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  1. First of all, let me add my thanks to Navy for updating this super mod. Definitely on my "must have" list. Having said that, for future reference I'll just note that the "NavHud" mod provides similar functionality and much more in a (to me) slightly less appealing way. Finally, to address Casvah's second question: "RPM" is short for RasterPropMonitor, a perfectly wonderful mod that makes IVAs (the view from inside your command pod) much more fun and immersive. This mod is integrated with RPM so that you can dock efficiently from inside the command pod: lots of fun! "MFD" is short for "MultiFunction Display", which is the cockpit display inside of RPM on which the DPAI information is displayed when using RPM. Unfortunately, RPM is now deprecated and is being replaced by a new mod which (for now) does not have DPAI integration as far as I know. Really finally, the first video on the first page of this thread gives you a good idea about how to use this mod: 1) select "control from here" for the docking port on your craft 2) select "set as target" for the docking port that you want to dock to 3) turn on SAS and RCS 4) hit keys on your keyboard until you find out which ones move the different cross hairs which direction... (wasd centers the orange crosshair (angle), ijkl centers the yellow (velocity) and green (position)) 5) center everything using those keys 6) accelerate toward your target with the h key, decelerate with n 7) dock slowly! Good luck! Ainamogel
  2. I know what surprise _I_ am hoping for this weekend. My fingers are crossed, Navy! Thanks again for a "must-have" mod! Ainamogel
  3. I don't know from planets or moons, but my favorite soda is purple Doctor Pepper and my favorite ice cream is green mint. Just sayin'. Deeelishus! Ainamogel
  4. Hi there, Do you have any more information to share on this subject? I know it's been a while since your post that I have quoted, but if you'd be willing to share some sample code that renders the mapview camera I'd really appreciate it. I am specifically trying to render the mapview in my own screenTexture, but so far am just getting a black screen. Thanks muchly, Ainamogel
  5. OK, I understand. It was the following two code snippets (from FlyingCamera.cs) that misled me: private readonly string[] knownCameraNames = { "GalaxyCamera", "Camera ScaledSpace", "Camera VE Underlay", // Environmental Visual Enhancements plugin camera "Camera VE Overlay", // Environmental Visual Enhancements plugin camera "Camera 01", "Camera 00", "FXCamera" }; and: if (cameraObject != null) { // ScaledSpace camera and it's derived cameras from Visual Enhancements mod are special - they don't move. if (i >= 3) { cameraObject.transform.position = cameraTransform.transform.position; } cameraObject.transform.rotation = rotation; cameraObject.fieldOfView = FOV; cameraObject.Render(); } Thanks for the feedback, Ainamogel
  6. Hello all, RPM appears to contain code (in JSIFlyingCamera.cs) that is meant to allow it to display the map view camera's output. Does anyone here know how to get that working? Just putting the name of the map view camera into the config file in place of, say, the docking camera, did not work. Any help you all could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ainamogel
  7. Sad to say, the RPM code doesn't appear to work for the map camera. It nominally includes the map camera as a case, but doesn't render anything when that case is called. I guess there is something special about the PlanetariumCamera class that stops it from rendering the way a regular camera does, but I have no idea what yet. I am open to any suggestions, and will also ask for help on espernet and reddit, I guess. Thanks for any pointers you can offer, Ainamogel
  8. Well, I haven't figured this out yet, but it looks like RasterPropMonitor contains code that basically does the job. Ainamogel
  9. Hi all, Is there some good sample code for controlling and rendering the view from the map view camera? I would highly appreciate it if you could point me to some. Thanks, Ainamogel
  10. Interesting! It is hard to say, but it could be true. Ainamogel - - - Updated - - - Not in this case. A really minimal craft: clampotron jr, chutes, command pod, fuel tank, spark engine. Ainamogel
  11. 1) Build whatever you want. Make the total mass a few tons or less. Put some fairings around it. 2) stick it on an Orange tank. 3) stick it on a half orange tank. 4) stick it on a Mainsail 5) drive it up to orbit. Voila, SSTO the easy way. Ha ha. (Perhaps Mainsails are a bit overpowered for the new atmosphere?) Sorry for the diversion from your actual, legitimate question. Ainamogel
  12. I have KJR installed. I will try _disabling_ it. (Remember this is a very very light craft... might drift faster than a multi-ton station, naively.) I am not sure about the acceleration. I had the impression it was a constant angular velocity. Thanks, Ainamogel
  13. Oh ho... I will look in the craft file to see how many C-o-T Jr.s are on there. Only one is visible, of course, on the nose of the command pod. The only electricity on it is the 50 stored in the command pod; nothing is using it at the time I am trying to dock, since everything is turned off. No solar panels. Thanks, Ainamogel
  14. Thanks for the help so far, all. The target craft has no probe core or Kerbalnaut on board, so I have no easy way to adjust the controls, such as turning SAS on or off or resetting the trim. I don't have FAR installed. I don't have a joystick installed. Is there an easy way to tell if part clipping is happening? I did not intentionally clip any parts or enable part clipping, but I don't know for a fact that it isn't happening. Finally, I already use DPAI (love it!) and have never felt the need for RCS aid; I just plonk the RCS thrusters down symmetrically around the CG and things work acceptably. I'm not having trouble controlling the active ship; it's the (nominally completely uncontrolled but nonetheless spinning) target ship that is causing the problems. Thanks very much; maybe this additional info will help debug the problem. I am afraid that capi3101 is correct, though, and it is just a random game bug. Thanks, Ainamogel
  15. Hi all, I wonder if anyone else has seen this. I am trying to dock to a very simple spacecraft, but it is super hard because it keeps randomly rotating without any cause that I can determine. The target ship consists of just a few parts: a clamp-o-tron Jr., a mk1 command pod (no occupant), two parachutes symmetrically mounted, a small fuel tank, and a spark engine. Whenever I accelerate time warp, the rotation stops, of course, but as soon as I return to x1 speed the ship starts spinning in some random direction at perhaps one rotation per 15 seconds, which makes docking to it very very difficult as the alignment of the docking port is constantly changing. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what might be causing this? For what it is worth, the docking attempt is taking place in orbit around the Mun. I have scads of mods installed, but not Persistent Rotation or anything else that I naively would expect to cause this behavior. Thanks very much for your help, Ainamogel
  16. Hey NavyFish, I finally got my camera code updated to work with the latest versions of RPM and DPAI, after sitting on it for months. If you'd like me to send it to you, drop me a PM. Once again, let me thank you for one of my favorite mods to KSP: DPAI is one that I just won't play KSP without. Ainamogel
  17. And... there is a KSP mod adding Orion pulse propulsion. It looks like it hasn't been updated in a long time, though. Take care, Ainamogel
  18. I'm sorry if this is completely obvious, but is there some way to see the results of MM's actions on .cfg file without running KSP and seeing the effect in the game? That is, is there an easy way to see what the .cfg file would like after MM is done operating on it? Thanks so much, Ainamogel
  19. A very common cause of the behavior you are reporting is a combination of: 1) You have an antenna somewhere pointed at "Active Vessel" which is making the link work when you switch to a certain vessel and it becomes active 2) The rest of your network is _not_ making a valid connection, which can happen for scads of reasons, not associated with an upper limit on RT vessels I'm not saying the above reasons are causing your reported behavior, but they certainly could. Good luck, Ainamogel
  20. For me, a big part of the game is docking, because I like building big constructions in orbit. If you feel the same, docking is much much more fun and easy if you use one of the docking port alignment mods: I use both DPAI and NavHud, but I believe there are others with this capability. KER is just necessary if you want to know how your vehicles are going to work before you launch them. PreciseNode is wonderful for making maneuver nodes behave the way you want them to. For me, I won't play without these three features. I would also recommend Vertical Velocity Control, which takes the stress but not the fun out of landing. Without it, I found I was trying to do one thing too many at a single time while landing, resulting in repeated high speed lithobraking. With it, I can concentrate on maneuvering the spacecraft which VVC keeps the spacecraft at the right height. Good luck! Ainamogel
  21. Something like this? I made a mod of DPAI in RPM mode that does this, but sad to say I am not enough of a pro to release it to the public. It worked fine in 0.90, but I haven't updated it for 1.04 yet... And yes, it was pretty hard to do.
  22. What are you talking about? There's already an exploded view in the game; I usually observe it about four seconds after liftoff. Ainamogel
  23. A few items: 1st, Congrats on the upcoming wedding! 2nd, Thank you so much for producing this mod. It is one of the few that I just will not play KSP without. You have made this game more enjoyable for all of us. 3rd, a small bug report in the RPM version of the mod. You should be able to reproduce it easily: a) Launch two ships and have them prepare to dock with each other, with a MK1 command pod on one of them Bring up DPAI on one of the MFDs in the MK1. c) Bring up DPAI on a second MFD. d) Return the first MFD to the home page. e) Now the numbers and text on the second MFD will no longer update, but are frozen, until you bring up DPAI on the first MFD again or return the second MFD to home and restart DPAI. Not a super big deal, but it can be annoying if you decide to move DPAI from on MFD to another. (I was able to reproduce this every time with just DPAI and RPM installed.) Again, thank you and congratulations! Ainamogel
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