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  1. Yeah I have no idea how PQS works at all, but that was basically the last issue I was having. I think there might still be a little scatterer/EVE conflict Im gonna take a look at regarding Gas Giant atmospheric bands not loading without manually making a quick change and back to EVE clouds in game, but its way less of an issue. Maybe the PQS EVE inserts is just incompatible with Gas Giants for some reason? I have seen a lot of !PQS in the codes and I'm guessing this might be why, deleting them out so they don't try to load anything.
  2. [WRN 02:46:48.260] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 02:46:48.287] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Jool to apply to main Menu! [LOG 02:46:48.288] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 02:46:48.288] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 02:46:48.288] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 02:46:48.301] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 02:46:48.301] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Jool-Bands) OnSphereInactive [LOG 02:46:48.301] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [WRN 02:46:48.308] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 02:46:48.324] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Jool to apply to main Menu! [LOG 02:46:48.325] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 02:46:48.325] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 02:46:48.325] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 02:46:48.338] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 02:46:48.338] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Jool-lightning) OnSphereInactive [LOG 02:46:48.338] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [WRN 02:46:48.344] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 02:46:48.361] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Jool to apply to main Menu! [LOG 02:46:48.362] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 02:46:48.362] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 02:46:48.362] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 02:46:48.374] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 02:46:48.375] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Jool-Atmo) OnSphereInactive [LOG 02:46:48.375] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [WRN 02:46:48.381] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 02:46:48.397] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Jool to apply to main Menu! [LOG 02:46:48.398] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 02:46:48.398] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 02:46:48.398] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 02:46:48.411] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 02:46:48.411] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Nero-Auroras) OnSphereInactive [LOG 02:46:48.411] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [WRN 02:46:48.417] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 02:46:48.434] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Nero to apply to main Menu! [LOG 02:46:48.435] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 02:46:48.435] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 02:46:48.435] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 02:46:48.447] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 02:46:48.448] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Nero-Bands) OnSphereInactive [LOG 02:46:48.448] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [WRN 02:46:48.454] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 02:46:48.470] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Nero to apply to main Menu! [LOG 02:46:48.471] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 02:46:48.471] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 02:46:48.471] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 02:46:48.483] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 02:46:48.484] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Nero-lightning) OnSphereInactive [LOG 02:46:48.484] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [WRN 02:46:48.490] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 02:46:48.507] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Nero to apply to main Menu! [LOG 02:46:48.507] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Running Setup [LOG 02:46:48.507] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Loading... [LOG 02:46:48.509] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Cleaning Atmosphere! [LOG 02:46:48.509] [EVE CityLightsManager]: Running Setup [LOG 02:46:48.509] [EVE CityLightsManager]: Loading... [LOG 02:46:48.510] [EVE CityLightsManager]: CSS/EVE/Kerbin_CityLights/EVE_CITY_LIGHTS [LOG 02:46:48.514] [EVE] Applying PQS Material Manager! [LOG 02:46:48.532] [EVE CityLightsManager]: Applied to main Menu [LOG 02:46:48.532] [EVE TerrainManager]: Running Setup No issues now after installing that PQS cfg. Visually as well, everything is showing up fine. That file contains this PQS_MANAGER { OBJECT { body = Jool deactivateDistance = 175000 } OBJECT { body = Nero deactivateDistance = 175000 } }
  3. Figured it out! It was a PQS Manager that deactivates something on Jool and other Gas Giants. ANyone know what PQS is for? I know it has something to do with like, structures or objects on planets. Does Jool have a surface or anomalies? My guess is maybe its related to the rendering of these and a limit in the game?
  4. Found this [LOG 00:18:10.202] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Duna-Atmo) OnSphereInactive [LOG 00:18:10.202] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 00:18:10.216] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Duna to apply to main Menu! [LOG 00:18:10.217] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 00:18:10.217] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 00:18:10.218] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS is null somehow!? [LOG 00:18:10.231] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Jool to apply to main Menu! [LOG 00:18:10.233] [EVE CloudsManager]: Unable to parse config node: OBJECT { name = Jool_Clouds body = Jool speed = 0,0,0 altitude = 10 offset = 0,180,0 settings { _DetailScale = 30 _DetailDist = 0.16E-06 _UVNoiseScale = 0.02 _UVNoiseStrength = 0.002 _UVNoiseAnimation = -0.002,0.0 _DistFadeVert = 1E-02 _Color = 255,255,300,255 _MainTex { value = CSS/Shared/EVE/Textures/Jool_Clouds } _DetailTex { value = CSS/Shared/EVE/Textures/GasDetail } _UVNoiseTex { value = CSS/Shared/EVE/Textures/uvnoise1 } } layer2D { macroCloudMaterial { } } } [LOG 00:18:10.233] EVEManager: Issue loading CloudsManager! Error: UnityEngine.UnityException: Unable to apply node! ---> UnityEngine.UnityException: Unable to parse "settings" in "OBJECT"! ---> UnityEngine.UnityException: Unable to parse "_MainTex" in "settings"! at Utils.ConfigHelper.LoadObjectFromConfig (System.Object obj, ConfigNode node) [0x000f1] in <934eaa8d78c34a628f1650964624e3e9>:0 at Utils.ConfigHelper.Parse (System.Reflection.FieldInfo field, System.Object& obj, System.String[] value, ConfigNode node) [0x003bd] in <934eaa8d78c34a628f1650964624e3e9>:0 at Utils.ConfigHelper.LoadObjectFromConfig (System.Object obj, ConfigNode node) [0x00062] in <934eaa8d78c34a628f1650964624e3e9>:0 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at Utils.ConfigHelper.LoadObjectFromConfig (System.Object obj, ConfigNode node) [0x000a8] in <934eaa8d78c34a628f1650964624e3e9>:0 at Atmosphere.CloudsObject.LoadConfigNode (ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <f4ebddcb2f0b4cd7807b74c8ecba5505>:0 at Atmosphere.CloudsManager.ApplyConfigNode (ConfigNode node) [0x00030] in <f4ebddcb2f0b4cd7807b74c8ecba5505>:0 at EVEManager.EVEManagerBase.Apply () [0x00032] in <3b56b8781a1e4904aed5b5961cbcdcc8>:0 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at EVEManager.EVEManagerBase.Apply () [0x0005f] in <3b56b8781a1e4904aed5b5961cbcdcc8>:0 at EVEManager.EVEManagerBase.LoadConfig () [0x00062] in <3b56b8781a1e4904aed5b5961cbcdcc8>:0 at EVEManager.GenericEVEManager`1[T].Setup () [0x00016] in <3b56b8781a1e4904aed5b5961cbcdcc8>:0 at EVEManager.GlobalEVEManager.Setup (System.Boolean late) [0x0005c] in <3b56b8781a1e4904aed5b5961cbcdcc8>:0 [LOG 00:18:10.234] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Running Setup [LOG 00:18:10.234] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Loading... [LOG 00:18:10.236] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Cleaning Atmosphere! [LOG 00:18:10.236] [EVE CityLightsManager]: Running Setup [LOG 00:18:10.236] [EVE CityLightsManager]: Loading... [LOG 00:18:10.237] [EVE CityLightsManager]: CSS/EVE/Kerbin_CityLights/EVE_CITY_LIGHTS [LOG 00:18:10.242] [EVE] Applying PQS Material Manager! [LOG 00:18:10.260] [EVE CityLightsManager]: Applied to main Menu [LOG 00:18:10.260] [EVE TerrainManager]: Running Setup [LOG 00:18:10.261] [EVE TerrainManager]: Loading... [LOG 00:18:10.263] [EVE ShadowManager]: Running Setup [LOG 00:18:10.263] [EVE ShadowManager]: Loading... [LOG 00:18:10.276] [Scatterer][Debug] mapping EVE clouds [ERR 00:18:10.287] [AssemblyLoader] Exception when getting assembly attributes: Exception of type 'System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException' was thrown. The thing is, this is basically the EXACT same code that it runs on with SVE. All textures are in the correct place. All path directories are applied appropriately. I removed my mod file and tried loading just normal SVE to see if there is any difference. [LOG 00:34:26.673] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 00:34:26.686] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 00:34:26.687] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Jool-Bands) OnSphereInactive [LOG 00:34:26.687] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [WRN 00:34:26.696] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 00:34:26.715] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Jool to apply to main Menu! [LOG 00:34:26.716] [EVE CloudsManager]: No PQS! Instanciating one. [LOG 00:34:26.716] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 00:34:26.716] [EVE CloudsManager]: Applying 2D clouds... [LOG 00:34:26.728] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [LOG 00:34:26.728] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: Jool-lightning) OnSphereInactive [LOG 00:34:26.728] [EVE CloudsManager]: Clouds2D is now SCALED [WRN 00:34:26.734] Cannot find preset 'Default' for pqs 'EVE PQS' [LOG 00:34:26.751] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Jool to apply to main Menu! [LOG 00:34:26.752] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 00:34:26.752] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: geyser1) OnSphereInactive [LOG 00:34:26.767] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Eeloo to apply to main Menu! [LOG 00:34:26.768] [EVE CloudsManager]: PQS Applied [LOG 00:34:26.768] [EVE CloudsManager]: CloudsPQS: (EVE Clouds: geyser2) OnSphereInactive [LOG 00:34:26.783] [EVE CloudsManager]: Cannot find Eeloo to apply to main Menu! [LOG 00:34:26.783] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Running Setup [LOG 00:34:26.783] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Loading... [LOG 00:34:26.785] [EVE AtmosphereManager]: Cleaning Atmosphere! [LOG 00:34:26.785] [EVE CityLightsManager]: Running Setup [LOG 00:34:26.785] [EVE CityLightsManager]: Loading... Loads fine here. I'll post the 2 configs. Maybe there is a texture not preloading or some kind of config issue. SVE (Working) https://www.dropbox.com/s/buvwgulvgrbljie/KSP.log?dl=0 My Pack (Not Working) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2gcfz80ig1wf1wa/KSP2.log?dl=0
  5. Only brought that up cause I've had people be SUPER almost hostile in telling me not to play with planet configs and EVE in general. Like, it's on a clean install and I'm just learning and playing around, its not that big of a deal lol. Anyway, no, not my crash logs because well, the game doesn't crash. Unless there is some way to tell if EVE clouds is crashing in a log. Like I posted above, it was related to gas giant configs for EVE clouds somehow, yet SVE and others don't seem to have a problem with them. I'm wondering if it's in the file path naming, as all of these are named "Plugindata" > "Textures" for the most part and I wonder if that makes any sort of difference. Basically I solved the crashing EVE cloud by getting rid of the gas giant configs, but now I have to figure out why they won't load configs.
  6. Alright, was playing around a bit more. Tried moving everything into one CFG file like other planet packs, no go. Tried deleting out gas giant configs since that was giving me problems, and that worked. So I guess new question, Why would gas giant CFGs cause EVE clouds to crash like that or even not apply the CFG to the planet? I literally just copied what was from SVE into the CFG file and then changed the pathways/uploaded the textures needed into my folder. How do other planet packs get EVE to load gas giant cloud CFGs?
  7. *Preface warning* Modder in learning, please be constructive. Having an issue with my in game config editor crashing when trying to make any sort of change. It was working just fine until recently. I should note that I am trying to make a custom planet pack (This is for learning purposes and figuring things out. Please do not tell me gatekeeping nonsense of don't do this or etc. The only way to figure this out is to trial and error and from advice from people that know how EVE works. What would be VERY helpful is some type of EVE wiki like Kopernicus or Module Manager has. I can't find one for EVE. I dont mean to be rude Ive just gotten some really nasty backlash on this. I'm trying to learn.) One thing I noticed was I had been accidentally @ the object when updating EVE clouds and it had been pasting some Jool settings over and over again into the config files. When I took those out, it seemed to start doing this, which doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Its as if somehow having twenty asset values for some reason made EVE clouds run right. Right now I have all the planets on separate config files with -no- module manager instructions. I've been studying a lot of different mods and how they handle planet FX and I really don't see why in some cases, EVE clouds loads but in others it doesn't. Gas giants in particular seem finicky. So I guess my questions are: 1. Any straight up advice on what would be causing EVE clouds to crash on any edit? 2. An explanation on how EVE clouds loads would be pretty nice. An EVE wiki on file structure and path/directory would be pretty great too. 3. Suggestions from anyone who understands adding multiple planets how to correctly update cloud configs. I'll post a dropbox link to the Gamedata pack I've been playing with. 4. Any EVE wiki would be great. Thanks! Dropbox File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hqf53w71ydm90v/CSS.rar?dl=0
  8. I got rid of AK to start from scratch since I didn't like what it was doing and it gave me a chance to try to build everything out. I've got three planets working, but for some reason, the same format even though its just a basic rip and change of directory. I thought I was onto something where it actually didn't need any editing to the EVE_Clouds file since 3 of them worked as is long as I put everything where it should. No idea what's up with Jool not loading though, even though it seems to be fine in EVE itself. Here's the files if you're curious. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ie1i6429ud0upmx/CSS.rar?dl=0
  9. Not specifically for AK as far as I could tell. I've since moved away from it and to other Planet packs that make sense. Was able to get Scatterer to work and update, now I'm having issue with EVE_Clouds not loading correctly. Either putting them in a single cfg or trying to patch them with module manager commands doesn't seem to work. Was wondering if there was a way to create a Blank EVE_Clouds folder and then @ seperate config files in to create a master list to reference. Trying @EVE_Clouds:FOR[MyMod] didn't work and creating a blank EVE_Clouds cfg gives a module manager error. It would be nice if I could test to make sure EVE was even working properly by a single master CFG working, but that isn't loading everything either so. Think that is where I will start and go from there. But a suggestion on how to do the following with MM patches would be welcome if anyone sees this. Basically I'd like: EVE boot up > EVE_Clouds (blank template) > Individual EVE_Clouds config @ (Adds to template to build up that database) I really don't see why @EVE_Clouds:For[MyMod] doesn't work. EVE seems to only recognize and randomly choose one config file. Maybe cause it doesn't have that template to try to add on to and EVE can't patch. Hmm. Scatterer and Module Manager have great Wikis. EVE's seems to either be outdated or nonexistant. If anyone has an EVE manual link I'd appreciate it. Example of what I was thinking below
  10. That was exactly it, thank you. The reason I was deleting it in the first place was because I was using After Kerbin for a backbone and it replaced Kerbin with a different planet, but then I was adding it back then. I've since changed over to using the other planet mods as a backbone which doesn't do this, but I can still delete stock bodies. My big issue now is EVE_Clouds not loading properly, but I've been able to get Scatterer to work by simply stacking @ on the two Scatterer planetlist and celestial bodies.
  11. This was just how they had it listed in the config, that was the node name, Item with Kerbin trying to be the value. I did manage to get Scatterer to work, but now I can't get EVE_Clouds to stack properly.
  12. I'm trying to build up a custom planet pack and I have a question about EVE_Clouds I have tried both combining all my configs into a single file and loading that, and have tried applying Module Manager patches to it, I -cannot- get more than one planet at a time to show clouds. I've checked my file directories, checked my textures. It seems like everything should be working but if I get it working on one, I can't seem to get them working on the other. Anyone know the proper way to set EVE_clouds with a patch hierarchy? Basically something like @EVE_Clouds:FOR[Modname] or @EVE_Clouds:BEFORE[Modname] I've even tried @ all of the OBJECTS in there. Still doesn't explain why even if I load one file with all the configs in, I don't see all of my clouds loading in (I sometimes get Aurora, but then I'm missing lightning, dust storms, etc) Think I'm missing something with how EVE_Clouds works. Thanks.
  13. That was my thinking, until I ran into After Kerbin. The others make sense, this doesn't because it has -No DLL -Non matching Gamefolder path -Has no other patches inside of that to reference other than AK -No folders inside of this has the name AK (Although three files in there have an AK_(config) name) I really just don't get how they can patch something that doesn't look like it's defined anywhere. This -might- be why it breaks Scatterer (other than deleting the planetlist config) and why I am having trouble getting it to reference anything. Even using SVE though... Here's from another thread I posted where it doesn't seem to be referencing properly (of course this is probably just me not understanding):
  14. I've been working to learn all of this stuff, and have been trying to make my own planetpack. Something that is confusing me while studying other mods is this (this one is from AfterKerbin) @Scatterer_planetsList:BEFORE[AK] or similar. I understand this is to edit the Scatter planet list and do it before adding this mod, but how the heck does [AK] get defined? In none of the other configs does it specifically "define" AK. Then take a look at this from SVE: @Scatterer_config:FOR[StockVisualEnhancements] This made me believe for a while that it was referencing the name of the file in the Gamedata, but that can't be the case because After Kerbin isn't labelled AK in the game folder, it's labelled Afterkerbin. GPP and Kcalbelohsystemhave a very similar format to SVE, but if it were true that it was the gamedata file name (Their [] values are gamedata matched) , then Afterkerbin shouldn't work. Can anyone shed some light on this? I've hit a standstill because I can't figure out how to define that Mod name.
  15. Hi all, Currently been trying to get a little more in depth with my modding and config file skills. I've been trying to integrate and merge several planetpacks and I've noticed that my Scatterer and Clouds settings are a mess because of this, leading to them not working or such. So, I decided to take it back to basics. I've been reading the Scatterer and Module Manager wikis through and through and decided I needed to get my commands and syntax up to speed. I'm at bare bones here, but I'm still confused. I'm just trying to get these commands to do anything, so I would really appreciate someone to look over the following. Remember that this is just a training exercise for me. 1. Install Scatterer 2. Remove Planet List 3. New Folder that I dropped the stock Scatterer planet list and configs into (I would have assumed I would have to force it to load this but apparently it just, takes it no matter what.) 4. Added a new config in that same New mod folder that was planetlist update with the following: @Scatterer_planetsList:AFTER[Scatterer] { @scattererCelestialBodies { !Item[Kerbin] {} Item... @Scatterer_planetsList:AFTER[Scatterer] { @scattererCelestialBodies { !Item[Kerbin] {} Item... etc etc etc... What exactly am I doing wrong? I've tried doing both [Scatterer] and [Scatterer_planetsList]. The goal obviously is to simply remove scatterer from Kerbin but leave the rest unchanged (this is important to me to know that what I'm doing is working or isn't). Played around with a bunch of other syntax too but, this seems like it should be how to modify something like this. Maybe I'm not understanding how everything is loaded in KSP. The goal was supposed to be: Load KSP no Scatterer config -> Load Scatter Config from New Mod Folder -> Modify Scatter Planetlist config to remove Kerbin. I tested Scatter with no config, works, I test Scatter with the configs in the new mod folder, works. Can't get it to budge. Tips, hints, tricks, pathing and loading breakdowns, or links appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Sorry forgot to update, looks like its only with an old Sentar pack. Must be a difference in textures or such, other rings are working.
  17. Hello all, I'm currently modding out my game and attempting to build my own Visual/PlanetPack integrated mods. I will preface this by saying this is my first time attempting to do such, but I have successfully installed individual planet packs and am pretty familiar with how to move planets around, label them, etc. I am basing my work off of configs from After Kerbin, Kcalbeloh, GPP, and Vulture's planet packs and systems. After Kerbin was my base because it allowed me to delete stock bodies. No problem there, and I was able to keep Eve, Duna, Jool, and reinstall Kerbin. I have tested the addition of the black hole, neighboring stars, and adding planetary bodies. No problems here, and have been able to mod it enough to understand how to install those. Another preface, I did install the heightmap DLL from Kcalbeloh that some of those planets use, not an issue. My problem is starting to come from EVE now. Normally, I use SVE for my Kerbin with GPP or JNSQ for my citylights because they look better. Not an issue there, I know how to do that. The problems started when I attempted to move everything from SVE into my custom install that I am calling CSS. My Kerbin was showing the custom SVE before attempting to move everything so it is doable. I have gone through these config files a hundred times, and it just seems like EVE is, not working anymore. I can get the citylights back on it by manually doing this ingame with the citylights configure manager, but Auroras, Clouds, everything just will not show at all, and I can't quite figure out why. My paths seem right, and I've even tried to force them by manually typing in the pathways to the config files, making sure to pay attention to the [Modname] and the modname/EVE/textures pathway. Additionally, the planet that I added from Kcalbeloh, Anneheg, is WAY less bright/has no glow like it did just stock installing and many other stock planets don't seem to have the same effects or auroras and all. It just feels like for some reason, moving these even though I redirect the pathways, EVE is broken now. I don't have any configs in the EVE folder itself and no other planet packs or visuals installed. Here is my guess: When everything was in SVE, it was loading separate or in a specific hierarchy that let it load. Now that I've moved it, it may just not be loading these configs. This still is confusing why even though I manually put the paths in EVE ingame, it doesn't do anything on apply or save. I'm just really lost as to why I basically followed the same config as SVE and just changed the config pathing, now it won't load like it used to. It really was not that big of a change. Additionally, all of these other planet packs have the same type of style where their EVE configs are right in the pack Game Folder itself, so, not sure. Do I maybe need to use an @ or % command somewhere at the top in my config files to make it load after Eve/Kopernicus/CSS? I'll link below to what I have so far as a .rar file. Would really appreciate anyone that really knows this stuff to take a look and help point me in the right direction. I could probably make this work if I did a bunch of separate installs and changed some values and reference between packs, but I want to use this as a learning experience for EVE and Kopernicus because I'd like to eventually start making my own planet packs and mods. Additionally, I would just prefer to have all of this in one place so as I download packs and sift through planets, bodies, and stars, I can more easily add when wanted. Constructive critique, pathing suggestions, limitations for EVE/Lopernicus I should be aware of etc all welcome as well. Thanks in advance! Rar file https://www.dropbox.com/s/rly7qixsbbgi0t2/CSS.rar?dl=0
  18. Hi everyone, Having an issue with Kopernicus not loading rings other than faint/ghost images. Suggestions? As a note, I do have my rendering quite low and textures on about 1/8th just in case it might be a graphical setting issue. Img link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JOATpdSqMjixQBO1pXiZ4q1IoHa5qrTh/view?usp=sharing
  19. This is my version Overall, I've gotten to an ok point with mechjeb. It still crashes when putting a craft into orbit for the first time, but that's solved by going to the tracking station and coming back to the craft. It isn't as good as it used to be, seems to have a lot of problems such as burn times being wrong or such, and landing controls are always iffy.
  20. Welp, spoke too soon. Now it isn't working again on a new load. This time it followed the pattern of not completing a burn and then stopping, but it made it to 140 k or so and then just quit on me. Now my SAS control has stopped working as well (Does not hold position, but gives me manuever controls yaw, pitch, roll) Very frustrating. Not sure what's to blame honestly. Here's the newest log with MiniAVC deleted. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tkvamk2tf3iwtag/KSP.log?dl=0 Update: Been playing around with it, here is what I -think- is going on. Mechjeb is breaking when completing an orbit burn for the first time (Launching to orbital insertion) The burn does not finish and leaves somewhere around 5-10seconds of burn time that I've been completing manually and that is when the trouble starts. However if I finish that burn, put in orbit, and restart the game, I -seem- to get Mechjeb working again. Will do a bunch of testing tonight, it's just a bit difficult to do repeated tests because it takes a good 20-30 minutes to load each time I restart KSP.
  21. You're a LIFESAVER dude. Deleted that and went back to test a craft, Smart a.s.s. is working, and so far, my maneuver planner is working fine. I'm going to try rendezvous and docking but I feel like that was the issue. MAJOR thanks. I had been dreading moving off KSP 1.3 for years because of the potential for losing mods and everything. Happy to say it looks like the only casualty I'm seeing has been an airlock I often used and the B9 flat landing gear. Joint Reinforcement was broken as could be, but I might try it again and see. Otherwise, advanced tweakables for the most part has been satisfactory enough. Edit: It has ALSO fixed what I thought was a new mechanic where I still had drift with SAS on manual, and seems to just generally be running better. That mod is a SERIOUS problem lol.
  22. What does Mini AVC do? Happy to delete anything I can lol. I've noticed it is in interstellar fuel switch. Would there need to be an updated dependency for this?
  23. Update: I've been testing a bit more. It seems like above ~79-80km, MJ just doesn't work anymore. Smart A.S.S. doesn't seem to be working at all. It seems rendezvous autopilot is affected as well. Does not attempt to make the node or turn the ship to correct positioning. I have not been able to test docking autopilot yet. I made sure all my facilities were upgraded, I'm playing Sandbox anyway. Tried many many options and have messed with scripting, checked parts, checked integration, tried crewed and uncrewed. My log is above but I can provide more if needed. I have tried both and and both have the same issue. Additionally, clicking the "settings" button leaves some small image in the top left of the screen that can't be clicked or interacted with. I'm working through a bunch of issues myself here, but throttle limiter did start working if I reverted back to version if you are on the latest KSP build. The latest download ( had my throttle limit button non functioning. A lot of my other features aren't working on either version.
  24. Hi there, Currently upgrading from KSP 1.3 finally after all these years. Had a good bunch of issues, Tweakscale being a big one. Seemed to have solved most of them except Mechjeb is now being kind of a mess. Once I'm out of atmosphere or in orbit, it seems to just, stop working. Trying to take a craft to 110 km, does most of the burn, then just quits. Smart A.S.S. doesn't work, I can still create and remove nodes but I can't actually do them anymore. No indicator light works on the AR2 case anymore so I can't tell if that's on or not. I haven't tried rendezvous autopilot or docking autopilot yet, which really is a game killer if those are gone. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eo603jv7yucgnk4/KSP.log?dl=0
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