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Found 1 result

  1. This is a guide in which I will add about every tip and trick, I find while playing the game! #1 Fairings Say you have a fairing, and you finish it, and it pops up with a message saying "warning: cannot accept current changes. Fairing is colliding with invalid assembly part." So you try and try and try! To get the fairing right, but one of the two keeps happening; 1. You can't do anything without the fairing saying the message or 2. You can get a fairing, but it is not to your liking Well, I have a easy fix for you! 1. Click on any place, then place it back or If you don't want to replace a part on the craft 2. Click on any part on the part picker and recycle it #2 Unable To Timewarp Ever find yourself not being able to timewarp, because you're in "too low of a orbit" So you look it up right? You find that you have to send another craft on the ground, then timewarp? So much work, all you actually have to do, is go to the ksc! then into the tracking station (make sure you go into the tracking station after the ksc. And boom! You can actually use timewarp normally again. #3 How do you delete saves This one is simple, yet I found myself having a hard time with this. All you have to do is: Go to the main menu, then campaigns and finally at the bottom, there is a "delete game" button. Not to be mistaken for the "delete campaign" button. #4 Laggy Debris Ksp 2 makes debris very laggy, and usually well cost you a frame or two for every debris you left in deep space! So for now, I would delete all your debris randomly floating around. This saves a lot of fps, especially if you have more then 10. It saved me a couple, I know that much. #5 Camera getting off centred I have no clue why, but many struggle with this. So what happens, is when you hold down the scroll wheel, and click/drag right click, you offset the camera. The simplest fix is to press the "home" key on your keyboard. I think this confuses people, because in ksp 1, you double click the scroll wheel. Have no idea why they changed it, but hope this helps if you have this problem! #6 Throttle stuck throttling up Has it ever happened to you, you, e.g. press “shift + tab” to open your friends list on steam, this makes your throttle ,throttle up. No clue why, but there is a easy fix. Simply press the “shift” key once. This fixes it, hope this helps, took me awhile to figure out. #7 Struts twisting through the craft This one has been bothering me for a bit, but I finally found a simple fix. For example, you find yourself placing symmetrical structs, but for some reason, they cross through your craft. The fix is to move the camera to the opposite side of the craft, and place them there. #8 Things you shouldn’t ever do! 1. Don’t press “Ctrl + Z” or the undo button, this will break your struts, etc. 2. Don’t “Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V” large crafts (say about 200+ parts) This will actually break the game, idk how to explain it. 3. Refrain from loading a save where your spacecraft is in a landed state. Sometimes you will fall through the surface, I find if this ever happens, you should keep loading back that save until it stops falling through the surface. Keep away from doing this as much as you can. I will add more later!
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