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Found 5 results

  1. So, question 1/2 . Any good mods out there for 3.75m pods? I know about Near Future Spacecraft, Taurus MPCV and HOYO CSM and that's about it. Preferably I'm looking for something Orion or Starliner-syle. -Also, stockalike, please. And question 2/2 . How could I change all the tanks in Interstellar Fuel Switch to use stock and CRP resources instead of the KSPIE resources?
  2. In the 3.75m category, we have: various fuel tanks, 2 engines, a few adapters, and..... Nothing else. It seems strange to me that with these fuel tanks and engines, there isn't anything to go with that. If I'm building a big 3.75m lifter, having a 2.5m probe core with a 3.75m fairing base looks stupid in my opinion. Why don't we have a 3.75m probe core? It seems to me like a very obvious addition that Squad somehow missed. To go along with that, why not a 3.75m crew capsule? It just seems to me that Squad missed out some really "obvious" additions. I understand that these parts were meant to replicate the SLS with its "the bottom part is wider than the top part" approach, but the 3.75m parts can be used in so many more ways than just that. So what do you think? Yes or no?
  3. Hello all To be more Specific: A Cargo Bay that doesnt look Airplane-Alike I just want a Cargo bay that can be opened and Closed and is ROUND like a Rocket is. (game version 1.05) Is there any mod that has one ? thanks in advance
  4. So, I was trawling the forums when I found @benjee10 phenomenal parts pack. The problem is it's only available from Kerbalstuff and it hasn't been posted to for a few months. What's a part junkie to do? Create his own parts. Which leads us to: This project has grown from just a few 3.75 m parts to an ever evolving (it seems) collection of parts in 3.75 m and 5 m to help you realize your heavy lifting dreams. It is a kerbalized version of NASA's DIRECT program and their Jupiter rocket family. I provide an assortment of pieces designed to compliment what KSP already has and make use of existing rocket engines to create new and exciting missions. For those of you interested in trying/critiquing what I've done so far, feel free to grab it at SpaceDock. Current Parts: For those who aren't familiar with the idea of DIRECT and it's Jupiter rocket family... - Josh License: CC-BY-NC-SA This parts pack uses textures from D.I.R.E.C.T - Super-Heavy Launchers & Interplanetary Spacecraft (Benjee10) (CC-BY-NC) This parts pack uses textures from Prodecural Parts (Swamp Ig) (CC-BY-NC)
  5. Title says most of my request, so yeah...also if it helps I'm going to most likely give a full rundown of the mods I run...incase some are incompatible with said Mods, you the community suggest. Also welcome to any mods that add parts that fit in with the list below Mods I use: KER (Kerbal Engineer Redux) KAC (Kerbal Alarm Clock) KAX (Kerbal Aircraft Expansion) SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded Procedural Wings Texture Replacer (Anyone mind telling me how to get custom spacesuits that I can create to install onto my game?) Transfer Window Planner RasterPropMonitor Rocket Factory Thank you for the help KSP Community -awfulcraftdesigns, wishing any suggestions from the community good luck!
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