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Found 2 results

  1. When I walk home from work, I sometimes look up at the clouds and imagine the re-entry streaks of players coming home from their travels. At night I see the faint glows of interstellar ships burning to leave the solar system. I look off into the distance and in the radiant heat on the horizon I see the contrails of science planes doing research. The park pathways mark the busy routes of my transport rovers. I look at interesting buildings and ask myself: "is this what my colony will look like?". When it rains, I imagine what color the weather is around tall mountain peaks on some distant planet. I talk to AI about space-ship designs, I dream about the future and.. I know that some day I will explore the stars with all of you. Keep the dream alive, keep KSP2 in your hearts!
  2. Hi everyone! Today is the day when exactly one year ago, I joined this forum! In that time, I've made lots of friends, participated in games, showed off (and loved other) creations, done a few memes, and made a video guide to the forums! I really like the place, and although I don't play KSP a lot (Halo is now my interest), I still enjoy coming on the forums and checking out stuff, mainly the memes thread. Every day I visit this site, whether it's to see my good friend @Lo Var Lachland's LEGO pictures or films, the KSP artwork/memes, or to help out people in the Gameplay and Technical Support area. My username was originally 'KerbalManiac', but I then changed it to 'The Cat In Space'. Fun fact: my profile picture was actually supposed to be a GIF of a cat flying with a jetpack, but it froze in the center of the picture when I uploaded it. Every so often I rant on the 'Place to rant about things' thread, or just let people know of random things in the 'What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today' thread. Things like 'Did you know that a Chinese space station is coming down sometime between May and October?', or 'My cat peed on my bed today' (actually happened this morning, very annoyed). I've been through good times, bad times, and hard times (such as Tara passing away), but one thing that has stayed with me is this forum and the amazing people who I've met on it. So thank you, everybody, for making this place what it is today, and for all the support and fun times that I've had on this place. Even though it is just an autofill address in Chrome's URL bar, to me, it's a whole other world of fun.
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