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  1. As a mod developer, for my first 15m playing with 1.3, it's a massive improvement. It's fixed a number of bugs I've been running into on my mod. Wheel destruction throwing script errors, for one. Performance seems significantly improved as well (although there were some code submissions from a fellow dev that may have improved performance at the same time). I know you guys may not see a big difference, but from where I stand, it seems to have helped a lot. Now I gotta go back to trying to position packed vessels properly. Fun times!
  2. I've been playing with this quite a bit already and can probably help you. I'm trying to reliably set the position of a ship in my mod (LMP), and so understanding the various attributes of Vessel, OrbitDriver, orbit, and others have been key. Before you start, though, you must watch the following video until re-entry fx (approximately 24.5 minutes in). The second half of the video is how render and mapping works, which is less critical for your question and can be skipped: Also read and understand this page: http://kos.wikia.com/wiki/XYZ_system_of_KSP Once you understand both of those, send me a message on the forums or at Skype (same handle as the forums), and I can try to walk you through the logic. JeanLucJ, take a look at my previous post. I forgot to hit quote when I wrote that up--it was addressed to you.
  3. So I want to know how you actually drew the PQS stuff...

    1. godarklight


      https://github.com/godarklight/KSPPQSGrid I just cobbled something together in order to demonstrate KSP sillyness, don't be afraid to throw something together to investigate a problem

  4. Yeah, LMP is not ready for prime time. I've been poking at the code and making some parts a lot better, but there's some massive performance issues in the code, etc. All the work I've done so far may map to DMP (as it's just how to reliably set the position), so I'll try to port that over when I'm done. DMP doesn't have the lag issues that LMP has, and my first attempts to even find the slow code have been unsuccessful.
  5. Oh, yeah, I haven't even gotten to that. Trying to do reliable position updates first. But yes, I do expect to fix that.
  6. That's correct. Change your username and it should let you login. Use a username that nobody else will have used.
  7. With the new update of KSP, CompatibilityChecker.cs is throwing a stack overflow when running in debug mode. I'm using debug as Sarbian described here: (top 3 lines repeat over and over) UnityEngine.RectTransform:get_rect() TMPro.TextMeshProUGUI:ComputeMarginSize() TMPro.TextMeshProUGUI:OnRectTransformDimensionsChange() UnityEngine.RectTransform:get_rect() TMPro.TextMeshProUGUI:ComputeMarginSize() TMPro.TextMeshProUGUI:OnRectTransformDimensionsChange() UnityEngine.RectTransform:set_anchorMax(Vector2) PopupDialog:SpawnPopupDialog(Vector2, Vector2, MultiOptionDialog, Boolean, UISkinDef, Boolean, String) PopupDialog:SpawnPopupDialog(Vector2, Vector2, String, String, String, Boolean, UISkinDef, Boolean, String) LunaClient.Utilities.CompatibilityChecker:Start() (at C:/shared/kerbal space program/LunaMultiPlayer/Client/Utilities/CompatibilityChecker.cs:166) This is happening inside a compatibility checker by Majiir. Should I contact him to fix it? Is he around anymore? It's easily worked around by simply updating my program to contain the new version, so it doesn't spawn the popup anymore. This is the line that causes the problem: PopupDialog.SpawnPopupDialog(new Vector2(0, 0), new Vector2(float.PositiveInfinity, float.PositiveInfinity), "Incompatible Mods Detected", message, "OK", true, HighLogic.UISkin); Code that's causing the error (although you shouldn't need it) https://github.com/DaggerES/LunaMultiPlayer/blob/master/Client/Utilities/CompatibilityChecker.cs
  8. Hopefully a simple noob question, but does anyone know where KSPUtil.PrintTimeCompact(double time, bool explicitPositive) went to? It causes KSPUtil warnings every time I start the mod I'd like to make go away...
  9. Resolved a number of the crashes, but quite a few still remain. Identified some core flaws in vehicle position updating which was causing some of the jerking issues present when interpolation isn't happening. Now we're working on resolving those and the other crashes. I know some people are chomping at the bit for a build, but this will take a little while to get critical details right. We could do an initial release with the code we have now, but really, it's not a fun experience. Just use DMP for now.
  10. After working on the code, I have SUPER respect for @godarklight . The problems he was dealing with are insane. LMP is getting better, but it is super super unstable. Dagger will likely be out for the next couple days or so, but I've been working on fixes here and there. There are still critical breaking bugs all over the place.
  11. Yeah--we're busy coding and setting up servers, so not much testing right now. I'll PM you my contact info.
  12. Quick update on LMP: To get this to work, Dagger rewrote the time warp system, because DMP's version was very very complicated. That rework had some design flaws and made playing the mod not fun/useful for any orbital maneuvers or rendezvous with other people. We talked about the time warp, and he's rewriting it to account for those scenarios and hopefully we'll have an alpha build "soon". I've been working on getting automated builds setup and my dedicated server online. Once I do that, I'll provide links from which you can download the client build and play on either Dagger's server or mine to do some early alpha testing. That'll allow us to continually build and run the latest version of the software as changes are made. Once we've got some testing and we feel the mod is in good shape, we'll publish both client and server builds for everyone. A big thanks to Dagger--he's doing the majority of the hard work. I'm just doing some minor work around the edges.
  13. Talked to Dagger. Going to setup a dedicated KSP server that we can all play on in a few days. We're working through some difficult problems and last minute bug fixes. Then I need to setup a dedicated server--either using Dagger's machine or mine. I want to try to get Linux builds working first, as that's the server I have the best access to. I'll keep everyone informed!
  14. Dagger, Would you mind if I setup a dedicated server and kept it up to date? That would allow people to use and test the mod around the world. I want to make sure you're OK with it before I go do it, since it is your mod. Lothsahn
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