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  1. I could be wrong here but I'm fairly sure it's faked since there is a texture for it in Texture Replacer, or at least for the one I'm using. But hey, most everything is faked in video games right? I wonder if that means you could apply a faded Kraken to the texture to make it look like he broke into the spacesuit? hmmmmm..... I now wish I had any artistic ability at all
  2. Well I know which mod I plan to use for my bases when it's out then. Seriously these are some very impressive models. If we had some sort of enhanced IVA where we could move inside the ships too then that would be practically everything I want from colonization.
  3. Oh cool, I haven't ran into the plugin yet but I'll bear it in mind for the future now. Really good idea with switching between B9, KW etc. I can really see my parts list shrinking nicely in the coming months with the direction mods are taking recently. Also, sorry to bug you but I forgot to add this into the last post. Will the Aerotech Pack fill some of the gaps in B9's larger parts? I never actually got into B9 until after Bac9 had been hired and the thread killed, but it always seems to me there's a small number of parts that I can never find a way to connect to anything.
  4. All these parts sound awesome, just curious though how well are those few naval parts you have so far fitting into the VAB/SPH? Guessing it will be easier to build something like that vertically in the VAB then flip it. Also is it just the Wingtech pack that's going to be redoing stock parts while optimising them? Can't wait for the full release of the first pack!
  5. Sorry in advance since I kind of feel like I'm pestering you at this point but I think I can help with squashing that bug actually, I just found a way to replicate it 100% of the time with both the WIP parts and Legacy. If you attach one IR part to another, either directly or along a chain where one will affect the other, then you run into some weird behaviour with how parts are removed. For instance take this shot here. If I remove the 90 degree hinge first, then the base one everything behaves normally and the IR interface disappears as usual since there's no connected IR parts. If I were to remove the bottom hinge instead though with the 90 degree hinge still attached to it then the 90 degrees hinge remains registered as connected to the vessel as far as the IR UI is concerned. Like this. The IR UI also then goes blank should you attempt to hover over it, although I didn't check if you have to fully delete the parts affecting it first for the UI to go blank. However, if you do then delete the two parts together by clicking on anything from the left window it will be completely irreversible unless you start an entirely new craft. I'm guessing some of this behaviour is probably common knowledge too and that removing multiple IR parts at a go was a stupid move on my part for not getting to grips with it properly yet, but that's definitely causing the dead UI too.
  6. Awesome to hear about RPM being a possibility for the future! I swear this mod has something to look forward to whenever I visit the thread. I got a small bug here by the way, but I can't figure out whether it's actually with .15 or the WIP IR parts which I'm also using. Both are the latest versions. For some reason when I add a part and then later remove it in the VAB the part remains in the servo list and sometimes when I then hover over the servo list with no longer relevant parts still in there the list goes blank. I added TAC life support and Modular Kolonization whilst updating IR and adding the future parts, probably not relevant but worth mentioning. Like I say I don't know which IR download it could be stemming from but thought I would mention it here just in case.
  7. Extra big thanks for getting this out the door when you could whilst having a hectic day then. Another thing I wanna show my appreciation for is the Toolbar functionality. I know it's only a small detail but once you get into using it the ability to remove these interfaces as and when gets pretty addictive, saying that though the interface for IR is not intrusive either, just a nice little cherry on the top One small question, and I just want to clarify this isn't me asking for a new feature or anything, I imagine this mod leaves you with enough on your plate as it is anyway, but has the idea of some sort of interface for Raster Prop Monitor ever crossed your mind? I was messing around yesterday with IR from IVA testing some new ideas when I realized it's one of the few tools I use as a vital part of my ship sometimes that doesn't have any way of interaction directly from the IVA other than the interface. Obviously, i can see how the interface alone sort of negates any real use to such a feature other than immersion, but it was just something that crossed my when I noticed how cool it looks watching your IR parts do their job from well placed IVA cameras and wondered if it was an idea you had toyed with at all?
  8. So came here to say thanks for this new alternative set of IR parts building upon the original. I love the look of the new parts and could see them really meshing with my designs a bit better, though the look of the standard IR has never deterred me from using it either. I REALLY want to vouch for the idea of having structural parts to accompany them though, I never even realised how much of a difference this could actually make. I was recently making various designs with the standard IR when I noticed the limitation imposed by the stock structural parts. Due to only having two choices of widths for girders and one for beams I was often facing a choice between structural weakness or a complete overhaul to make it fit into the payload. Looking at this I can already visualize just how much easier it will be to find the structural part you're looking for! Now itching to test it but need to unlock it in the tech tree first P.S. Noob question but I can't seem to access the tweakable sizes? Is there some sort of button I'm supposed to be using or something? Edit: found the tweakables, just didn't realise it only applies to the parts under utilities. One question, is there any plans to add any node blocks in the future?
  9. As a TAC user is there any way to turn that 20 tonne oxygen block into something more reasonable? Like what value should it be set at and how could I correct it?
  10. Can't speak for Astronomer's as I haven't been to the Mun with it yet but Proot's pack has zero haze around the Mun. I had that haze appear myself and it was a bug induced by installing his pack over a copy of EVE that was one version out of date. You might want to check that your EVE is the latest version then reinstall the other packs over it. I'm guessing it's leaving a grey smoke like substance that starts at around 50km, if it does your probably seeing the same bug I was.
  11. Logic should have dictated that really huh? I don't know how but it seems a vital part of my brain has been getting bypassed while using KSPI I think I just expected extreme complexity from the mod off the bat and ran myself into a corner of expecting things not to make much sense. Really loving the mod a lot more now! Starting to think launching so many reactors may have been a bit overkill though, now getting 240GW of power in that little plane at a few thousand feet. I think I'm going to have to give the anti-matter or mining a shot next once I get to grips with all these new fuel and propulsion types here. Also, never before have I seen such TWR! It makes for some very interesting flights
  12. I just want to check, would this actually work in KSP? Like is KSP sending the task of the AA to the CPU by default and by overriding the application default with an Nvidia AA solution would it actually free up any performance? I tend to get very high FPS most of the time anyway so I'm not sure how I would test this easily. However since my GPU temps go from mid 30's in idle to mid 50's in KSP I kind of figured that KSP was leaving AA to the GPU.
  13. Honestly I'd throw a couple months onto any expected release dates anyone may have just to be sure, there's probably going to be a lot of balancing involved now that we will have the three main aspects of career coming together in one update. Glad to hear this is the case for the .24 update though I don't know why but I already had this feeling that .24 was going to be underwhelming and I had already lost most interest in seeing the update released. the latest news has changed that a bit, I'm not as interested in the career features as others are, but an economy and contracts system will certainly be enough to keep me busy until the next version. Who knows, maybe this will be the update that truly sells me on the career mode anyway.
  14. I am?! *facepalm* I never checked the math of how many MW to a GW so didn't realize that's how much power I was netting, I kind of figured the display would switch to GW accordingly, and that the air intake was holding that power back! Thanks man, time to see what this thing can really do!
  15. Sure. here's the station. Sorry for the shot being slightly from the dark side of my ship but I wanted to get in both the display for my thermal power and antenna's transmission capability. And here's the plane on the runway. I've tried various builds including larger planes with larger thermal receivers and every single transmitter receiver in KSPI. Also the thing in the background is another fusion reactor set to transmit. There shouldn't be anything else at all in my universe that is set to receive. I really hope it's just some stupid mistake I'm making because I've been trying to get around this for what feels like an eternity now
  16. Just a thermal receiver but I did try adding other types to see if I could increase my performance but even with a deployable array I couldn't increase the signal. I shall probably switch to heavy lifters since the planes aren't going well but it just seems I'm not getting a proportional amount of power compared to what I should be. There's something like 420GW of power floating around Kerbin now and I can't even pick up a single GW at the pad, even with a reactor right next to it. I had toyed with a few other propulsion types on different installs and ran into the same issue, not enough power to launch. Except for one fluke install that I foolishly deleted where I could get plenty of GW at the pad. I do have an RSS plugin installed that adds a blue horizon to kerbin, I dunno if that could be somehow messing with the atmosphere so I may need to try removing that I think
  17. Ok, 7 power stations now and I still only get 200,000 MW at the best aspect angle. With or without a reactor I still can't get a proper supply of power beamed to me. Am I really supposed to need to keep just adding more and more until I finally have the power to get a plane to take off? I have reactors in space and right next to me at launch but I just can't get hardly any of their power. Each one is chucking out 60GW and for each three I add I get about 80,000MW beamed to me. This can't be right surely?
  18. Huh, perhaps that's why then. I haven't actually created anything that would use a reactor in flight yet since I've been fully focused on making a thermal powered plane so that I have a fully reusable method of delivering reasonably heavy payloads. I'm going to have to try the same build with a reactor on board, but I don't see how I could actually build a plane that would fly with a huge reactor hanging off the back of it
  19. Well, Google shows just how good of a job they did of that..... Really though the fact this is being taken down is pretty sad. At least it will likely always lurk somewhere on the internet
  20. Large rads upgraded to graphene on my reactors with some medium rads to back it up. 2 generators per reactor in some instances and 1 in others. Each station is pushing a minimum of 40GW so with the 3 in orbit and one on the ground it should be upward of 160GW. On my relays I chucked on only small rads because a video I watched had mentioned that relaying doesn't generate waste heat, but I don't know if that's been changed or not. I've also tried both the small and large thermal receivers and none have been a great success. I managed to make it to orbit using a small receiver (and most of my liquid fuel once above 10km) but mostly in part due to the light weight of the plane. With the larger receiver I just can't get enough power to get off the runway. Edit. Looking at one of my fusion station in orbit it says net power -28.9 gw :s
  21. I can't really test from space since it's the thermal turbojet engine in atmospheric mode that I'm trying to get running better. I tried adding a reactor near the KSC though with the antenna facing over the runway and launchpad, unfortunately that only gave me an extra 10k MW though, I can't seem to access anything beyond 100k MW of power from inside Kerbin using any type of antenna or array to receive even with the satellite at it's closest point. I think I may just have to admit defeat. I've added about 20 hours or more now to my KSP time in the past week and feel like I'm making no progress in KSPI. Each time I learn something new I think I may have nailed it, but then when I put it into practice I still can't seem to net any extra power. It's a great mod, but whatever is going on in it is a bit over my head. I figured heat dissipation and angles would be the main challenge but it seems there's so much more to it if your looking to get Gigawatts.
  22. I made some boats a while back. The trick to getting high speeds is using the big silver air intakes on the underside as you can see in my shot here I was towing another Kerbal along for the ride on a little platform using KAS like a Kerbal Wakeboarder and still managed to get well over 100m/s as you can probably see by the water effects but unfortunately I disabled the interface to get better shots, you can always copy the design and see for yourself though!. I doubt it's wise to turn at those speeds though. PS. The air intakes AND girders are important to getting the high speeds. The air intakes are very buoyant so they push the vessel well clear of the water, then the girders have incredibly high crash tolerance (as do the intakes) so you can essentially crash your way across the surface at ludicrous speeds while never having to worry about tearing your boat apart. And yes, you can get high enough speed to make a working seaplane this way too. It was Danny2462 who originally found the exploit.
  23. So... what's the maximum a thermal reciever (glowing red thing that goes on the engine) or small antenna can pick up? I've been reading Wiki's, watching Youtube guides and all sorts, but I just can't get more than say 24k MW. I now have 3 reactors and 4 relays out there, reactors are running very high efficiency and everything has a deployable array even though it shouldn't need it, but even if I stick a deployable array on my launching ship stuck to an infernal robotics hinge, pointed square at the relays I can't even get a Kilowatt. The 2.5m thermal receiver seems to only measure in KW as a minimum and I can't make that number move to a 1. Is there any way that the relays may be limiting my power transfer? They have batteries, solar panels and a few radiators to keep it from overheating. The stations design is in the green thermally and pushes many GW's of power. My aspect angle is bang on to the satellite too, I just can't seem to get enough power to get any real use of the Thermal Turbojet in atmosphere mode, Nothing can generate the thrust to do anything without actively burning fuel.
  24. I've never actually thought of building a multi stage lander before :/ I don't know why it never occurred to me. Honestly though it seems like a bad idea in reality and I'm surprised it was actually used by NASA. That's a really expensive bit of gear to just leave on the surface of the Moon forever
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