perhaps the xenon tank). I verified the volumes using Wolfram Alpha. It may be you're just unused to looking at spherical volumes. The nosecones might be a bit looser, but certainly not more than 20% off I think. In any case, if you know of anywhere the numbers vary significantly, please be specific and I'll take a closer look at it. Thanks.
  14. Please steal my plugin! Seriously, the plugin has been feature complete for my own purposes for a while now, so having someone else take over the job of maintaining it, keeping in up to date and extending it with new features is doing me a big favor by taking over what for this point would just be work for me, and work I honestly don't have time for at the moment -- this is literally the first time I've had time to even login to the KSP forums in over ten days, and I'm currently both very busy and dealing with personal issues that are probably going to take a few more weeks at minimum before I'll have much time to do any kerbaling. So, I'm going to change the name of this thread to indicate that from now on, this thread will be all about my parts pack and that alone, and the new TweakScale plugin thread will be started by the new maintainer in the very near future. Future releases of my parts pack will be adjusted to depend on the new version of the plugin just like any other third-party mod would. And it will be simply called the TweakScale plugin, since it wouldn't be fair to keep calling it my TweakScale plugin when I'm no longer the sole author. I do have some new parts, or at least some new models (replacing a couple of the welded parts currently in the pack with unique models) already done that I just haven't gotten around to rolling into an update yet, but I'm honestly not sure when I'll have time to do that given current events IRL. But in any case, I'll wait until the dust settles on the new thread so I can release the next version of the parts pack in a way that makes it depend on the new fork instead of maintain its own redundant and dated version of the plugin. And seriously, thanks much for taking over maintenance of the plugin. This is what open source is all about. Throw some code out there, and let some other schmuck do all the work of making it great while you sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
  15. Since it doesn't hurt anything if the mods aren't installed, I will add Kethane and EPL/OCR materials to the default config on the next release. I exclude command pods from the things that automatically get the pump installed because they already have a pretty beefy right-click menu, and I didn't want to clutter that up with even more lines; also, I so rarely want to pump things out of command pods that it's simpler to just do it manually when I do. But it's easy enough to remove the "!MODULE[ModuleCommand]" exception in the relevant config file entries to make it add the pump regardless.
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