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  1. Haven't played KSP for like 6 years but I'm back to my old habits. I made a custom launch escape system and wanted to test its efficiency. So I put a command seat on it and attached as many SRB's to the back as I could and tore through the atmosphere since we have a brief window to get away with this without them catching fire. It worked luckily as poor jeb was pretty close to achieving an escape velocity in atmos strapped to the front of that thing.
  2. Wouldn't that be a good thing? I mean that would kind of indicate confidence that the build is stable right?
  3. Wow, thanks a bunch for the really in depth answer. I had actually wondered why performance had been going the opposite way as well so another question answered there. It would be really good to see multi-threading applying to ship physics, and it may still be an issue when you dock two very large vessels together it at least makes having them in the same physical space a lot more bearable. Being able to stack more mods is always good news too. Whenever the performance upgrade comes, I look forward to it. Hopefully it will also free up some space for the devs to continue to expand as well. I can't even imagine what a pain it must be trying to cram in more content when so many parts of the code are already fighting over a single core anyway.
  4. You raise a fantastic point that I'd almost forgotten about, the stats about how far people actually go and I remember it being surprisingly close to home for the most part. Unfortunately though, I'd shift a lot of the blame for that onto the game itself for two reasons. First is the lack of tools as you mentioned. This increases the difficulty of interplanetary travel to some rather absurd heights where only the best players will pull it off. It may have changed by now, but the last time I went interplanetary it required mods and some external tools to work out if I would make it. The average player isn't likely to go to these lengths so I do wonder how many people would go further if they had the means to. The second reason is another you mentioned but one that has been bugging me for a while. There's no real reason to go that far since you can get everything you need right on the doorstep. I've been playing another early access game that suffers this same problem but found a way to get around it. It's and underwater exploration game called Subnautica, great game but not here to plug it, so here's the similarity. In Subnautica you need basic resources to survive if you play that mode, or resources to build new technology. It has a reasonably large environment with various biomes but you can get the large majority of what you need in the first couple biomes that are pretty shallow but the world runs thousands of meters deep should you choose to explore it. To encourage some more exploration while they still build out the world and what resources will go where in the final game, they have added fragments of the technology and scattered them throughout the biomes to force some level of exploration. Now I'm not sure exactly how it could work out for the lore or logic of the game, but perhaps some small amount of the technology in KSP could require you to go collect science from a specific location, or a location with parameters that can't be met on Kerbin such as an SOI with a stronger gravity well etc. The problem of people not going to the planets could be overcome, but without directly adding content to be earned out there, then the typical means would be to gate content behind it. Obviously gating is never an ideal solution, but I'm also struggling to think of much to be added as a supplement to travelling out there that we don't already have such as big science/cash payouts.
  5. Sorry if it seemed like I'd posted this thread and bailed, I've been fighting to connect to the internet most of the day. It's a real shame to hear about a divide that happened around the point that 1.0 launched, despite it not really containing much content that was what I was hoping to see, I still think it was good to see the game finally reach official launch. I can understand why though as the game really did change a lot. Some users I notice pointed out the fact the list of planned features is unreliable and being honest, it really is, however that shouldn't devalue the idea as it can provide a very useful tool were it to actually contain relevant information. The only problem is as others also mentioned the devs have chosen that it's best to keep the secrets close to home to avoid disappointment which makes a lot of sense. I guess I've just become so used to being disappointed by other early access projects that a bit of disappointment here or there is worth it to me as long as I have a good idea what is still to come. Regardless, whatever happens with the content from here on out, I really hope this won't be a one off and that perhaps we can see where KSP may go in the future one day (sequel). I do still feel that a major content update though would benefit the game hugely and regain some of the attention the game has been slowly for a long time now, or at least it appears, I could of course be wrong in my assumption there.
  6. Ok so it's been a very long time since I played KSP, around a year perhaps, so when I came to the forums to see what has changed since the 1.0 release I was surprised to see that it has mostly been minor additions. Other than the announcement of PS4/Xbone version coming which will require some understanding of GPGPU offloading to even hope of running off their measly processors as it is now, I'm not seeing much going on around the development anymore so I decided it's time to ask what is/isn't going to happen anymore. For instance there have been a number of features planned or considered that have come and gone over the years, it's been a very long time since we even heard anything about some of these ideas and they are on a list of *not to be mentioned* items. Now that's all well and good except the game has been in full release for a while and we've never really been given much of an update on what may or may not be planned and the restriction makes discussion difficult. So instead of directly discussing one of those ideas I want to ask in general, what happened to all of the ideas that never came to be, for instance enhanced IVA was something that never truly got announced as planned but hoped for, but it's likely a huge challenge given the game system we have. (kerbal size v rocket size) I'm guessing it would be safe to assume that this will not be making it into KSP and would only be remotely possible if a sequel were to happen. But others have gone unmentioned for a very long time despite being possible within the games scope as is, for instance the second gas giant planned to for Eeloo to orbit. Is this ever coming or has this been abandoned? I feel like Eeloo has been sitting alone for rather too long now. These and many of other features have been mentioned in the past but all have faded into obscurity over time. Perhaps I'm also rather out of the loop, but me and my friend would often take breaks and have no trouble finding the info on what is coming, when it's coming and how it may effect the game. Perhaps someone here can enlighten me and maybe I've missed tonnes of info on what's planned. (no I don't mean the dev updates, I always read them) As a long time fan of the game I'm having difficulty coming back without being bored fast due to the lack of any particularly major content updates. DLC was talked about in the past so perhaps any possible ideas have been mentioned?
  7. Or you can just send up a probe with a pod and EVA the kerba over to it. I'ts a lot faster and easier.
  8. I had this mod at one point and I can't remember for the life of me which one it was that allowed it. It was a mod that let me swap between different fuels that parts could carry. Considering Nerva engines now rely purely on oxidizer this seems like as good a time as any to have such a mod. Can anyone remember which mod it is? I keep thinking Interstellar for some reason but I have no idea why since that's a completely different mod.
  9. I don't really get the point of that response. I mean essentially I was pointing out something that I've never encountered before in any other version but it would appear that was possibly just luck. It turned out to be false flags anyway and I played stock for as long as I could until I got a bit bored. Sure we can play stock, but it seems like hardly any of the devs even play stock outside of testing. Mods are huge for this game and practically everyone uses them. I was just a little bit confused about what 1.0 would entail for mod development from here on out. It's all already been sorted out and it's not like I have anything against the stock game at all.
  10. Right now I'm seeing KIS and Mechjeb as dead on my list but there's another coming up called KSPAPIExtensions and I have no idea what it is or even what mod it's tied to. It seems likely it's a version number issue so I may have a shot at tweaking KIS and MJ myself, but that other one is well beyond me.
  11. So it seems 1.01 was released? I just went to boot up from Steam and I got a message warning me of broken mods that aren't compatible. I could be wrong, but my understanding was that one of the things modders were looking forward to about 1.0 was that from here on mod compatibility would be less of an issue going forward. But it's not even been a week and already my Career file is now botched. Is this just how it's always going to be? Because honestly I'm no longer interested in the career mode at all after this. For the first time I was actually having a whole tone of fun in career, but what's the point if every time I start to make an inch of progress I need to go back to waiting for mods to update due to incremental bug fixes? I could just be seeing things wrong but I've not had to keep updating mods on a weekly basis in any other version number so this has kind of came out of nowhere to me.
  12. Hmmm, strange bug. Any mods installed? I will say, for what it's worth I've seen an abnormally large amount of bugs for a KSP release. I think just about everything that could fail has failed for me, including my engine FX being blown up to size with the galaxy map. I'd ride it out until 1.0.1 and see if that fixes stuff up a bit personally. I didn't even want to post this answer because of recent threads etc but it's the truth of the matter. Also have you tried the NERVA? I'd be surprised if that doesn't overheat. But no other engines of mine have gained any heat yet either from the looks of it but I also haven't dabbled with the NERVA yet.
  13. There's actually a really easy way to orbit if you can't be bothered with a technical launch. I've found that everything I want in space can be shot most of the way with SRB's. Strap on a bunch and get it up to 25-30k with them and you can carry absolutely ridiculous size ships out of the atmosphere. It IS harder to leave the atmosphere but it also seems a lot easier to abuse too.
  14. If you put them attached to the bottom by default the items are upside down and protruding through the bottom. Make sure the orientation is correct. It should be easy to see with something like a goo canister.
  15. Since the 1.0 update is now upon us, one of the greatest advantages I noticed instantly was just how much of an improvement was gained by having the assets pre-converted rather than having to convert them as the game opens. This could of course be an even better improvement for heavily modded games which can take 5 minutes and up to load previously on even the best of PC's. So, do you think this will become the standard in the future? Obviously this is more of a question for the modders, and personally I have no understanding of the complications of having it pre-converted, my skills begin and end at modelling and texturing so I apologize in advance if such a suggestion would be a huge complication to implement.
  16. I had the old fashioned crash when a kerbal hits the ground bug show up again earlier. I'd really like that one to be killed because it's kind of annoying how many times that has happened over the course of 100's of hours. I figured that would be gone for 1.0
  17. I'm pretty sure it's always been a factor. The more speed you carry as you get higher the longer you can run off the atmosphere, or at least that's how it always seemed to me.
  18. It's worth a shot I'd say. You can always keep .90 backed up anyway. Seriously though heat shields haven't been an issue, there's a good bit of room for error even without a shield and popping one on doesn't take long. If you're worried about larger more extravagant craft, it's a non issue. The controlled descent you'd likely be using for such craft will be enough to protect them. It's worth a go just for the fact it's like playing all over again since basically everything has been adjusted. Plus you never know, it might just click. I hated deadly re entry for what it's worth and never installed it other than to test it.
  19. Sarcasm? I can't even tell anymore. That aside I'm throwing down a vote for launch issues. I don't even know how it could be an aero issue since my craft is so simple. One thing worth noting though is the capsules I've sent home always come back at a funny angle rather than the correct angle which indicates the drag is off. There's no parts on the pod to cause it either.
  20. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
  21. Steam updated but looks like KSP didn't? So we were wrong?
  22. The time now my Kerbal brethren! At least we think
  23. Quick everyone! We may have only 10 minutes to prove we're twice as hyped as we've ever been before! You know what you have to do. Make it so!
  24. so we're hitting 600 before release right?
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