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Found 7 results

  1. I'm not sure if it used to do this, but I began noticing it after the update. I'm noticing that my orbit is changing very slightly over time. The orbit is outside of the atmosphere, and the option "Orbital Drift Compensation" is checked, but my orbit still changes gradually over time. The tendency is to lower both Apoapsis and Periapsis, but on occasion I have seen one or the other raised slightly. I have removed all mods and DLC, and I'm still getting this. So it's not being caused by mods. Over the course of 20 minutes, I saw my space station orbit go from 72.6998 km, 72.6686 km | time 1:01 72.6985 km, 72.6684 km | time 1:21 I'll also note that when I started noticing this effect, the space station had an Apoapsis of 72.706 km. Of course, when the vessel isn't being actively watched, it doesn't change, which is expected. When I have Kerbal Engineer, I can see this effect in much more detail. The Semi Major Axis is dropping in a herky, jerky manner. It drops a bunch when you switch in and out of map mode. Of course, I can't be sure if Kerbal Engineer is making the effect worse, but nevertheless, the effect is there without it. Admittedly, it's a very minor effect. But it makes me not want to switch to my relay satellites as they're flying in a very precise orbital formation. Does anyone else see this? Has this always been there? Has it been made worse by a recent update? EDIT: On closer observation, the periapsis dipped and went back up. The lowest point was: 72.6996 km, 72.6682 km | time 1:08 EDIT 2: Using scatterer causes the Semi Major Axis to drop much faster. But a complex vessel with lots of parts that makes it run at a lower frame rate, doesn't change the rate at which the SMA drops. Satellites that are far away from their parent body are unaffected. Strangely, my Gilly satellites are having their SMA raised. Maybe because they are orbiting slower than Gilly is rotating? Another curious observation: My Eve vessel that is in low, circular, polar orbit, has a Ap of 90530 and a Pe of 90520. So nearly circular. The really weird thing is that the Pe and Ap are advancing forward in orbit faster than my ship is orbiting. So the time to Periapsis is constantly increasing, and same for the Apoapsis. The SMA is changing very little, but the point of Apoapsis and Periapsis are moving rapidly. On closer observation, for my Eve vessel, when it's closer to Apoapsis, the Apoapsis rapidly lowers and the Periapsis raises. When it's closer to Periapsis, the Periapsis rapidly lowers and the Apoapsis raises. Physical time warp makes the orbit change extremely rapidly. Within a few seconds of maximum physics warp, my orbit changed to something like 90730 to 90320. OK, simply by quickly switching physics warp from 1x to 4x back to 1x, my orbit drastically changed. It went from 90500 90500 to something like 90700 90300 in one iteration. By doing multiple iterations of this, I managed to raise my Apoapsis to 92000 and lower my periapsis to 88000. I'm pretty sure it wasn't this bad before. A few more iterations and I changed my orbit to 98200 82900. Just by messing with physics warp. Without using any thrust. This is absurd. Can someone please try this and tell me if it's just me? EDIT 3: Started a new sandbox mode, put a simple spacecraft in a similar orbit of Eve, and tried it. No more orbital drifting. No problems whatsoever. I'm wondering if it's because I'm in year 20 of my career mode in my main save? Maybe some part is causing it? Ah, it has nothing to do with the time. I warped until it was 19 years in the sandbox mode. Still no orbit drifting problem. EDIT 4: OK, it does have something to do with more complex spacecraft. I loaded my career mode space vessel into a low Eve polar orbit. The orbital decay returned. Having more crew also seems to affect it. Using the "interior overlay" also makes it worse.
  2. All of the DLC parts eventually drift away from their attachment point if they are ever used. Items on the ends of pistons randomly drifting off of end, Rotors separating and floating meters away from the ship. Hinges sliding away from there attachment points.
  3. I am getting a disproportional amount of orbital drift for each vessel I launch into space. After restarting the game with that vessel in orbit, the orbital drift goes away permanently for that and any other vessels currently in orbit if they had any. It makes satellite contracts and rendezvous missions completely impossible. Log: Mods:
  4. KSP: (WindowsPlayer x64) Problem: All the problems occurred with engines / RCS disbled. During warp the problems stopped, when warp is leaved, they continue to nag me. Maneuver-drifting: When I setup a maneuver, for example to do a Hohmann transfer to Mun, without touching the maneuver-node, the delta-v for the maneuver begins to increase, the maneuver indicator begins to drift away. After 1 minute over 2000m/s are displayed. Closest approach drifting I`ve setup an intercept with Duna from Kerbol orbit (just leaved Kerbins SOI). After a few seconds, the intercept switched to closest approach, which increased very fast so several million meter. Mods installed: "000_AT_Utils", "Toolbar", "USI Tools", "B9 Part Switch", 1.7.1 "BetterTimeWarpContinued", "Community Category Kit", "Community Resource Pack", "CommunityTechTree", "Contract Configurator", "Contract Reward Modifier", "CustomBarnKit", "DMagic Orbital Science", "CapCom Mission Control On The Go", (Remark: Sometimes the CapCom is not displaying any contract) "Contract Parser", "Contracts Window Plus", "Progress Parser", "EditorExtensionsRedux", "Firespitter", 7.5.1 "Flexible Docking", "GroundConstruction", "Interstellar Fuel Switch", "JanitorsCloset", "Kerbal Attachment System", "Kerbal Inventory System", "Infernal Robots", 2.0.10 "NearFutureElectrical", "NearFuturePropulsion", "NearFutureSolar", "DockingCameraKURS", "SCANsat", "Science Relay", "StageRecovery", "Strategia", "Kerbal Alarm Clock", "TweakScale", "USI Exploration Pack", "Karbonite", "Konstruction", "USI-LS", "MKS", "USI Core", "Universal Storage", "KSP Interstellar Extended", "[x] Science!", 5.6.0 Reproduction steps: Hard to say. Mostly after switching from Tracking-Station to a ship, sometimes even after reaching LKO with a 200t rocket. Log: http://schnoog.eu/ksp/output_log.zip Savegame: http://schnoog.eu/ksp/Savegame.zip Subassemblies and ships: http://schnoog.eu/ksp/Schnoog_Kolo_SubAss_And_Ships.zip CKAN-File: http://schnoog.eu/ksp/installedmods.ckan Other points: The problem occurred the first time after many hours of playing the current career. After the problem occurred several times, I had the illusion that I have figured out the problem, because every time I visited my spacelab and switched then to another vehicle, the problem popped up. The first several times this occurred I only had to leave to main screen, now I have to completely restart the game to stop this I have no clue which mod is, in principle, able to cause this. maybe someone can give me a good advise. Thanks in advance best regards Schnoog Edit: Just tried a copy under Ubuntu which led to the same problem.
  5. I know some of you may be thinking what why .... But I would like to see how many stable and decently realistic drift cars(rovers) ( a truck is fine) can be built and kept stable .... I've already completed this challenge with a classic hotrod build ... not so great looking but accurate and works.... Mine is able to stably drift at 2 and even 3 times speed... doesn't need to be fast or high control ... small engines are ok though I didn't use any. Modifications in looks shouldn't affect how it handles, wings parts shouldn't be able to move ... makes it so easy ... i used to horizontal on the bottom for looks and glide I set the difficulty as moving wings < without SAS < 2xspeed < 3xspeed < High power... Easy mode < Hard mode .... not sure how to add picture as yet but will do later if I can
  6. Hey all, not sure if this is a gameplay or "bug" but I can never get a stable flight ✈. It constantly requires adjustment despite having SAS. Is there a trick to leveling out for really long flights?
  7. .The Bug The camera just drifts behind the rocket while im launching it. Mods That I Used: Also I Have A Probe Docked Inside The Cargo Bay. Thanks.
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