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  1. Fusions makes sense for rockets because it produces extremely hot and fast exhausts with high efficiency, but a high start up power requirement which can be facilitated by reactors and solar. Fission makes more sense for aero engines since all you have to do is heat up the air with a block of hot metal which keeps things simple, and only needs to be started once with throttle controlled by air intake volume. This isn't overboard, it's based on theoretically possible and highly practical engine designs.
  2. So I may just be an idiot, but where do I put the .dll? I've never encountered a mod in dll, or instructions.
  3. So I have CustomAsteroids installed, but ever since the 1.5.0 update I'm not getting any asteroid moons in orbit of the gas planets. Anyone have any ideas? EDIT: Just saw the change log... anyone have any ideas regardless?
  4. Sorry I was referring to a bug posted on the previous page.
  5. Yeah I have the same issue with the Heinlein NSW engine having a 2 dimensional exhaust. I always just assumed it was an incompatibility with 1.4-1.5.
  6. Yeah I tried it with Far Future graphene radiators and with the smallest reactor but still no joy. I'm doing a completely clean install to see if that helps any. So a completely clean reinstall of the whole game worked even after I reinstalled my old saves and mods, so no idea what caused that issue to crop up.
  7. Usually I'm using your heatcontrol radiators, but right now I've got a vanilla load with nothing but the contents of the near future electrical download download. Here's a screenshot of a test build with data windows:
  8. Unfortunately I couldn't find that in the CFG. I just reinstalled the game with only NF electrical pack and still no joy.
  9. Has anyone else encountered a problem with Reactors not being cooling by radiators? They cool everything else but the reactors just immediately overheat and the temperature load of the radiators doesn't change.
  10. When my parents told me that Santa Claus wasn't real, they never told me that he/she was actually someone called Nertea online.
  11. Yeah and the incompatibility warning takes about 1 second to load. Regardless, it's a safe bet that any 1.x update would break kopernicus.
  12. ...The standard that you hold yourself to is too impressive for words to describe.
  13. I'm still clinging to FFT for dear life but if it's gonna be done right, then it's going to be done when and how Nertea wants it done. The 1.3 version still works OK enough in 1.4.5 so I'm happy.
  14. Is anyone else getting stuck in menus and facilities? Like if I go into the research facility, I cant exit. The quit to main menu button doesn't do anything either.
  15. Everything looks good on my end, approaching Sarnus orbit.
  16. [Cant figure out how to delete comment] "This mod is compatible with KSP 1.3.1, but just remember to use the latest version of Kopernicus." According to Protojeb, it is compatible.
  17. I have the forever loading screen despite using the latest kopernicus. In the log it just repeats this thousands of times over: [EXC 18:28:34.829] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Kopernicus.Components.KopernicusStar.LateUpdate () I have made sure to install it absolutely correctly.
  18. I totally forgot to upload screenshots, didn't I? Yeah I know it doesn't simulate ground effect, I just use pilot assist to hold the aircraft at an extremely low altitude. I just like the style of aircraft. Here's a recreation of an odd concept art vehicle I saw somewhere:
  19. So these machines fascinate me, and I've actually built quite a few in the past but these are the latest ones. Here's a video where I used an ekranoplan to deliver a science submarine, and show off a couple of my bigger designs: Here's a recreation of an odd concept art vehicle I saw somewhere:
  20. Well I'm still here, and the link is still broken. I have the file, but I doubt I'm allowed to upload it.
  21. The contract pack seems to think that everything I build has Solid Rocket Motors, and thus I can not accomplish the first contract...
  22. So I'm trying to use activestruts with a swingwing system, and from what I can tell the wings bend just as much before struts as after struts. The only difference is if the wing swings too far forward, it will buckle from interference from the struts. Any help? I really want swingwings that don't collapse under their own lift.
  23. I'm not sure, I use the latest download of this mod. I'll check out active struts.
  24. Is it possible to make the hinges less bendy, or strut them in some way so my swing-wing aircraft don't just collapse under their own lift?
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