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  1. I took the liberty of expanding your Kerbal Renamer with tons more nationalities. The caveat being that I kept the last names to a single simple Kerbalized form for Dutch, French, German, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Scandinavian, Scottish. I took most of the names from another kerbal renamer and researched a lot of new ones. I kept your format. I'm still using 1.04 because it's stable. [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/5erlo11txm9wd9x/KerbalRenamerNew.rar?dl=0"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/5erlo11txm9wd9x/KerbalRenamerNew.rar?dl=0[/URL] Hope I'm not annoying anyone with this.
  2. Here is the kicker, I'm still using KSP .24 because it's stable. Long story short every newer version of KSP keeps crashing 20-30x a day so I've given up... even when diligently checking to make sure ALL my mods are up to date, or they claim to work with 1.0.4+ et all. So I'm still using a backup .24 and it only sometimes crashes. What I would like to do is combine a model from kommit nucleonics and change it to be a variable mode Sabre engine with newer engine effects. I did my best to study the config file, copy/paste on a new part. I only changed the particle effects to something from the KSO shuttle and the variable fuel/air parameters from B9's sabre engine. What I got instead was a part I could not attach to anything, and visually it was fully encased in it's fairing shroud. I'm also using Hot Rockets by Nazari. ?? This is for personal use, and not for any public mod. I'd like to make this baby more efficient. On a side note. I've got lots of thing orbiting EVE and Moho, they got there fine but after orbiting for 100+ days I cannot access any ships without the game freezing on me. When I load them from the starmap, I can see them but the stabilizing physics message appears in the corner and it locks up. This even happens when I try to use Hyperedit to move a small probe to either planet, they lock up too.
  3. Could you? Because I've looked through my downloads folder and my recycling bin and I can't find an older version of your heat management system.
  4. Did you change the parts names? Because I loaded up a save game after installing the newest version and every ship with the 1.25m heatsink broke.
  5. I was away, made a few more nation type ribbons for those that want to differentiate their international kerbals. 'Arab' Dutch France India Isreal Scottland Sweden RAR Download I still don't know how to add them myself. I modified the Ribbonpool.cs in notepad but nothing changed.
  6. Was that for me? Yes and it's updated. Ship won't undock, and other docking ports won't dock to begin with.
  7. I've run into a mission breaking bug that I believe is associated with this mod. My docking ports some times don't want to disengage. I've run into this problem before so I've been very careful to tweak the re-engage distance to zero and to max out the decoupling force on all my docking ports BEFORE launch. Yet sometimes things slip past me. At the moment I've got a lander connected to a space station above Moho refueling before a trip to Duna. Docking went fine but now they are stuck and won't undock, even after I've pressed the correct button, it no longer shows up. In times past, if it looks like I've undocked (the crew pictures change) but I'm still physically connected, I use HYPEREDIT to change my orbit and the other docked ship is no longer attached. Or some times when it appears I have physically left the other ship and speed up timescale, when I return to normal time the Kraken attacks and things go all crazy and reattached. Okay long story short, is there any way I can undock the damn thing. I did a quicksave before and then again after I docked, but now I'm stuck.
  8. I've been using Kethane for a long long time but yesterday I encountered an odd bug. I landed on Moho with a ship that had the larger converter, drilled for Kethane and turned it on. Nothing happened. It said the efficiency rating was NA. I had plenty of power but nothing was going on. I then landed a large base next to this lander and it had the smaller 1.25m converter. I connected the two ships together with a KAS winch and both converters ran fine now.
  9. What happened to the Space Plane landing guidance? I was surprised it's no longer there.
  10. The error output log is in the fixed link at the top of my 1st post.
  11. I redid the links to a public dropbox folder. Can you see them now? Things were working OKAY (better than in most previous versions) until I installed the Kopernicus planet pack. That is when I noticed this funny problem. I removed it completely but the problem remains.
  12. Dropbox link for error output Rant: seems every time I have a working group of mods.. things run smoothly and then suddenly there is a hiccup. I did a new install, and put back all the mods I know for certain are as up to date as possible. I've repeatedly revalidaded my install files on steam and everything seems fine. Here is the game breaking problem. When I choose a ship to launch that has the standard stock 3 man command pod.. the orbital velocity while sitting on the pad reads 176 m/s and then the rocket starts to drift upwards, defying gravity. Around 2000m it slowly comes back down to ground and crashes, sometimes spinning. Parachutes have no effect. Rockets have no effect. It just floats upwards. I've even removed parts that are modded, but the problem was found to be the actual command pod. Sometimes it sinks into the launchpad. After it 'crashes' back down.. the parachutes are still fully deployed and the program thinks it is still moving. Sometimes it CTD when I try to revert either to the VAB or the space center. Here is a list of all my mods. I have not touched the command pods configs in any way. What should I do first?
  13. I seem to have an issue with ribbons dissapearing after a docking. I launch Jeb, Bill and Bob separately, they all earn their proper ribbons. I then dock Jeb to Bill &Bob's ship and B&B's ribbons disappear apart from the Kerbal Orbit one. The same thing happened when I launched a space station with two new guys in it. I send of Jeb and B&B in their ships and the new guys ribbons disappear too, apart from the single one mentioned.
  14. I don't have a specific flag that I use for KSP but I have a boatload of flags I made for our own Solar System. http://1wyrmshadow1.deviantart.com/gallery/23692134/Crazy-Flags
  15. I don't have the patience to go through 153 pages but I'm sure this has been asked for before... I wish these parts scaled with other mods. They are sooo tiny and 3 kerbals couldn't possible fit in some of these compared to other 3 man capsules. I'm also using HGR and the difference is massive considering both mods are nearly the same subject. But that's the author's decision.
  16. In my current sandbox I like to launch several competing nations and they all use unique and individual mods to make up their ships like Tantares for the Soviets etc etc. I like to differentiate the crews by renaming them and changing their textures and the different national flags on their space ships. If I add new custom ribbons will Final Frontier be able to pick them up? This morning I made a bunch of 'badges' so that I can easily identify the nationality of the crew. If you like them you're free to use. archive
  17. I got bored this morning and did a few simple ones and wanted to share. A Chinese dragon, a cleaner Brazil and 2 version of a UK flag. zip file
  18. I had built it to fly with some tiny jet engines, gear etc and take off from the runway. I did this to test if I could make it take off under its own power and be used as a scout plane for a Lathe mission. It took off fine but quickly started flipping upwards. I'm using the stock aerodynamics, no FAR or anything like that. I had made it as visually stable as I could in the SPH, but still it went all nutty as soon as I left the ground. When I say "visually" I mean the CoM, CoThrust and Lift were all where they should be to make things stable.
  19. I tried this new part last night and it's extremely hard to control in an atmosphere. It keeps flipping nose over ass.
  20. The oddest bug happened when I tried this for the 1st time yesterday. I was going through the parts when I tried the 4x4 panel. Things went screwey, it didn't want to attach anywhere, the green connection points remained on my craft while the panel didn't want to let go of my mouse, the program was making odd noises, and I could not exit the VAB. I then tried to load another craft and that got me out of the error. Here's the odd thing: ALL the new parts disappeared from the catalog. All gone, and the game never crashed. I did load a new craft in the SPH and it did have the large new cockpit.. but that part did not appear anywhere in my catalog. so damn odd.
  21. No MFT here. Tweakscale used to work properly then I found the latest cfg files and the masses and fuel sizes are still vanilla.
  22. My issue: everything scales properly but the mass stays the same. If I rescale a 5m fuel tank to .65m then the mass and amount of fuel is still the same as the 5m version. This wasn't always the case.
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