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Found 14 results

  1. A little idea, i would want sensors so i can activate certain action groups when they detect things like distance, preassure or temperature :DDD (i'd love if this was added in both KSP and KSP2)
  2. Hello I have an Azerty Keyboard, with numbers from 0 to 9 included in the keyboard, like this one https://www.apple.com/fr/shop/product/MLA22F/A/magic-keyboard-français?afid=p238|s4VqawkmI-dc_mtid_187079nc38483_pcrid_102671600198_pgrid_26981912198_&cid=aos-fr-kwgo-pla-btb--slid---product-MLA22F/A-FR When I assign keypad 1 or alpha 1 to an action group, it does not work with my keyboard. It only works when I use my mouse on the Actions window during game. Is there something to do or to change in the config file to help action running with my keyboard? If it can help here are the config action group of my KSP setting.cfg files for my keyboard CustomActionGroup1 { primary = Ampersand secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } CustomActionGroup2 { primary = 160 secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } CustomActionGroup3 { primary = DoubleQuote secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 ............................... and so on.... 4 = Quote, 5 = Leftparen, 6=161, 7=163, 8=Exclaim, 9=162 and 10 = 164
  3. So... FIrst things first: I have no idea where this should go. Why? I have no idea what #autoloc is and what it means and if it pertains to a subcategory in the forums. I just started a Career game yesterday and had just gotten to SPH level 2, so basic action groups were available. This was everything except the custom ones, of course, as well as all the flight input stuff under the #autoloc action groups. I wanted to set an action group to Action01, but that was not available, because it was only SPH Level 2. Despite this, I got curious and clicked on the Action01 in the #autoloc heading. No part actions were available, but it did unlock the custom action groups that were not under the #autoloc heading. The action group functioned properly in flight, but I feel like I cheated the system. So, if anyone reads this who has a Career save, congrats. You just got action groups on your Level 2 SPH and VAB. Also, I wouldn't mind if anyone could explain what #autoloc means.
  4. Imagine a brand new, very hot looking spaceplane sitting on the tarmac; nobody around; you hop up the ladder and notice the keys are in the ignition. In a jiff, you are strapped in and ready to go in 60 seconds! You can't find the Action Group key to retract the ladder. All the action group assignments are something else. You accidentally pop the main landing drag chutes. Too late; you get nabbed! "Step out of that cockpit, soldier! Hands on your head!" APOLOGIES if this has been discussed before; it didn't come up in search. Has anybody concocted some kind of standard assignment of AG keys for common functions? I know this isn't easy to do, especially when you have staged vehicles...
  5. I've been doing a lot of mechanics with stock propellers recently and have started incorporating klaws to make them gimbal slightly. I was surprised to find that there is no action group to toggle the pivot state from "locked" to "free", especially considering that time warping or changing scene with the pivot free causes a bad bug (it resets the right click menu state to "free pivot" again despite it already being free, pressing it again removes all gimbal limits on the hinge and causes other bad stuff). Having to open the action menu and toggle the pivot state of each klaw each time I relaunch the craft is a bit tedious, so I decided to post a request in hopes that someone could throw a quick mod together to add the option to toggle pivot state in action groups?
  6. Hello Squad, i just thought that it might be cool if engineers with a certain lvl would be able to edit action groups during a mission. That would especially be useful for in-space-assembled ships. Or like Asteroid balancing if you could chose a specific engine to toggle on/off because stuff doesnt poit to the center of mass. What do you think?
  7. Is it possible to create an Action group for deploying drills? Selection for Drill O Matic only has Start/Stop/Toggle, but no deploy. Thanks
  8. So I built a fighter plane that has two missiles mounted under its wings, one left, one right. I built one missile and then placed two using symmetry, but apparently, I can only fire (aka activate engine and decouple) both of them at the same time, because due to the symmetrical placement, they count as one part. Has anybody got an idea how to control one part of two symmetrically placed? Issue number two: when I put "activate engine" and "decouple" into the same stage, the missiles are decoupled without the engines activating. I assume this is because activating an engine takes half a second or so, whereas they're decoupled immediately, making the missiles lose connection before the engines are on. Can I somehow delay the decoupling by a handful of seconds? I've tried using different stages for decoupling and firing, but the delay between activating stages takes too long (plane gets out of control because having an engine running on only one side loves with the centre of mass). Any ideas? Thanks in advance, HashtagMC
  9. Ok, this is a really complicated question, but I'll do my best to make it clear. I've built myself a plane with a downward facing cargo bay (called henceforth carrier). It's purpose is to carry a few probe cores, outfitted with parachutes, a small battery, and some science gear, and drop them into different biomes for data collection (called henceforth pods). The idea being I can record data and collect science from many biomes with fewer missions launched, and also very quickly, since the carrier pushes right up to the edge of mach 1, fully loaded. So far so good. I fly off with one pod in the carriers belly, and an action group to detach the pod, deploy its chute, and turn off its hibernation all at once. I let it go at about 3,000m, everything looks peachy. I can't switch to the probe, since I'm flying in atmosphere, so I watch its altitude and speed from map view. It holds at about 175m/s all the way into the ground. After much tinkering with drogue chutes, differing altitudes and states of probe hibernation, I decide that what needs to happen is I need my control to follow the pod when it detaches instead of the plane. That way I can see what's really happening with the parachutes, and once its landed I can switch back to the plane and keep flying. I had toyed a little with the Stratolauncher (stock), so I figured this would work well. I converted all my action groups into a staging setup, since that's how the Stratolauncher (stock), is set up, and I thought it would work. Same deal as before. How do I get this to work? How can I designate to the editor that I'd like the staging to follow the probe pod out the belly, instead of the plane all the way? Or is there another solution I'm not seeing? I'd include the .craft file of the carrier as it stands right now, but I'm not sure how to attach a .craft. I'd appreciate a concise explanation of that as well if you feel the need to see the plane. Thank you!
  10. I'm working on writing a plugin, but I can't for the life of me figure out how I'd be able to check if any of the action groups are active. If it helps, I'm trying to write a for loop in FixedUpdate that will, ideally, run some stuff when my craft is at 50m off the terrain, and when the brake action group is on. I'd imagine it'd be something in KSPActionGroups.Brakes, but to paraphrase the priest from Firefly, "I ain't found excrements".
  11. Hi everyone, For my first post on this forum, I would like to, first of all, thank all the community for what you make. I play KSP since march 2016 and I think I would still be around Kerbin without this forum and all those threads Here comes my question: I restarted a career mode since 1.2 released, in order to do stuff in a more properly and efficient way than my first career play (and sometimes in a more Kerbal way...). Things going on and on, I ultimately unlock custom action group. So I put all my science experiment to group 4, the "Collect All" option of the science box to group 5 and the reset of all experiences to group 6 (even if I don't even know if this is necessarry). It seems that the action group 4 works once, and then is not re-runnable. I checked several times, and as soon as I collect all the science, the right-click on any science module offers me the possibility to log again, but the action group won't work anymore. Any idea of what is going on? Thanks! ps: I put this on the "modded install" part of the forum because I have KER, KAS and KIS installed, but this thread may interest unmodded install players. What do you think?
  12. Many kinds of craft need this: VTOL's in hovering mode vs flying mode, spacecraft in flight vs docking mode, rover + skycrane, etc, etc. It'd be nice to be able to switch your control POV before you hit the freaking ground -- and would be nice to have a way to do it from inside a cockpit. Letting us put the 'control from here' option in a control group would let us do both. It'd also fix the odd rocket that wants to 'control from' undeground for no apparent reason. Just put 'control from here' in stage and it restores on launch and fixes PoV changes that might be caused by a change in stage.
  13. Is there a hard-coded limit on the maximum nr of parts that can be included in an action group? I was fooling around a bit with lights, using quite a bit more of them on a single 'craft' than I'm used to. I then wanted to make them switch on and off in different patterns, one pattern per action group, by assigning the 'turn light off' / 'turn light on' action of every light into the action groups. So in the editor, I am adding either 'on' or 'off' for 36 separate lights (no symmetry) in each action group. So far, so good, the group actions column becomes a bit long but it seems to work. However: as soon as I launch and I try out the different patterns, some patterns will work ok, but in others there's always a number of lights that decide not to participate. I revert, check back... and inevitably find that those lights are showing as if I had not set any actions for them at all. Ok... maybe I made a mistake. So I redo those lights, add their on/off actions again, save, and launch. Now some OTHER lights that were working before decide to go on strike on certain patterns, and it's not necessarily the same patterns affected. Rinse repeat a couple of times, but I've not yet managed to make all lights perform/remember their set actions. So, something keeps 'dropping' actions that were saved and properly showing in the editor before launching, and it's not always the same ones. Hence my question: is there a maximum number of separate actions that will get triggered by an action group? Or a maximum to the overall total for all action groups together? Have I inadvertently stumbled onto a coded limit that I need to know about?
  14. Why can't I Transmit Science from an MPL using an Action Group?
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