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  1. KSP is a simulator, one that encourages role play but still a sim. When I fly a ship, it is my skill that matters, not the kerbal sitting in the pod. KSP is also a RPG when I have a kerbal EVA. That is the only time a kerbal's ex should matter, not when I am controling the ship. When I want my ship to do something the only thong that matters is how I do it, not the kerbal. Anything that changes how MY inputs are affected makes a big diffetance in what I am getting out of the the time I put into the game. When I spend hours building a ship that meets the way I fly a mission and anything changes the way that it works is wasting MY TIME, PERIOD. The stats of some in game being are meaningless to me. I am the engineer and pilot designing and flying ships not the kerbals, ME. For anyone who thinks they are not flying tell me who is piloting that Mk1-2, it is you. You did not assign a kerbal to be the pilot and fly while you sit back and enjoy the show, you are flying. If kerbal ex really needs to happen make it effect kerbals while EVA, things like running speed, jumping, science, and EVA pack control. That is the is the RPG aspect of the game. It can even influance the tycoon funtions in game but NOT piloting or ship function. A flair system like final frontier would be nice too.
  2. I learned about persistent file editing when Jeb an Geoffry decided to stay in rag doll state in the command seats after flipping the Mun rover. It only happened twice on the 30 km trip so that's a plus. I am glad I built that rover with a pivot point when it is upside down.
  3. All was going well until I realized I did not add a decoupler to separate my lander from the booster.
  4. I don't mind doing tests. I found it to be a easy way to earn some funds, if done carefully. Parachute test I will not do, ever. They all end in disaster. I do a minimum of 3 test per flight when testing, it saves on launch costs.
  5. My top 5: 1. RCS build aid 2. KAC 3. Atmospheric Trajectories 4. KAS 5. Real chutes b/c 10+g at opening is unacceptable
  6. While playing around with space planes, I realized something that would make building such vessels easier. I was tweaking the oxidizer and thought I could build a smaller lighter space plane if I could replace the removed oxidizer with fuel. Doing that I could use a smaller tank and still have all the fuel I need, it is a lot since I tend to over shoot the landing by a couple hundred Km. I am sure there could be other uses for this but space planes are the reason I thought of it.
  7. Started to play with space planes. These are my first 2. The one in front is just a suborbital, but still reached 92777m on the first test flight.The second one makes orbit with ease.
  8. I like the test missions better just because I don't think the science missions are developed enough. I like the parameters for test mission, the challenge makes it fun to test. The science missions need parameters added to them other than just get any science from orbit, or x science while landed on y. Give me science mission like take temperature reading from Minmus polar biome, return surface sample from Mun farside crater, or goo study from Kerbin orbit altitude 83000- 103000 meters. That would make science missions fun for me.
  9. I wonder what the recovery cost will be for this.
  10. If it is already active you can right click it then click "run test"
  11. I have been testing srb's with no fuel in them. They are much liter that way.
  12. That is exactly what I came to the forum to suggest. I was also going to suggest move contracts around just like last minute or in-flight staging changes.
  13. Today was filled with disaster. After completing my 3rd Mustang class, the "Coral Sea", I took it to the Mun to start a mapping and science mission. Everything was going great up until capture burn at Mun, 3 out of 4 LV-N's overheated and exploded. Now only the equator will be getting mapped. Inclination change burn time would have been too long. Tried to transmit some science but no comm device. After the 2 failures I should have called it a day but decided it was time to press with the first landing. I really should have called it a day, the lander crashed into a mountain killing the crew. The first, and hopefully last, 2 killed this save.
  14. Today was a light day, launched ScanSAT mapping satellite prototype in to a polar orbit. De-orbited the first ScanSAT mapping satellite prototype. And also launched a lander for a new Mun mission. The Mustang class has now been updated to Mustang 2b, first launch will be soon to dock with the new lander. This new Mustang will be christened the "Coral Sea". I also fueled the Mustang "Yorktown" waiting in orbit for the upcoming Jool mission.
  15. Add a probe core to the discarded engines. This will make it so you do not have to stay within 2.2 km.
  16. I have to take breaks from KSP every now and then. Sometimes the breaks are because I just need a beak, other times life forces me to. The last break even kept me away from the forums. There is nothing like a trying RSS to get me back into it.
  17. I am trying to clean up a little by de-orbiting spent boosters. Is there a point where objects that are using the on rails physics will either be gone or crash?
  18. Commanding Mustang 1, the first trip to Duna in my current save. He has a 152 day wait for a return window.
  19. I would like to see just 2 things. First is an improvement to IVA. Give us something to do while in orbit and inside; stuff like long term science. The second would be more to do while EVA. Deploy-able science and the ability to do simple things like connect fuel line and struts. The things you can do with KAS.
  20. I have used the infinite fuel cheat Sometimes the mission must succeed. If Jeb, Bob or Bill dies on a planet/ moon I will send Jeb, Bob or Bill return ship to land him back where he died and delete the evidence I just can't leave a empty lander as a reminder. I also learned how to do precision landings.
  21. Never used it and don't want to. I do use KER.
  22. Not trying to nit pick but I think you mean f-82 Twin Mustang. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_American_F-82_Twin_Mustang Yes Doppler effect would be nice.
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