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  1. Congratulations to release and cool that you fixed everything related to FAR.
  2. Thanks a lot. I must have been tired yesterday, I looked at the how-to-apply-planet-specific-changes section three times
  3. I am trying to import Earths atmosphere from RSS to a 10 x Kerbin using Sigma. However, I still get the scaled atmosphere from Sigma (using factor 1.5 in "Sigma/Dimensions/settings.cfg"). What am I doing wrong here? @Kopernicus:Final { @Body[Kerbin] { @Properties { radius = 6371000 // 1/10:th of earth, later rescaled x10 by Sigma } @Atmosphere { AtmosphereFromGround { innerRadius = 6307290 // 0.99 radius = 6371000 m outerRadius = 6530280 // 1.025 radius = 6371000 m waveLength = 0.65, 0.58, 0.5, 1.0 } ambientColor = 0.05,0.05,0.05,1 lightColor = 0.65, 0.58, 0.5, 1.0 maxAltitude = 140000.0 pressureCurve { key = 0 101.325 0 -0.0119728 key = 1000 89.9533 -0.0107930 -0.0107930 key = 2000 79.7002 -0.00972796 -0.00972796 key = 3000 70.4681 -0.00875299 -0.00875299 key = 4000 62.1611 -0.00787622 -0.00787622 key = 5000 54.6878 -0.00708318 -0.00708318 key = 6000 47.9713 -0.00636065 -0.00636065 key = 7000 41.9464 -0.00569841 -0.00569841 key = 8000 36.5557 -0.00509245 -0.00509245 key = 9000 31.7442 -0.00453808 -0.00453808 key = 10000 27.4653 -0.00402673 -0.00402673 key = 12000 20.3414 -0.00312263 -0.00312263 key = 14000 14.8737 -0.00237047 -0.00237047 key = 16000 10.7635 -0.00176010 -0.00176010 key = 18000 7.75613 -0.00126803 -0.00126803 key = 20000 5.60721 -0.000901039 -0.000901039 key = 22000 4.07935 -0.000642531 -0.000642531 key = 24000 2.98525 -0.000462105 -0.000462105 key = 26000 2.19595 -0.000334419 -0.000334419 key = 28000 1.62339 -0.000243181 -0.000243181 key = 30000 1.20625 -0.000177515 -0.000177515 key = 35000 0.587912 -8.24999E-05 -8.24999E-05 key = 40000 0.296475 -3.95921E-05 -3.95921E-05 key = 45000 0.154505 -1.96895E-05 -1.96895E-05 key = 50000 0.0823932 -1.02964E-05 -1.02964E-05 key = 55000 0.0438116 -5.63015E-06 -5.63015E-06 key = 60000 0.0226627 -3.07308E-06 -3.07308E-06 key = 65000 0.0112639 -1.62393E-06 -1.62393E-06 key = 70000 0.00535122 -8.22379E-07 -8.22379E-07 key = 75000 0.00242788 -3.93412E-07 -3.93412E-07 key = 80000 0.00106419 -1.78176E-07 -1.78176E-07 key = 85000 0.000456540 -7.80320E-08 -7.80320E-08 key = 90000 0.000192994 -3.33998E-08 -3.33998E-08 key = 95000 8.14506E-05 -1.38984E-08 -1.38984E-08 key = 100000 3.54530E-05 -5.71581E-09 -5.71581E-09 key = 105000 1.63277E-05 -2.42049E-09 -2.42049E-09 key = 110000 8.14746E-06 -1.04679E-09 -1.04679E-09 key = 115000 4.54713E-06 -4.77713E-10 -4.77713E-10 key = 121920 2.39321E-06 -1.98618E-10 -1.98618E-10 key = 140000 0 0 0 } } } } Edit: To be precise, this patch doesn't change Kerbins atmosphere. It remains at 70km x 1.5 = 105 km height. But I want it to be equal to Earths atmosphere, same height, same pressure at any given altitude etc. Oh and radius doesn't apply either, it remains at 6000 km after Sigma scales it.
  4. @Quiznos323I really like the parts. Have you considered adding support for FAR? A MM patch could get rid of the stock aero parameters (and the old FAR configs should be deleted), but the models/colliders of some of the cockpits probably needs some more work to be voxelized properly.
  5. @hoowuthIt's the other way around. With FAR there shouldn't be a lift vector as the blue ball repesents center of pressure instead of center of lift. If you have a lift vector it could be due to installation error or a part that is not configured for FAR.
  6. @tetrydsThat's what I thought. Is it only fixable through changing the mesh/model or can it be patched?
  7. Is there anything that can be done (like a MM patch) to force FAR to voxelize the canopy of a cockpit it fails to voxelize? These two cockpits from mk 1 Fighter Cockpits are showing very strange bahaviour. Edit: Just wanted to be clear, I clicked "display debug voxels" and moved the part away to make it easier to see the voxels.
  8. You're right I also remember Ferram saying that, but I think he reintroduced the arrow due to people requesting it. Could be wrong though. Are you saying that your blue balls are lacking said lift vector? I've been installing mods manually for years, it shouldn't be that. And I'm not using many mod parts on this craft, perhaps it's the nose cone from SXT. But yeah, the numbers suggest almost neutral pitch stability yet it's obvious they are positive. Regarding take off speed, it becomes less unstable the faster it goes and becomes statically stable above mach ~1.2. Engine thrust doesn't have any noticable effect, it's vector is slightly above CoM even I reckon. Edit: I just started up a fresh game with only FAR installed. No lift vector on CoL here. Interesting... Edit2: Turns out it's the cockpit from Quiztech causing the issue. I guess I'll report this to Ferram or Quiznos, if it's not due to Quiztech not being updated since 1.05. Funny all my other planes not using this cockpit have been behaving quite predictably during high AoA according to my previous experience.
  9. Thank you. I'll try that. Btw, as we are waiting for Adjustable Landing Gear to be updated, do you guys have any particular tricks for area ruling with the bulky stock gear? I always tend to put on the landing gear last, ruining everything.
  10. Tried pitching up the aircraft, CoP surely moves forwards relative to CoM as expected. At sea level, take off speed and 15 degrees AoA, pitching moment (Mw) turns positive. So does Mq (pitching moment not damping out) and Xu ("If Xu is incorrect, you have summoned the Kraken and should file a bug report." - Ferram). I don't know what to do about the Xu derivative. Also I don't understand why the pitching moment turns positive. (especially since static analysis suggests it's negative up to 30 deg AoA.) Any apparent design flaws? Horsontal stabilzer too far up? I'm a bit suspicious of the nosecone. I swapped it out for another one and moved the main wing back, which yield a pretty stable aircraft, too stable at supersonic speeds IMO.
  11. I thought I'd turn to this thread for some help with a plane I built. I've been using FAR for years and I've run into a problem where my plane is unstable in pitch, wanting to backflip/frontflip as soon as it has any positive/negative AoA after taking off. We've all seen this before. However I don't understand why, all derivatives suggests it's stable as does the static analysis. Moving the main wing back helps ofcourse, but I shouldn't have to right? Any ideas?
  12. @Mallikas: I just downloaded the mod, the cockpits look great! One thing though, FAR fails to voxelize the canopies on both parts (the Eurofighter has other issues with FAR as well), leading to very rough shifts in cross sectional area which makes the cockpits bad for anything above low/mid subsonic. I've seen this before, and I think it has to to with how the models are created - you may want to talk to Ferram about this if you want to make them compatible with FAR. Edit: I posted some pictures of it in the FAR thread: Hope you will decide to make your mod compatible with FAR in the future, it's too cool not to be used with FAR.
  13. Just downloaded the mod. Works excellent out of the box for me with FAR. Thanks a ton!
  14. @winged: Thats's a sweet looking Dyna-Soar. Are you using KerbPaint or changing textures via MM-patch?
  15. @Norcalplanner : Change the thermal sliders in the Alt+F12 menu under "thermal". With everything balanced to stock speeds, you'll run into trouble like this otherwise. Using RealHeat actually makes re-entry heating a lot lower in a 6.4 rescale since it's balanced for RSS/RO, hence RealHeat.
  16. I have to say thank you to Sigma88 for this mod. It's really brilliant, fun and saves me a lot of time. Also it seems to work just fine with tweaking orbital parameters in Kopernicus. I just created my own custom sized kerbol system and changed orbits of kerbins moons in five minutes.
  17. The latest album on imgur is just ridiculous. Holy mackerel!
  18. Realism Overhaul works great with 10x Kerbol. You can also try RO mini and Kerbal ISP Difficulty Scaler (K.I.D.S.) for example. I'm sure I've seen at least one more comparable to those lately. I'm sure you can change planets radiuses and semi major axises easily, but working with the PQS settings is a bit more tedious IMO. Good luck.
  19. Why would he? This mod is based on the stock kerbol system with all distances, radiuses etc increased by a factor of ten. Also even "rounded" numbers are just as likely to randomly appear as any other number. There are several other mods for changing isp's, besides that is outside the scope of this mod. One of the main reasons of having the kerbol system similar in size to our solar system is to have to build realistic sized rockets, with real life like payload fractions, no?
  20. Hail to the return of the benevolent, benign B9! Thanks a lot to the team for the work you guys put in for the community. Cheers!
  21. Great news! Thanks a lot for the work you put in blowfish.
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