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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I have an issue, that textures are twinkling as on the picture in link below. I have some visual mods installed (most popular ones), but certainly it is not Parallax, because I installed it after that issue. Please help to solve this problem or tell me what graphic setting or mod may cause that. Visual Mods: EVE-Redux, Parallax, Community Terrain Texture Pack, Texture Replacer, Textures Unlimited, Firespitter, TUFX, PlanetShine, EVA Enhancements https://imgur.com/a/Om53TdO EDIT: I' ve solved that problem! The reason was Mod "TUFX" and setting "HDR" turned ON. I disabled it and it works properly - in the link above are images to show that option.
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I startet playing KSP (v1.2.2 x64) again after some time, installing some of my favorite mods and I ran into a small issue regarding mechjeb 2.6.0. When I right-click or press the mouse-look toggle key in IVA with the mechjeb device attaced to my vessel, the mouse cursor doesn't go away entirely. Instead, it centers itself in the middle of the screen and flickers. It happens only with mechjeb attached while in IVA. Is this a known issue or am I the only one? Wasn't able to find anything on Google.
  3. Well hello guys, i got a problem that i cannot track to a specific mod. I tryed it allready by installing one by one, in different order and so on. It just appears at random when i am half way through installing the mods and i cannot pinpoint if the issue is duo to a mod, a compatibility issue or just some kind of weird graphic related bug. Well, long story short, my VAB GUI starts to flicker when i try to build rockets. Flicker in that way, that it seems like a second gui without buttons appears and then dissepear again after i move the mouse. It´s incredibly annoying. Anybody encountered something before? And yeah i know i know, but i wouldn´t ask if i could pinpoint it to a mod, at the moment it´s just a couple, like 12 mods that are all updated on 1.2 and have no compatibility issues as far as i could read it in the topics.
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